RUS Form: Guide for payment of the Single Simplified Regime

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many people need the Russian form. This emphasizes the tax regime for all those people who are merchants or producers, who need to pay their taxes and in the same way have to replace payment of various taxes.

To learn more about the RUS Form, just keep reading!

RUS form

The Russian form It is a document that refers to a form addressed to all users who are merchants and producers, so that they can pay each of the taxes that corresponds to them. The form consists of a series of requirements where the user must enter each of their identification documents.

The Russian form It is characterized by being taxable, which allows the payment of one of the monthly installments established based on each of the purchases or income.

It is characterized by having the privilege of replacing the payment of each of the various taxes that may be filed.

In the same way, it is a document where people can make sales of their merchandise or their services to all their consumers in a clear and efficient way.

It can also be said that through the RUS Form they can benefit from to the new entry that presents the RUS return; all those people who develop a trade.

This is allowed for those natural persons who are classified as merchants and who, in the same way, can generate the established income.

In this case of the new RUS return, the tax regime allows the consignment of each ticket or sales bulletin and registration machinery tickets as any type of proof of payment that can help establish more efficiently each of the processes that carries this RUS form.

The new form presented by the RUS must be contained within the following guidelines, in which the prohibition of invoices and any type of receipts that give rise to all tax credits stands out.

Each of the restrictions that refer to the maximum of each of the incomes can also be presented.

As well as the purchases that are generated monthly or annually and finally, the development of those activities that are not allowed, that is, that have to do with illegal actions, are also highlighted.

Each person who is going to process said form must make an appointment in advance to go to the main office or each user can go online and download the form.

Guide to complete the form

There are many steps to carry out each form, in the case of the RUS form, people must be aware that:

Correction: In this case, each of the people must or may modify the income and each of the purchases that have been made in that month, for the same, they must fill in the data that will be shown in the following image.

In the same way, in the Guide, people must indicate if it is the first time they have carried out said process or if it is not, if they have marked the «NO» option, users must present any type of documentation or information. that provides your income and your IGV.

It should be noted that each of the guides shows important aspects, among these are the following points:

  • This report will be obtained from the sum of the payment receipts issued during the tax period to be declared.
  • This amount is obtained from the sum of all your purchases in the tax period to be declared.
  • Record information only if they had made IGV Perceptions and choose to compensate them. The maximum amount you can offset is the amount of the installment (includes default interest, only if applicable).
  • If the payment is being made after the deadline, include in the AMOUNT TO PAY the corresponding default interest.

It is important to highlight that the guide is only a mechanism where people can be guided when making the RUS form, This must be obtained on any internet page or if the same person wishes to go to the main headquarters of the organization, they can do so.

What is the Single Simplified Regime?

Within the form there are a series of treaties where the simplified single regime stands out, this is defined as a new RUS form form, where only any type of natural person can apply or they must meet the following requirements:

  1. They must be gross income and in the same way they must be payments that are not greater than 360,000.00
  2. It must not have any type of fixed acts greater than 70,000
  3. All activities must be supervised or on their part must be carried out in a productive headquarters.

Now, just as natural persons are the only ones who can request the Single Simplified Regime, those people who cannot request the new form are the following:

  1. They provide the freight transport service using their vehicles that have a load capacity greater than or equal to 2 MT.
  2. They provide the service of national or international land transportation of passengers.
  3. Carry out and/or process any regime, operation or customs destination; except in the case of taxpayers:
  4. Provide customs warehouse and storage terminal services.
  5. Carry out any of the operations taxed with the Selective Consumption Tax.
  6. Carry out operations subject to the Tax on the sale of Pilado Rice.
  7. Organize any kind of public spectacle.

How to pay the RUS

To pay the RUS form, people must be aware of each of the requirements that are fundamental, in the same way people must be aware of the table with the payment of each of the interests as well as the day that corresponds.

It should be noted that the payment of the RUS form can be made online, through any electronic means under the SUNAT website. It can be made under transfers, and card payments, whether debit or credit.

It is recommended to visit the page How to make the NRUS payment online electronically.

On the other hand, the payment can also be made by cell phone or mobile (it can also be from home), here each person must have and use their electronic wallet. If you have any type of doubt, you can go to the main page and press the query option.

There, an operator will be able to guide you and assist you whenever you need it, also on your part you will be able to answer any questions regarding what you have to do when filling out the form or making your payment via electronic wallet.

Finally, there is the option in person, where each of the people can go to any type of bank and make the payment that corresponds to them, for this, before doing so, they must notify the box office that each of the payments that you are going to do from that day forward are related to the RUS form.

Some of the taxes to be paid are the following:

CategoryIncome Up to S/.Purchases Up to S/.Fee Payable

RUS Categories

The categories of the new RUS are divided into the following:

CategoryTotal Gross Monthly IncomeTotal Monthly Acquisitions
oneUp to S/. 5000Up to S/. 5000
2Up to S/. 8,000Up to S/. 8,000

Changes in the RUS

The RUS form, despite the fact that it has presented a series of processes where it has not presented any type of change, today the new RUS form was carried out.

The new RUS allows the user to have advantages among which are:

  1. It allows contributing and generating any type of tribute based on the reality that each person presents based on the economy.
  2. There is no obligation to keep accounting books.
  3. It is not mandatory to pay income tax, among others.

Worksheet for the user to guide:

We hope you can achieve the form successfully! Regards.

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