Requirements to open an Apothecary: Find out what you need to know

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The manufacture and distribution of drugs in a country is of great relevance because they are directly part of the health field. In turn, it represents economically one of the most important points for the State and the well-being of the inhabitants.

It should also be noted that These are done for the physical improvement and in some cases mental improvement of the citizens of a city. However, the use and administration of these go according to the needs of the inhabitants.

Next, it is extremely pertinent that within a region there is an infrastructure that takes care of this issue. Because it guarantees citizens a better lifestyle and well-being in a dignified way.

That is why today we will teach you through a useful and practical guide everything you need to know to open an Apothecary in Perú. In addition to giving you some tips and advice so that you can carry out this process successfully.

What is an Apothecary?

To understand this guide correctly, you must first know that it is an Apothecary. This is an enclosure where various articles of medicine for human consumption are put up for sale.

In turn, different medications that require a prescription are sold signed by some medical authority. In this way the misuse of these drugs is prevented.

Which have bad consequences for human health, such as narcotics. However, the Boticas is an area where you can find the necessary medication to achieve good health and cure any risk factor for it.

What are the requirements to open an Apothecary

Continuing with this topic, we will now proceed to mention the necessary requirements to legally open a pharmacy. Remember that Depending on the fulfillment of these documents will be the success of our process.

  • Single Taxpayer Registry SUNAT presented in copy.
  • The sketches or maps of Location.
  • The local dispensation.
  • Storage of the premises.
  • Zone or area where official or master formulas will be manufactured, if applicable.
  • The zone or area where the toilets will be.
  • The sketches or maps of the Internal Distribution of the Premises.
  • National Identity Document of the owner presented in original and copy.
  • The Professional Title of the Regent QF, presented in original and copy.
  • Profession card presented in original and copy.
  • The Domiciliary Certificate of the applicant.
  • If you have made a regency you must present a certificate of not having made a regency or an affidavit.

This documents They must be correctly prepared and presented in a clean and neat manner. If you wish, for greater comfort, we advise transporting it in a folder of the appropriate size.

We inform our readers that In addition to these documents, some other documents must be included. Which are available to the public through the following website Apothecary process.

What procedures must be carried out to open an Apothecary

As you well know the legal and fiscal establishment of a company involves a series of processes for the authentication of the same. That is why this process must be carried out through different aspects for its complete legal declaration.

However, in the meantime we must remember that said process it must be done gradually. In this way we will be able to complete our process in a satisfactory and optimal way, for which we urge readers to carry out this process with time.

Legal procedures

To open an account you can do it as a natural or legal person although the best way is to do it as EIRL or SAC. On the Internet you can find various models of the constitutive acts to process it.

Tax Procedures

If you want to present the paperwork as a EIRL you can do it with the new RUS, in this you must pay more taxes in the event that you start with a SAC. However, from the beginning we advise you to choose the Special regime.

Labor Procedures

When you start with a workforce such as a salesperson or assistant, we recommend that you join the Special Labor Regime for micro-enterprises. Which is exposed through the LeyMYPE where you can consult the labor statutes.

Municipal Procedures

For this modality you must make a municipal form or in this sense, according to the municipality. However, you must fill out the forms of the Municipal Operating License and the License for Outdoor Advertising Notices.

Special Procedures

To complete the paperwork process in the special regime, you must enroll in the Regional Directorate of Health of the MINSA. It should be noted that you must attach the requirements for the Apothecaries by filling out certain forms.

What requirements must the workers of an Apothecary meet

Continuing with this topic, we must specify what requirements the employees who are or wish to belong to an Apothecary must meet. Remember that You must have trained personnel for customer service and management of pharmaceutical names.

Previously the staff must possess certain knowledge or studies in pharmacy or careers in orderis, that they certify their readiness for this job. However, as you know, drugstores or pharmacies need and are under the authority of a regent or pharmacist doctor.

Therefore, it must remain on the site during the time the premises are open. Without breaching any regulations or infraction that is exposed in the pertinent laws.

What benefits do Boticas offer?

Finally, it is pertinent to mention all the benefits that drugstores offer to their customers. In the first instance we must mention the medicinal contribution that it brings to the population where it is located.

However, it offers the opportunity to purchase various medicines for the well-being of the population near this establishment. In some cases, various health services are offered such as health consultations and eye exams.


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