Procedures and Requirements to open a Restaurant in Peru

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Are you an entrepreneur?…Are you thinking of opening your own business?Well, in this article we will talk about the Procedures and Requirements to open a Restaurant in Peru.

We will provide you with the best guidance and the details you need to know if gastronomy is your thing, so…continue reading.

Steps and Requirements to open a Restaurant in Peru

  • One of the first steps to follow is: find out in the municipality, in which areas of the district it is allowed to open this type of business.

This in order to work with all the necessary permits according to the laws. It is also important to find out right there, if there is any kind of difference about the types of restaurants that can be opened by municipalities.

It is also important to highlight that since 2005 municipal entities have been working hand in hand with the IFC of the World Bank (one of the institutions in charge of developing a virtual and rapid system) to facilitate the licensing; thus they also divided the streets of each jurisdiction into four groups.

Each one of the different groups corresponds to a different classification that shows us what type of business can be arranged according to the distinctive property.

  • Define the appreciation of your business; What kind of snacks do you want to offer to the public?

It is essential to analyze these aspects before opening a business and in turn identify the type of property and work team you want.Think: If you want a restaurant with an executive menu, sweets, cevicheria or food for events, parties or meetings.

  • Post the menu card for the public; When you define the different types of menu that you will offer to your public, take into account those dishes that have gained more popularity in the gastronomic market.

Remember Be authentic!use the best and best quality ingredients for the palate of all the public that will visit your business, good taste will define you and make you stand out among many flavors on the market.

  • Creates and carries out advertising and promotion planning; It is extremely important to publicize your business, product and location, and in turn create an advertising plan that defines your marketing.

This will help you attract customers and publicize promotions. Through social networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, among others, you can be located and interact with each of your new clients and know How did he find out about your business? And what recommendations does it give you to improve?

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How to Register the name of the Company in SUNARP?

When it comes to registering any type of company in the National Superintendence of Public Registries (Sunarp), One of the first steps to be taken is the name reservation of said company, to make sure that there is no name on the market that is the same or similar to the one you want to give your company.

Once this is verified, the reservation of company name so that another company does not register with the name of your choice.

If the reservation of the name is positive, it will take a period of 30 business days to take the next step.

should also make the name reservation payment for an amount of approximately 20.00 or 30.00 soles.

Then comes the preparation of the minutes; this isit’s a document in which the entrepreneur of the business together with the partners, enter into agreements and share ideas to build and carry out said project. The minute is a record of a social pact and reads.

Finally we have the payment of capital and goods. In this sense, it is important that each of the partners or the owner of the company have their valid identification documents.

These can be the ID (National identity document), Passport or Immigration Card; In addition, have the form of constitutive act to then open an account in one of the nation’s banks (only for company use).

And as for the goods, it is necessary that a Inventory thereof.

Processing of Minutes

The minutes are an essential document when opening a company. This document must be prepared and signed by a lawyer, in which a fact or agreement is found.

It must be presented before a public official at a notary for verification and raised before the public deed.

For its effective processing you only have to follow the next steps:

  • Reserve the name of the company in the National Superintendency of Public Records (Sunarp)
  • Submit personal documents: valid DNI of the owner of the company or of each of the partners.
  • Define company capital
  • Describe the economic activity of the company
  • Statutes

For the company capital it is necessary:

  • Monetary Assets: It is the capital reserve that is made effective. When the minute has been executed, after this the bank deposit of the company must be made.
  • Non-monetary goods: It is the contribution of the capital that you invest in equipment, buildings, utensils. You must make a list of assets and submit it to a simple affidavit.

Public deed

It is one of the most important acts, where the partners or founders of the company sign the agreements of the company before the notary and its agents and undertake to comply with the agreements set forth in the document.

It must be attached and certified by the Central Mercantile Registry

Once the deed has been delivered to the partners or entrepreneur, the notary will notify the Registry of this concluded fact.

The deed of incorporation will have approximately two months from the date of its delivery to be registered in the Mercantile Registry of the registered office.

The partners or entrepreneurs of the company will be responsible for presenting the deed of constitution for its inscription or registration.

Registration in the Public Registries

When the public deed of incorporation is delivered, the owner of the company or the notary, sends it to the Public Registries for its due registration.

There are two types of records:

  • Company Registries
  • Records of the Private Limited Liability Company.


Enrollment Application Requirements

  • Copy of the identity document of the legal representative
  • Public Deed with the Articles of Incorporation and the Statute
  • Proof of payment for registration rights


  • 1.08% UIT for qualification rights
  • 3/1000 of the capital value for registration rights.

Process the RUC

The (RUC) is the unique Taxpayer Registry and it is an essential requirement when opening your company, to obtain it you must go to the National Superintendence and Tax Administration (Sunat).

It is one of the fastest procedures and without any cost. Said institution is in charge of keeping a record of your company in the Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC) so that it renders an account to the State of its business economic activities.

To register with the RUC, you must only be a natural person with or without a business, whether you are a merchant, real estate landlord, independent professional, businessman or student.

You must register when you plan to start economic activities that generate taxes within the 12 months following the date of registration.

In the RUC it is important that all people domiciled in Peru are registered, who make some type of expense for which they must pay taxes, including export, import that they carry out.

Choose the Tax System

In Peru, forming a company with all the necessary requirements implies finding out about the necessary requirements, as is the case of the regime tax.

SUNAT has determined 4 types of tax regulations, and the method is suitable for configure your billing according to the regulation to which you belong and so you can correctly comply with the tax law.

The alternative of the regulation will depend on the size of your company and the income you project to receive.

These are:

  • New Rus Regime

In this tax regulation are the natural persons who have a small or medium business and whose main customers are final consumers.

In this category, taxpayers can only issue sales slips and tickets that do not give right to tax credit, expense or cost.

The main advantage that this alternative offers you are:

  • It does not keep accounting records.
  • You only make a single monthly payment.
  • You are not required to file monthly or annual returns.
  • Special Income Regime

In this regime we can mention both legal persons that have industries or carry out commercial activities, such as natural persons. In this category, taxpayers can issue bills, bills of sale and everyone else vouchers allowed.

The main advantage What this regime offers you are:

  • It only keeps two accounting records (Purchase Record and Sales Record).
  • He only files monthly returns.
  • You are not required to file annual returns.
  • YPE Tax Regime M

In this tax regime are the Natural and legal persons who own a micro or small business. This regime is intended to generate growth and help them meet their tax obligations.

For this, it is necessary that the net income exceeds S/.1700 UIT in the taxable year. you can cast invoices, bills of sale and all other permissible supporting documents, and you will be required to file annual returns.

The advantage that it offers you are:

  • Amount to pay according to the profit obtained.
  • Reduced rates with the possibility of suspending payments on account.
  • General Regime – RG

In this regime are the natural persons with business and legal persons carrying out business activities such as commercial, industrial, mining, agricultural, and provision of services of all kinds.

These can emit invoices, bills of sale and all other permitted supporting documents and you will be required to file annual returns.

The advantage that it offers you are:

  • You can develop any activity with no income limit.
  • In the event that there are economic losses in one year, they can be deducted from the profits of subsequent years, and it may even be the case of not paying Income tax of Regularization.

  • Already having the knowledge of the 4 tax alternatives that exist in Peru, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your type of business or company.

In the web «” you can issue payment vouchers validated by SUNAT, also electronic receipts and invoices. Which will soon be mandatory for all taxpayers regardless of the size of the company or business.

Buy and Legalize Accounting Records


  • They are Legalized by: Notaries, Justices of the Peace lawyers or Justices of the Peace.
  • Where: In the Province of the tax domicile, except Lima and Callao.
  • With a certificate on the first page and all duly foliated leaves are sealed.
  • When: They must be legalized before use.
For the 2nd Book
  • It must have hloose or continuous leaves.
  • The last folio is presented legalized from the previous book or record.
  • in the lbooks or manual records, it must be proven that the finished the previous one.

Authorization of seizure, loss or destruction:

Seizure of books or records kept in manual way; in these cases take into account that:

  • The document is presented in which the diligentncia of seizure made by the competent authority.
  • When the books are returned or records seized, will not be performed on them no annotation and its closure will be made righ now.

Books and records lost or destroyed by sinister, assault or others:

In these cases take into account that:

  • The corresponding communication is presentedtooth.

Accounting plan

The formats and names of the divisional and subvisionary accounts of the PCGR must be adapted with the equivalent accounts, subaccounts, divisions and their subvisionaries.

Obtain the Authorization of the Payroll book at the Ministry of Labor

Any company that has one or more workers You must register the payroll. This is an accounting record that provides elements that allow show transparently before the competent authority, the employment relationship of the worker with the company, your compensation and other benefits paid to you.

  • Payment forms, duplicate receipts and proofs must be kept for up to five years after the payment is made. These records can be physically kept (books or sheets) or virtually.

Authorization must be requested from the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion – MTPE (LIMA) and/or from the Regional Labor and Employment Promotion Directorates of each region to keep track of payments. This is done by businesses with a maximum of 3 workers.

Every worker subject to the labor regime of the private activity must be registered, within 72 hours of the start of the provision of services.

To request the authorization of payrolls in books and/or loose sheets to the MTPE, the following must be submitted:

  • Request Addressed to the Representative of the Regional Directorate of Labor and Employment Promotion (Regions) and MTPE for Lima.
  • Book or single sheets to be authorized, duly numbered.
  • Copy of the proof of registered information containing the Single Taxpayer Registry – RUC.
  • Proof of Payment of the corresponding fee (11.36 Nuevos Soles for companies in General and 3.40 Nuevos Soles for MYPES ). The rate depends on the corresponding Regional Directorate of Work and Employment Promotion.

The MyPES must attach: Proof of the National Registry of Micro and Small Businesses (REMYPE)

The legal persons and natural persons with more than 3 workers, they will keep their record through electronic means, presented monthly through the computer medium developed by SUNAT «ELECTRONIC RETURN».

The information on workers, pensioners, service providers, service provider – training modality, third-party personnel and right holders of the company is registered therein, since:

  • It is a formal labor obligation.
  • It is an obligation of monthly periodicity.
  • It replaces payrolls and remunerations, which are kept in books.
  • It does not require authorization by the Labor Administrative Authority; it is sent directly through a computer application downloaded from the SUNAT and MTPE portal, single sheets or microforms.
  • Its presentation means that the obligation established in article 48 of Law No. 28518, referring to the registration of the beneficiaries of the different training modalities through a special book and its authorization by the MTPE.
  • Its presentation, declaring the establishments in which risky activities are carried out, allows compliance with the obligation to register with the Labor Administrative Authority of the employing entities that carry out high-risk activities, referred to in article 87 of the Regulations of the Law on Modernization of Social Security in Health, approved by Supreme Decree No. 009-97-SA.

They must keep a virtual record of the payrolls (electronic payroll):

  • legal persons
  • Natural persons who meet any of the following assumptions:
  • Have more than three (3) workers.
  • They have one (1) or more third-party service providers and/or personnel.
  • They have one (1) or more workers or pensioners who are mandatory insured of the National Pension System.
  • When they are obliged to make any fourth or fifth category Income Tax withholding.
  • They are in charge of one (1) or more artists, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 28131.
  • They have contracted the services of a Health Provider Entity – EPS or provide their own health services in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 26790, regulatory and complementary norms.
  • They would have signed a contract for Complementary Risk Work Insurance with the Social Health Security – EsSalud.
  • Enjoy legal and/or tax stability.
  • They have one (1) or more service providers – training modality

Plan to create a Restaurant

To open a restaurant, we will show you what the necessary ingredients are so you can create a perfect recipe for success.

Starting any restaurant is exciting, but it will require dedicate time for its execution and establishment. The best thing is to know that it is a business that, when well managed, will have successful development in a short period of time.

Mainly you will need to invest some time, money, creative marketing plan and proper operating procedures.

These may be more important to a successful opening than menu design or table and chair selection.

Type A business plan It will be the description of the path to follow for the execution of the project. Not only does it provide direction, but it requires you to consider all the pitfalls and opportunities of your future venture, long before you open your doors.

Without having a list of ideas of things you want to materialize in your business, it is unlikely that you will receive funds from people other than reliable investors.

In short, many restaurant owners agree that having a solid business plan was the most important ingredient in making their new business a reality.

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat

Why many Restaurants do not see results?

One of the great reasons that has led to failure is the lack of planningbefore preparing the menu, a lot of time is invested thoroughly finding out every detail of the restaurant.

Every detail must be well thought out: table, chairs, appliances, utensils, staff, floors, style, among others, this selection enters the planning stage, and is what will make you succeed or disaster.

We’ll share secrets we’ve picked up from a couple of restaurant owners to help you plan, finance, and manage.

  • A great piece of advice that will come in handy if you are opening a restaurant for the first time is research different business plans of other restaurants and small companies in order to have a range of ideas and options for design, style, and concept.

Between the aspects that you must plan and define are the following:

  • Brand cover: Include your logo (even if it’s not finished), the date, and your name.
  • Concept: The concept of the restaurant must be defined, that it be attractive and that excites the readers. One of the ways to do this is to mention in detail the menu and the style of service, showing that the restaurant has a unique style.
  • You need to find out what is the restaurant aestheticthis decision will be shown through the furniture that will fit the theme.
  • It is also necessary define the location.
  • The business plan It must be detailed, it’s like a living document that will continuously guide you, help you plan growth and measure your progress.
  • Your Business Plan should include Market studiesa complete look at your competitors, information about your target audience, an outline of your marketing plan, and a solid financial and budget projection.
  • When you think about how you want your restaurant to be, don’t forget to monitor industry trends. As with any startup, timing is the key.

A clear mission statement

Set your mission know what we want, where we are going and what we offer It is very important, it will benefit you and those who read your business plan.

The type of food and its environment, the experience and enjoyment that you provide to diners is part of the mission.


The vision is what must be captured to illustrate the inspiration, appearance, sensation, aesthetics, functionality, among others. This is linked to the mission and expresses the ideal menu, the color scheme with which you will work and how the atmosphere will be with respect to the furniture.

Marketing plan

You can only rely on person-to-person communication to attract that many customers, so you’ll need a marketing plan to get new people through your doors.

Here are some ideas

  • Participate in community events and pass out samples
  • Offer discounts to new customers
  • Join the local trade association
  • Use social networks

sample menu

The menu is the most important touch point for any restaurant brand, so it should be more than just a list of items. Embed your logo and simulate a formatted menu design (hire a designer for help if needed).

Your sample menu should also include prices based on a detailed cost analysis. This will give investors a clear understanding of your target price point.

It will provide the first building block for calculating the checking average estimates needed to create financial projections, and it will show investors that you’ve done the necessary homework to be sure you’ll be able to sell these items at these prices and operate within your budget.

Approach building your menu as an experiment, that is, consider having a dinner party, with your proposed menu, where you ask people for their honest opinion.

But don’t just invite your closest friends and family members. You might like the taste of a certain dish, but if customers don’t pay for it or aren’t interested in their taste, you won’t make any money.

When asking for feedback, consider using a method that allows anonymous feedback so you can get people’s honest reactions.

Do your market research. Visit other restaurants to get an idea of ​​appropriate prices.


This section is most relevant to fine dining concepts, concepts that have a unique service style, or if you have particularly strong feelings about what role service will play in your restaurant.

It can be a powerful way to convey your approach to hospitality to investors by explaining the details of the guest service experience.

How many people do you need on staff to get started? Some restaurant professionals advocate bringing in a manager before opening day, but think about your most important needs.

Needs a dishwasher? How many cooks? What about the servers? Take your time when hiring staff. Consider doing a soft open so you can see how well things work with just a few essential positions.

Management Team

Write a brief description of yourself and the team you have established so far. You want to demonstrate that the work experience you have gained throughout your career has provided you with the skills necessary to run a successful restaurant.

Most of the independent restaurant investors are in on this for more than just moneyso giving some indication of what you value and who you are outside of work can also be helpful.

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