Requirements to obtain a License to carry a weapon: Get the information you need

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The license to carry firearms It is the permission granted (Sucamec). Keep reading!

What is the National Superintendency of Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civil Use?

SUCAMEC is the body in charge of administering, authorize, control, train, supervise, regulate, supervise and sanction activities in relation to the private security service, trade, manufacture and use of weapons, ammunition and explosives for civil use.

Which is attached to the Ministry of the Interiorr, with administrative, economic and functional autonomy.

What are the functions of SUCAMEC?

The SUCAMEC functions are:

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  • Start the sectoral task in the field of its competence, and at its once constitute the norms that complement the ordinances and laws.
  • Manage and authorize activities for civil use, in the field of commercial services, private security, manufacture of weapons, explosives and ammunition.
  • Do the control and monitoring of all the processes mentioned in the previous point.
  • Impose the respective sanctions within the regulations, pertinent to the subject of its competence.
  • Carry out activities of training and education within its powers.
  • Audit, control and monitor actions in the field of private security, marketing, manufacture, import, warehouse, export, transfer, possession and use of weapons.
  • Create, organize and supervise the planning, projects and program for the exercise of their functions.
  • Reorganize jointly with public institutions responsible for the establishment of routes to ensure the transport of merchandise, be it firearms, explosives, supplies and ammunition.
  • As appropriate, have the final destination of weapons and ammunition as appropriate, whether it is decided for the subsequent sale, donation or destruction.
  • Place custody to transport explosives and firearms, as well as for ammunition, establishing the guidelines that can be guarantors for transport safety.


What is the License to carry firearms?

The license to carry firearms is the permission granted by Sucamec, which is valid for three (03) years.

In accordance with the provisions of the Firearms Law, they can only be have three (03) property cards, and in turn indicates that the sanctions (fines) are up to 500 UIT.

What are the requirements to process the License to carry firearms?

  • Consign the application form filled out correctly and signed.
  • Copy of payment receipt that guarantees the payment by the indicated procedure, with the identity document number of the person requesting it.
  • Show valid identity document or in its defects the immigration document that is in the same conditions.
  • Psychosomatic health certificate that accredits the applicant to obtain the license to carry firearms, endorsed by IPRESS.
  • Have passed the theoretical test and practices before the SUCAMEC.
  • Affidavit of not having a criminal record.
  • Updated photography of the applicant’s face.

For Hunting:

  • Copy of valid SERFOR license for hunting as a sport.
  • Accredit registration in SERFOR.

As a sport:

  • Accreditation endorsed by a entity recognized by the National Sports Federation.

Note: to make an appointment for the shooting test, only you must enter the portal

What is the importance of obtaining the License to carry firearms?

Regulations reinforce control and the service of the National Superintendency of Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civil Use (Sucamec), by granting or denying and repealing licenses and permits.

As well as includes, control of weapons for private use of the Armed Forces and the National Police.

This regulations that were approved by Congress of the Republic, admits the modernization and updating of the controlled materials, in which said regulation was twenty years ago.

Better control:

That is, it prevents people who pose a risk for the company to obtain said license to carry a firearm.

Somehow, people who have had criminal recordThose who for any reason have complaints of family violence, or those who have committed crimes and misdemeanors against property, will be unable to have a weapon.

Best service:

The new law favors the user since it establishes a license for firearms and the permission of property cards for each firearm.

Indicates less time to complete the procedures and the effectiveness and speed of SUCAMEC.

As of this new law, the validity of the license will be for a period no more than three years, which will allow greater control in the issuance of licenses.


In this new legal framework, SUCAMEC has the power to revoke and deny licenses to people who do not use weapons properly.

The loss, theft or theft of a firearm, as soon as possible, must be notified in SUCAMEC, and who must make such a complaint is the owner of the license, failure to make the complaint will carry a fine according to what is determined by the regulation.

If it is the case that SUCAMEC learns of said theft or loss by a third party and not by the owner of the firearm, is fully authorized to cancel said license.

A person can be sanctioned and disqualified to obtain a new license or apply for a card, if in a period of two years you report loss or theft of a firearm, if and only if negligence is evidenced.

Explosives Control:

The law allows natural persons can market with these products, under a much more adequate control by SUCAMEC.

And likewise allows user companies They can invest in mining and infrastructure at the national level.

Regularization and voluntary delivery:

From the new law that came into force, SUCAMEC promotes delivery anonymously and voluntary weapons that do not have any approved permit or license, generating in turn economic rewards in the form of incentives.

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