Procedures and Requirements to Renew Brevete

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A driver’s license is that document that contains the legal administrative authorization for driving vehicles on public roads.

It is common that, in order to process a driver’s license, you have to be of a minimum age and take a driving test. When the driver violates traffic laws, his license may be revoked and he may lose his authorization to drive.

In this sense, each city or country has its own criteria for granting licenses. In Peru, the driver’s license is commonly known as «License».

Keep reading and find out about the Procedures and Requirements to Renew Brevete!

In Peru There are several types of licenses that are classified into categoriesdepending on the type of vehicle authorized to drive, from common motorcycles to heavy trucks.

It should be noted that the brevetes are granted according to the weight and size of said unit.

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The category of licenses more common in Peru is the A class. These are classified into four types:

  • 1.- Class A Category 1: It is the most common of the driver’s licenses, with it you can drive the widest variety of transport vehicles, and/or passengers; from sedans, hatchbacks (M1), pick ups (N1), combis and micros (M2).
  • 2.- Class A Category 2: ands a more specific brief and It is subdivided into two other groups, In the same way, each license includes new vehicles and does not exclude cars from previous licenses.
  • The first subgroup of type II is II-A.with which it is allowed to drive taxis, buses, ambulances and vehicles dedicated to interprovincial transport.
  • The II-B subgroup adds to the previous subgroup N2 cargo vehicles that are larger and heavier than N1 and allows us to couple trailers, as well as motor vehicles for transporting people of categories M2 and M3 of up to 6 tons of gross vehicle weight, intended for transport service of people in any form.
  • Class A Category 3: at the same time is subdivided into three groups including much heavier units.
  • Type A: It allows handling vehicles of more than 5 tons such as buses.
  • Type B: specifically allows truck driving.
  • Type C: includes the two previous types above.
  • Class A Category 4: This category is special since it allows you to drive trucks whose cargo is hazardous materials and/or waste.

In the particular case of motorcycles, it is important to clarify that Class A licenses do not allow motorcycles to be driven, regardless of whether their displacement is small. You will always need to have a Class B license.

Procedures to obtain a duplicate of Brevete

In the event of theft, loss or damage of the brevete, a duplicate of the same can be obtained, which is delivered in just 40 minutes and now it can be processed through the internet presenting the following documents:

  • You must pay the fee for the right to process at the Banco de la Nación, which has a cost of 24.50 soles; Payment can also be made through the Banco de la Nación website.
  • At the time of removing the duplicate, an affidavit of loss or theft of the Driver’s License must be presented, or failing that, return of the damaged Driver’s License, if applicable.
  • Once the voucher is obtained, you must enter the website of the Ministry of Transport and Communications ( in which the number of ID and the voucher data.
  • Once the procedure is completed via the web, the duplicate can be collected in 40 minutes at any license issuance center.


It is very important to take into account that the Ministry of Transport and Communications will not grant duplicate licenses to applicants who have been imposed preventive measures driver’s license withholding or suspension.

This includes those who have unpaid fines or pending penalties of compliance for infractions typified in Annex I of the Single Ordered Text of the National Traffic Regulations, which are imposed through firm administrative acts or that have exhausted the administrative channels, according to information from the National Registry of Sanctions.

Record Driver’s

This document is used to verify the status of sanctions and ballots of the driver of any type of driver’s licenses. The Ministry of Transport and Communications allows you to obtain it through its virtual platform (Click here).

It is done in real time and for free by entering the driver’s license or DNI number; The document will be generated immediately, which can be sent by email or printed.

Documents to Renew Brevete

  • Brief expired or about to expire.
  • DNI, Identity Card, Applicant Card, Asylee (original and current) or Immigration card (original and copy).
  • Medical examination approved.
  • Knowledge test approved at an Assessment Center (not necessary for Class A Category I).
  • In case of having a foreigner card, Temporary Residence Permit, asylum or refuge, a passport size photograph with a white background must be presented.

Requirements and Places to Renew Brevete

The procedures to process the renewal of the license can be done both online as in any of the license issuance centers in Lima; In the same way, it is very important to take into account the following conditions:

  • You must not be suspended, or failing that, not have your driver’s license withheld according to the National Registry of Sanctions.
  • There should be no pending penalties or fines.
  • You must not be deprived of the right to drive land transport vehicles.

It is important to remember that to carry out the renewal process the medical examination must have been passed, otherwise the system will not allow entry.

Via Online

The renewal of the license online It can only be done from Lima. These are the Steps to follow:

  • Enter the web portal, and select the «Revalidation» option.
  • Then you must enter the ID number and accept the affidavit, which indicates that the citizen meets the requested requirements.
  • Next, you can select the place where you will collect the license, such as the MTC offices in Lince, Conchán and Cercado de Lima or the MAC Lima Norte and MAC Lima Este centers.
  • Finally, the certificate must be printed, since it is the proof that is needed to collect the renewed driver’s license. The issuance of the brevete takes between 24 and 48 hours once the request is made through the web.
  • Once the indicated time has elapsed, the citizen must go to the selected office with the printed certificate to collect the revalidated license; You can drive again immediately from the moment you receive the renewed driver’s license.


You can request the revalidation of the license at any of the License Issuance Centers at the national level. These are the Steps to follow:

  • You must locate the Licensing Center that corresponds to the applicant’s region and then go to it.
  • Then you must present the requirements and request the revalidation of the license, in turn you must fill out a form with personal data and an affidavit of not being suspended or disqualified from driving; In addition, the expired license must be delivered.

The regular term for delivering the revalidated license is approximately 30 minutes.

How often do I have to renew the Brevete?

driver’s licenses have a certain validity, when it expires, a revalidation must be requested to be authorized to drive again. Revalidation applications may be submitted at any time, before or after the expiration of the license.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications made changes to the National Regulations for the Driver’s License Issuance System last year, in this way increased the validity of the license to 10 years.

Nevertheless The license renewal will depend on the driver’s record of violationsdetailed below:

  • If the citizen has not been sanctioned or has had sanctions classified as minor infractions according to the Traffic Regulations, such as using the horn unnecessarily or leaving the vehicle improperly parked in permitted places, his license will be valid for 10 years.
  • If the citizen has been sanctioned for a serious or very serious infraction that does not warrant the suspension of the license, their license will be valid for 8 years, in cases such as not giving way to other vehicles with preference or abandoning the vehicle on public roads. .
  • Finally, if the citizen has been penalized with the suspension of the license or has been temporarily disabled from obtaining it, his license will be valid for 5 years.

It’s important to put attention on the term to revalidate the driver’s license will be as follows:

  • Ages between 70 and 75 years old, must renew the II-A or III-A license every year.
  • Ages between 75 and 81 years old, must renew the IA license every 3 years and the II-A or III-A every 6 months.
  • As for citizens over 81 years of age, they must renew their IA license every 2 years and they will not be able to renew II-A and III-A licenses.

Brevete Renewal Cost

The cost of the license renewal is S/24.50, Due to the right to issue the license, this rate corresponds both to the Lima region and to the other regions.

  • Payment can be made via the web with a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card at Pá (Only for the Lima region)

The regular method for the other provinces is made by paying at the Banco de la Nación, at any nearest branch or at the Banco de la Nación branch within the MAC Centers.

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What happens if I have a sanction?

Driver’s licenses are valid until the last day of their validity and revalidation applications can be submitted at any time before or after their expiration date.

However, driving a vehicle with an expired license is prohibited and is considered a misdemeanor. «very serious» which will be penalized considering the value of the UIT and an additional sum as follows:

  • The first time: S/. 207.50 (5% of the UIT) + S/ 50.00 for each month elapsed from the expiration date.
  • The second time: S/. 1,245.00 (30% of the UIT) + S/ 50.00 for each month elapsed from the expiration date
  • The third time onwards: S/. 2,490.00 (60% of the UIT) + S/ 50.00 for each month elapsed from the expiration date + disqualification for 1 year to obtain a driver’s license.

You already know the Procedures and Requirements to Renew Brevete, So do not expect more!

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