Requirements to study Heavy Machinery at SENATI: Read us and find out what you should know

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It is of utmost importance that anyone who uses or operates heavy machinery have the minimum basic knowledge, in this way they would often avoid inconveniences and accidents when working in construction.

What is the National Industrial Work Training Service or SENATI?

Every building that is carried out in a country is thanks to the investment made by the same, through construction companies who are in charge of developing large or micro building projects.

Currently in Perú there are many institutions who are in charge of training people in this area. What is a priority when building a metropolis and creating large cities with highly qualified personnel.

The National Service for Training in Industrial Work (SENATI) is an entity in charge of promoting training professional.

Born in 1961 under Law No. 13771, as an initiative of the National Society of Industries, whose sole interest was to train competent people to achieve development in this sector.


Aims, provide professional training for day-to-day actions in the manufacturing industrial area and for construction work in the area of ​​repair, installation and maintenance carried out in the rest of the economic tasks.

SENATI has a extensive range of training courses in its various areas, with a 49-year history of training highly qualified personnel.

Listed in Perú as one of the institutions with the greatest weight in terms of quality training it offers. It has several locations and there are already many more degrees offered to applicants who wish to enroll in the institution.

What are the functions of SENATI?

In the fulfillment of its functions, SENATI established a training and professional training system that recognizes the reality of requests in the production area, its characteristics are:

  • Entrepreneurs participation in professional development and planning processes at the national level.
  • Teaching technical staff with experience in the industrial area.
  • Centers of professional training with the appropriate equipment for this purpose.
  • Innovative technology in the area of ​​technical professional training, recognized nationally and internationally.
  • Curricular contents, professional profiles, programs, organizational methodologies that pursue the vision of the vocational training approach by competitive labor.
  • Extensive experience in stocks to take economically and financially, according to the modernity of the techniques implemented in quality, profitability.

What services does SENATI offer?

Beyond the training plan offered For all applicants to enroll in the institution, it also offers companies the following services:

  • Manufacturing and Testing: The manufacturing service is the elaboration of the individual pieces while the testing service is the technique that allows determining the characteristics of the product.
  • The Business Studies Unit: It promotes training and the development of a line of services that it offers in the business area.
  • Center for Environmental Technologies (CTA): It tries to be a great ally of companies, since it seeks to contribute to the improvement of development and environmental performance.
  • Technological Center for Textiles and Apparel (CTTC): Provides advice and training in order to promote improvement in the competitive textile area.
  • Student sponsorship in the different modalities: Look for the most qualified students and alumni of SENATI according to the profile required.

Thanks to these services And endless more is that this educational entity is a leader and pioneer in the educational area in the country.

What are the requirements to apply and register as a Heavy Machinery Mechanic at SENATI?

The requirements to apply in this area are those that will be mentioned below:

  • Two (02) current photos card type.
  • Original and copy of the DNI (National Identification Document).
  • Present original and copy of Certificate of studies approved secondary education.
  • The Proof of admission, having previously applied for the admission test, it can be accessed through the SENATI web portal.
  • Identification form which must be filled in correctly with all personal data and on both sides of it. Download it here.
  • The affidavit of health. Download it here.
  • The medical information sheet which must be filled in correctly. Download it here.
  • The medical certificate issued by ESSALUD or the Ministry of Health, in the antivenom and antituberculous area.
  • If you are of legal age, consign the document of the criminal record or on the contrary the one of good conduct.
  • Consign original and copy of payment voucher.

How to register to study at SENATI?

Start the enrollment process In SENATI it is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Login to web portal where you will apply as an applicant.
  • Then you will receive a payment code with which you must make a payment within the same platform in any of the affiliated banks.
  • Having already paid alone you must proceed to print proof of registration.
  • After that, You will be assigned a day for the admission test. If you pass this exam, you can enroll at any SENATI headquarters.

Note: The process of the enrollment is unipersonal, it can only be managed by the interested party.

How long is the study for a Heavy Machinery Mechanic?

According to the SENATI study plan has a duration of 6 semesters, which is summed up to 3 years; obtaining a certificate as a Technical Professional.

What are the benefits of studying at SENATI?

Studying at SENATI means having the security that you will be trained highly educated people and trained once students enter the educational institution.

Apart from providing a pension of more than three thousand (3000) hours of practice to strengthen the capacity and develop each of the careers in its entirety.

Facilitating in turn the development and better development of students in the labor field, given the formative teaching carried out in the institution.

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