Steps and Requirements for change of address in DNI

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The National Identity Document is essential in Peru to carry out many procedures. Therefore, all your data must be up to date and be reflected correctly. If you moved or changed residence, you must update it.

In this article we will provide you with all the detailed information to carry out your Change of Address DNI. We hope it will be of great help and benefit for you to carry out your procedure.

Here are some of the Steps what you should follow:

Requirements for Change of Address

  • Payment at the National Bank or Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP)
  • download via official website of the National Electronic Identity Registry, option «DNI», then «downloads», one of the Software or programs depending on the memory capacity of your PC, installing it and following each one of the steps.
  • Go to any of the Reniec offices authorized to carry out this procedure electronically.
  • You must bring a passport-type photo width: 26 mm, height: 32 mm, face: 20-25 mm
  • Electricity, water or telephone bill. Original or copy no older than six months.
  • Proof of payment issued by the page of the national bank, which records your payment.
  • Then you will be given a ticket indicating the date of withdrawal of the DNI.
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What conditions must the person have to request a change of address?

  • You must make a modification related to your address so that a new DNI is issued and in this way the correct data appears printed on your document.
  • Through the online system you can change your address if you were born in Peru and are of legal age, you must go to the RENIEC registry offices.
  • You must make a payment for ID Rectification to change your address, the value of the payment varies according to the age and condition of the person.

The corresponding payments must be made in the following entities:

  • National bank
  • RENIEC Registry Offices: With Visa credit or debit card (cash payments are not accepted there).
  • Banco de Crédito (BCP): This charges you a commission S/3.00
  • Pá with a credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard) on the platform Pá

Steps for Change of Address:

Step 1

  • Pay the bank and have an original digitized electricity or water receipt.
  • The home payment may be made prior to the fee, in the Pá Showing the photo of the payment receipt and the receipt of services (electricity, water, gas, toilet, etc.) digitized and that proves the new address.

Step 2

  • Entering the official portal
  • You will find the address rectification form in the online service option and continuously locating yourself in the address rectification window where you will find the corresponding form.

  • The data form must be filled out with the new address

  • Confirm the data

  • Fill in the bauche payment information and continue with the application to certify the address with the receipt of public services (water or electricity).

Step 3

  • Print and keep a record of the procedure to deliver at the time of picking up your ID on the indicated date.
  • Schedule the date so as not to forget the collection of the DNI with updated data.

Cost of the Procedure

  • Under 17 years: S/ 16.00
  • From 17 years: S/ 22.00
  • Over 65 years: the process is free
  • Make payment on the page of the Bank of the nation S / 30.00

Papers to Deliver

  • A public service or municipal tax payment receipt, original and copy, no older than 6 months.
  • If you live in a marginal urban populated center, community, annex or other populated center that does not have public services, you must fill out an Affidavit of Address that will be delivered to you at RENIEC.

Delivery of Papers

You can carry out the procedure via Internet from a computer, cell phone or tablet. Remember that you can only do it if you were born in Peru; If you were born abroad, you must complete the process in person.

These are the offices where you can pick up your change of address DNI

At Lima and Callao Level

  • EREP – RENIEC Office in San Isidro – Av. Javier Prado 990.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Jesús María – Jr. Talara 130.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Miraflores – Av. Diez Canseco 230.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Callao –Av. May 2 440-446 –
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Independencia – Calle los andes nº 486, Urb. Industrial.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Lima – Jr. Cusco n° 653 (plaza castañeta)
  • RENIEC Registry Office in San Juan de Lurigancho – Av. Las Flores 260-262, Urb. San
    Rafael (alt. block 32 and 33 av. Wiesse – whereabouts 8).
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Santa Anita – Av. Manuel de la Torre Ugarte nº 180 – Urb.
    The Ficuses
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Ate – Av. Industrial 438.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Villa El Salvador – Av. Arriba Perú Nº 640 Sector 2, Group
    7, Mz J, Lt 05.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Comas – Av. Túpac Amaru n° 5527 – 5531 – 5535, Urb.
  • RENIEC Agency in Cañete – Av. Libertadores Mz. D3, Lt. 4ª, Urb. Tercer Mundo

At Province Level

  • RENIEC Registry Office in Chiclayo – Av. Balta 680 Corner with Elías Aguirre
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Piura – Jr. Libertad 568 – Piura
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Tumbes – Jr.Abad Puell Nº 841 – Plazuela Bolognesi.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Trujillo I – Av. Pablo Casals MZ.A Lot 06 Urb. Los Cedros.
  • Registry Office in Cajamarca – Jr. del Comercio 633
  • RENIEC Agency in Jaén – Calle Mariscal Ureta 915.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Tarapoto – Jr. Jimenez Pimentel No. 280 Cercado.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Iquitos – Jr. Próspero No. 201
  • RENIEC Agency in Santa -Chimbote – Jr. Ladislao Espinar 401.
  • RENIEC Agency in Huancayo – Jr. Julio Sumar 351, El Tambo (between Libertad and
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Arequipa – San Juan de Dios 122 and Santo Domingo 101.
  • RENIEC Agency in Tacna – Calle Deustua No. 173.
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Cusco – Av. El Sol 272.
  • RENIEC Agency in Puno – Jr. Deustua 250.
  • RENIEC agency in Chincha – Calle Los Ángeles nº 300 (corner of Abelardo Alva Maurtua).
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Huancavelica – Av. San Cristóbal 380 – Tres Esquinas
  • RENIEC Agency in Chachapoyas – Jr. Triunfo No. 903
  • RENIEC Registry Office in Pucallpa – Jr. 9 de Diciembre N° 378 corner with Jr. Tacna
    No. 891- Pucallpa
  • RENIEC Agency in Huamanga- Jr. San Martín Nº 475 – Ayacucho.

At the moment, only these offices are authorized to process the DNI.

Request by Mac

the mac is a pilot integrated multi-channel service center aimed at citizens to provide basic information services on administrative procedures and services provided exclusively, contained in the Single Text of Administrative Procedures – TUPA of the entities of the Executive Branch.

Its functions are basically:

  • Vision of the State at the service of the citizen.
  • Guidance with personalized attention in a single telephone number, with multi-channel support-chat, email and social networks- of all State procedures.
  • Located at a single, easy-to-remember phone number.
  • Extended telephone service hours from Monday to Sunday and holidays.
  • Savings in time and costs for transfers.

ALÓ MAC is a multi-channel service center where citizens can access via telephone, chat, social networks and email electronic.

Its service hours are 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; Their contact numbers and sites are:

Telephone: 1800
Web page:

Facebook and Twitter

If necessary, you can book your appointment on the portal, by clicking here.

Online Change of Address Request

Now the alternative of making a change of address online it is a practical option provided by the National Registry of Civil Status Identity (RENIEC), where you can make rectifications of your address quickly and easily.

Steps to change address

You must go to the page RENIEC, Electronic address, natural person, insert your electronic ID in the card reader and click on the button indicated.

Then you must follow the steps indicated by the system.

Request by RENIEC Application

The RENIEC facial mobile application, will facilitate the procedure of change of address with your ID since this entity is in charge of the identification and registration acts of all Peruvians residing in the country and foreigners.It is called RENIEC MOBILE FACIAL because it identifies people by their faces. The user must enter a photograph of himself taken with the camera of a mobile device, and this image is compared with the one found in the RENIEC database. If they match, the procedures can be carried out online.

«The rectification of the address that appears in the DNI can now be done easily and safely with this new application and also through its website»

This application is available on Play Storeat no cost to smartphones use the operating system android.

Both offer the following options:

  • Request a duplicate ID
  • Know how many homonyms you have
  • The ID number of a child
  • If a fine must be paid for not having voted in an electoral process
  • If a registration certificate is in the possession of RENIEC.

In this way, it is possible to access information related to the requirements demanded to carry out DNI procedures, to know the status of a procedure and the location of the agencies of the registry body.

The applications are some of the tools developed entirely by RENIEC with the purpose of bringing its services closer to the citizen, within the framework of the public policies of administrative simplification and modernization of the State.

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Bearing all Steps and Requirements for Change of Address in DNIDon’t wait any longer, update it now.

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