Requirements to obtain a high school certificate

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Do you need to know the requirements to obtain a high school certificate? many students need to know how to get their high school certificate.

Secondary studies is a knowledge base which all human beings need to acquire to improve and advance in their academic studies.

Read on to find all the necessary information!

What is the certificate of studies

It is worth mentioning that although it is true in some cases not concurrent to testify the studies carried out in a university degree

When we refer to a certificate of studies, it is that document which certifies the interested party of the person who has completed an academic level

To give an example, a certificate of studies is used when opting for a job position or advancing in an academic level in which you want to continue your studies.

It is worth mentioning that it will be very advantageous for you to refer an academic certificate of studies in case you have not entered higher education

There are cases in which many people could not continue with their high school studies and decided to freeze, at the time of wanting to continue with high school studies this case will appear reflected in the certificate

Types of certificate of studies:

  • Baccalaureate studies certificate
  • Upper level
  • Technical institutes
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Preschool (Kindergarten)

Note: It is important to clarify that a university degree is not the same as a certificate of studies, either in any educational field.

What is the duplicate certificate of studies

After the time set for the issuance of any title, the student may request a duplicate certificate of studies

There are times when, due to carelessness, moving or even robbery, you end up with lose the official title.

In case of losing the educational title for any justifiable reason, the procedures to request a duplicate certificate of studies can be started

What I need

Having a high school certificate leads to a series of benefits which will serve you in the work and educational term

At the end of primary school, or secondary school, it is time to request the certificate of studies which must be processed by the Ministry of Education (MINEDU) of Perú.

The requirements to carry out this process are the following:

  • To request your duplicate certificate of studies until 1985 in MINEDU, you must present the following:
  • Original National Identity Document and copy.
  • Complete the application form
  • If you are a third party, you must provide a letter of permission to request said document
  • For the applicant who is abroad once the third party has completed the procedures, the certificate may be withdrawn at the Perúvian consulate in that country.
  • Copy and original of Certificate ex- (INIDE)
  • If you approved extracurricular activities, you must present the proof of the course to which you must have (name full name of the institution, address and name of the course carried out)

Note: The certificates of institutes, or not university have a cost of 16.10 suns, meanwhile The Certificate of Primary and Secondary Education has a cost of 16.20 soles

However, and especially in the case of degrees, this title can take several months or even years to be issued

Steps to follow

Remember that once the time established for the issuance of any title, the student can pick it up

Below we will show you the steps to follow to obtain your duplicate studies certificate

  • Contact the Ministry of Education MINEDU

    Come to the Ministry of Education, at Calle Del Comercio 193, San Borja, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Take into account that this procedure can only be done in Lima.

Now you will have to go to the main user service office of (OACIGED), in which they will provide you with the application form which you must complete with a black pen

  • Fill out your application

As a summary of the order, you must make your request for the issuance of the Official Certificate of studies, indicating the corresponding educational level (initial, primary, secondary or higher non-university

  • The full names and surnames of the student
  • The name and number of the institution where you studied (indicating if it is national or private)
  • Educational institution level (primary, secondary or higher non-university)
  • Geographical location of the same (department, province, district and locality)
  • Degree of studies and years completed (from first to sixth)
  • Shift (day, evening or night)
  • They will give you a processing code.
  • Find your certificate of studies

To collect your certificate you must estimate run time of eight (8) days elapsed

The certificate of studies is collected thanks to the management code which they give you at the time of completing the process

For more information you can call the phone number (016155877), you can also go to the official website and check that your certificate is ready

When the day to withdraw the document in advance you must make a payment of 17 soles in the box of the Ministry of Education, once the payment is made, the document can be withdrawn


The rates are estimated by the Ministry of Education, these must be quoted due to the efforts of the following certificates:

  • The non-university Certificate (pedagogical and technological institutes): This certificate must be quoted by the students who studied it is a technological institute, the current price is S / 16.10
  • Certificate of secondary and primary education: The certificate of secondary and primary education has a cost of S / 16.10
  • Ex-INIDE certificate: It is very important to quote this certificate issued by INIDE, if you want it you will have to pay S / 16.50

Note: Each applicant must quote these costs in order to start with the procedures for their certificate, once these costs have been paid, the document can be withdrawn.

What is MINEDU

The Ministry of Education is the governing body of national educational policies and exercises its leadership through intergovernmental coordination and articulation with Regional and Local Governments, fostering mechanisms for dialogue and participation.

The functions of the Ministry of Education are as follows:

  • Generate educational opportunities and outcomes of equal quality for all
  • Guarantee that students and educational institutions achieve their relevant and quality learning
  • Achieve quality higher education as a favorable factor for development and national competitiveness
  • Promote a society that educates its citizens and commits them to their community
  • Strengthen capacities for teachers to practice teaching professionally
  • Evaluate, in coordination with the Regional Governments, the national educational and pedagogical policy
  • Establish specific equity policies
  • Formulate, approve, execute and evaluate, in a concerted manner, the National Educational Project


Thanks for reading!

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