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The Single Building Form As some people will not know, it is in charge of carrying out the declaration of factory processing, this is a type of form that is aimed at all those people who are entrepreneurs and who, for their part, are dedicated to manufacturing.

To learn more about the Single Building Form, just keep reading!

Single Building Form

The Single Building Formbetter known by its acronym IT WASis one of the documents where any type of natural person can declare each of their products through manufacturing.

In other words, all those merchants and/or businesswomen have the power to defend what is produced in the company.

It should be noted that within FUE form, There is a great variety of modalities that in turn allow the user to adjust to what they need at that moment.

Among some of them, the ones that stand out the most are Modalities A, B, C and D, since each of them presents a different type of building license, allowing the user the comfort of having each of its benefits, whether it is the manufacturer or the consumer.

In the same way the FUE form, It is one of the documents that people can request for a type of work in which they are going to participate or rather in which they are going to direct, among each of these people must choose the type of work they are going to do.

Just as they must also choose if the type of work has to do with some type of remodeling, if they are going to carry out new works, an extension or a spare part. On the other hand, there may also be other types of works, such as:

  • The conditioning.
  • Put in any kind of monumental value.
  • The fence.
  • A demolition.

However, it is important that the person take into account that to carry out any type of work, it must have an approval either with the signature of the professionals in charge of said work, an approval under the review of any professional technical personnel and managers. at work time.

What is it for?

This is a type of document that has multiple functions, among which the construction of a new work or, on the contrary, the demolition of one of the historical monuments.

Among its other main functions or characteristics are:

  1. The reconstruction.
  2. demolition.
  3. The construction of public works.
  4. The fence.
  5. The conditioning of any home.
  6. The refaction.
  7. The construction of a completely new work.
  8. Among others. (The type of construction must be specified).

Any natural person who decides to carry out this type of work must be aware that the form must be filled out in a concrete and explicit way, so that the person who is going to assist him at the time of the interview is aware of everything you are going to do at the time of approving the service.

In the same way, this is a document that consists of approximately 9 pages, where the number of pages will depend on the type of work that the person wants to do, whether they are under the direction of a professional person in charge or under their own direction, that is, that go to do any kind of work at home.

How to complete the form

To complete the form is very simple, you just have to follow a series of steps:

  1. Municipality
  2. File number (Although it will be placed in the interview).
  • Each of the procedures that you are going to carry out and mark them with an “X”.
  • The same is done with the type of work to be carried out.
  • In the approval modality, only one type of modality must be placed.

If the project is approved by urban reviewers and technical commissions, the person must specify which of the options they made.

  • The person must attach any of the documents established in the form and if they have them, they must indicate it by marking an «X». (If you have them all, all are marked)
  • Data, whether natural or legal.
  • Place a legal representative.
  • Land information.
  • If there is an existing building and the cause is a demolition, enter the data of the structure.
  • Mark with an “X” each of the documents that you attach.
  • Data of the project that you are going to carry out, for this you must fill in the box that is in the form, which has to do with the square area.
  • Information on each of the designers who will collaborate with the work.
  • Fill in the type of work and the estimated value.
  • Place who is responsible for the work, whether the architect or the civil engineer.
  • Declaration of signatures.
  • The process ends, the validation is carried out by the personnel in charge and will say if it is approved or not.

Where and when to file

Each of the people who are going to process this form can do it whenever they want as long as they have completed the previous steps that must be done with the form.

They can be directed once it is complete towards the Institute of Urban Development Division Or, for their part, they can go to one of the government offices where they can provide customer service.

It should be noted that the form will be presented when the person has gone to one of the offices or for their part to one of the institutes where they govern, there they will meet with one of the people in charge, who will review each of the documents that should have been attached and will proceed to carry out the consolidation if applicable to the work.

Each user must be responsible for bringing each of the attached documents established by the form or the FUE formsince each one of them is the means of validation where the person will be able to determine if the project is based on each one of the requirements raised by the Institute of Urban Development.

building license

Some of the building licenses that are in force today are the following:

(Approval with prior evaluation of the project by the Technical Commission)
(Approval with prior evaluation of the project by Urban Reviewers)
D (Approval with prior evaluation of the project by the Technical Commission)

Each one of the different modalities that are in the upper table, has a form and a series of requirements that each user must carry out before requesting it, in the same way in the PDF format, each one can be viewed of the most important tabs.

It should be noted that this is a type of modality that in most cases is requested online, however there are times when people want to go to the main offices, where they can clarify and direct doubts more efficiently, to This requires that you contact some of the main services.

However, it is important to remember that each of the license modes have different requirements, everything will depend on the need of the consumer and the benefits that can be obtained after it.


  1. Condomic data, natural persons
  2. Pre declaration of identification
  3. Validity of Power
  4. Certificate of Feasibility of Water Services
  5. Location Plan and Location
  6. Sewerage and Electric Power
  7. Architecture Plans Structure Plans
  8. Plan of support structures for excavations Plans of Sanitary Facilities and descriptive memory
  9. Plans of Electrical Installations Plans of Gas Installations
  10. Facilities plans Furnished safety and evacuation plan
  11. Electromechanical (for Draft)
  12. CAR Policy (All Contractor Risk) Descriptive Memories of each specialty
  13. Civil Liability Policy Environmental Impact Study
  14. Work Safety Letter Road Impact Study
  15. Budget of work based on the table of Values ​​Proof of payment for Rights
  16. Corresponding Official Building Units.

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