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The registration form, It has to do with the registration of vehicle ownership, which allows the person to generate a document that supports not only the registration of the person but also each of the registrable rights.

If you want to know more about what can be done with the Enrollment form, just keep reading!

Registration Form

There is a wide variety of registration forms where each of them has a different function. In this case, the vehicle registration form is intended for all those natural or legal persons who do not have any type of registration other than that of the public entity.

Besides, the registration form It can also refer to real estate, where each of the people who fill out this form can also be natural and legal persons.

It should be noted that there are more than 4 means of registration forms, among which stand out.

  • Vehicle Registration Form.
  • By domain file.
  • Double public title.
  • Judicial registration.
  • Electronic.
  • Among others.

It should be noted that each of the forms needs to follow a series of steps and requirements that allow people to generate them satisfactorily.

How to complete the Registration Form

To complete the Registration form, depending on the case, the person must follow the following steps:

  1. The person must download the form corresponding to the process.
  2. Then the person has to download the first registration form.
  3. Once the form is downloaded via SUNARP, the person has to register as a natural or legal person.
  4. Each of the vehicle data must be placed, such as the license plate, the owner’s name, serial number, brand, year of manufacture, model, category, engine number, power, cylinders, axles, wheels, among others.
  5. The person must go to one of the SUNARP headquarters, in order to consolidate said electronic form.
  6. The data must be perfectly written since if you make a mistake you must start again.
  7. The process ends once the form is approved.

Each one of the people has to complete the requirements and the form accurately, since each person has the power to resort to processing said form. However, each of the data must be written properly, since misspelled or modified forms are not accepted.

Natural people

All people who are qualified as natural can process this process, because this is a type of form that is open to all types of people, it is only necessary to download the form and start following the corresponding steps.

In the same way, natural persons are those that are described as all those individuals who, for their part, can and have the right to comply with each of their obligations, as well as have the duty to comply with each of the tasks of their personal title. .

It should be noted that natural persons, when completing the registration form, are fully entitled to receive any type of benefits, among which are:

  • When processing the form, they are not required to carry so many accounting documents.
  • If it does not end on good terms, natural persons have every right to say that the form should be raised again without any problem.
  • The vehicle that is under your possession can be sold without any problem.

However, problems may arise in what is the approval of the payment because natural persons are understood to be those individuals who have companies or businesses under their power and therefore manage a lot of money.

This at the time of carrying out the vehicle registration form, It may take a little longer, due to the investigation of the balance of each of the accounts and the available capacity that you have to pay it.

Legal persons

Legal persons, as well as natural persons, as mentioned above, have every right to carry out the Registration form, whatever the case, however each of them is obliged to carry out a series of necessary requirements at the time of doing it.

As we well know, legal persons are those that, when relating it to a company, have to comply with a series of duties, thus carrying out each of their own obligations. For this, it has been determined that both persons (natural and legal) have the same job.

It should be noted that legal entities, when completing the registration form, are fully entitled to receive any type of benefits, among which are:

  1. It has a greater ability to pay, since it can come from several partners.
  2. You can access any public benefit that has to do with Immatriculation, without any problem.
  3. Each of the legal persons can access benefits of a social nature and everything that has to do with vehicle insurance.

Why do I need the Registration Form

The Immatriculation form is necessary for all those natural or legal persons who need to obtain a vehicle registration, since many of the people do not sell any vehicle with a public registration.

The public registry is of great importance for people in the first instance to obtain a record in their database as their name says as long as the form is approved by sunarp and thus the person obtains their first record as owner.

In the same way, it can be said that this is one of the forms that tend to be most requested, since at the time of purchasing any vehicle, the same person must continue to process this form through SUNARP.

This, in turn, depends on a series of documents so that it can be validated, such as the electronic registration form.

It is important to mention that it is not important to take out the Registration Form, however it can be said that it is necessary for the person to have each of the records approved by law at the time that any type of circumstances such as the purchase and sale of the product.

It is also important to know that in the event of a theft, the natural or legal person must have a record that supports them as the owner of the vehicle.

Requirements and recommendations

Some of the necessary requirements to carry out the Immatriculation form are the following:

  1. The first domain.
  2. The registrable characteristics of the vehicle and its modifications.
  3. Property transfers.
  4. The constitution, modification or cancellation of the vehicular pledge and other encumbrances or
  5. The express resolution clause.
  6. Contracts and special agreements opposable to third parties, in accordance with the law.
  7. Full or partial compliance with the conditions on which the effects of the
    registered acts or contracts.
  8. The precautionary measures ordered by the judicial authority or administrative authority
  9. Transfer of engine or bodywork.
  10. The preventive annotations provided for in this Regulation.
  11. Vehicle readmission.
  12. The assignment of new Single National Filming Plates.
  13. The final removal of the vehicle.

It is important that the vehicle has the documentation according to what is established in the SUNARP electronic registry and thus be able to complete all the required information. Success!

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