Steps and Requirements to Collect Breastfeeding in Peru

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In Peru there are institutions that ensure the well-being of mothers and babies

infants, know the Requirements to Charge Breastfeeding in this country.

The Social Security of Health (EsSalud), is a public, decentralized body, attached to the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion.

Its objective is to grant prevention, promotion, recovery, rehabilitation and social benefits that correspond to the contributory regime of Social Security in Health.

Requirements to enroll in EsSalud

Pregnancy is a period comprised of nine (09) months where the mother requires care, medications that allow the baby to form properly according to its gestation time.

In this sense, pregnant mothers are those who are going through the gestation period, that is, growth and development of tissues, formation of hormones and membranes of the fetus.

The aforementioned, requires the mother to adapt an adequate diet that allows you to keep your health in good condition, and in turn that of the child that is being formed within it.

It is recommended that the mother is well fed during her pregnancy and the lactation process for the correct development of the child.

For this reason, it is advisable to register with EsSalud.

The requirements for this are the following:

for the son

In the gestation process as the child has not yet been born, there are no requirements for the fetus, however, the mother must provide a document or certificate report where the attending physician indicates the exact gestation time.

For the pregnant mother

For the medical system in Peru, A pregnant woman is one who is pregnant and is not married to or living in common-law relationship with the father of the child.

In case of not being able to register as a surrogate mother The requirements for registration are:

  • Form 1010 signed and stamped by the employing entity.

It is important to be employed at the time of conception of the baby, otherwise said procedure will not be approved by the corresponding entities.

On the other hand, there are various reasons why a pregnant woman does not register as a concubinebecause you must be twenty (20) years old, since the law indicates that you must be of legal age and have passed two (02) years to be able to register as such.

For your registration, the requirements are the following:

  • Form 1010 signed and stamped by the employing entity.
  • Current bond of concubinage or marriage.
  • Acknowledgment of paternity of extramarital child via notary, where the months of gestation of the mother are indicated.
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In all procedures it is a fundamental requirement to present the holder’s ID.

Requirements for the Breastfeeding Process

There are various conditions that are previously verified by the entity in charge, to receive the subsidy for breastfeeding, among them are:

  • Contribute for three or four consecutive months within the six months prior to the month the baby was delivered.
  • In case of being insured agricultural, you must have three consecutive months of contributions in the last twelve months, prior to childbirth.
  • The baby must be registered as the beneficiary of the insured.
  • If the mother of the infant is not the insured owner, she must be registered with EsSalud.
  • In the event that the child dies, posthumous registration must be made.

After verification of compliance with the aforementioned conditions The documents to be recorded are the following:

  • Form 1010 filled out and correctly signed by the insured.
  • Original identity documents.

On the other hand, there are special cases in the application for this subsidy, among them are:

  • When a third party files the application: In this case, the authorized person must provide a copy of the DNI and show the original, a simple authorization letter indicating that they are authorized to do so.
  • When the infant’s mother dies: The original death certificate of the mother must be recorded, which must be presented by the father or guardian, as appropriate, and a custodial document for the minor.
  • When the mother is a minor and single without an official title that accredits her to practice a profession or trade: The subsidy will be paid through their legal representative, therefore, they must submit their original documentation, and additional original and a copy of the document that proves it as such.

How to carry out the registration in EsSalud?

Enrollment in EsSalud is done face-to-faceHowever, you can do it in three easy steps:

  • First you must verify that you meet the necessary conditions and requirements to apply for the lactation subsidy.
  • Then you must completely and correctly fill out the 1010 form.
  • Subsequently, you must personally go to any insurance and financial benefits office with the documents indicated above and deliver them to the box next to your ID.
  • And finally, upon receiving your sealed 1010 form and together with the copy of your ID, you can go to the authorized banks and receive the lactation subsidy.

How much does the lactation allowance pay?

Based on agreement No. 66-27-EESALUD-2003, it was established that the subsidy for breastfeeding will be for an amount equivalent to 820 Soles.

In this sense, as the subsidy is covered by a decree, the form, terms and conditions may be subject to changes based on current standards and its amount may be modified by agreement of the Board of Directors with a prior proposal from the General Management.

In the event that the mother has had a multiple birth, the subsidy is recognized for each child, that is, 820 Nuevos Soles will be granted for each child born.

How is the lactation payment carried out?

Let’s not forget that the lactation subsidy is the amount of money granted to the mother of a newborn baby, son of the insurance holder, to contribute to their care, therefore it is advisable and necessary to register the mother and baby at It’s Health.

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After your registration, you will be given a copy of form 1010 with its respective file number and the payment date, which does not exceed a period of 72 hours.

The beneficiary must go to one of the authorized banking entities with a copy of her form and her original identity document.

How often is it charged?

lactation payment It is carried out with a period between them of one month. starting to count from the moment of your birth until the deadline maximum of six (06) months counted from the date on which the maximum postpartum period ends.

It is important to keep in mind that currently the rest for a normal delivery is 98 daysand in case of being multiple childbirth the payment will be for 128 days.

In this sense, the companies do not make any payment of remunerations and that Social Security takes care of more than 42 thousand workers, which favors the productivity of the companies, due to the fact that This subsidy allows them to hire replacements at the time of the pre- and post-natal leave of the workers.

Finally, EsSalud seeks to provide stability to both pregnant women and the companies for which they work, therefore, this public entity encourages Peruvian women to register in a timely manner to guarantee payment at the precise moment for the care of the new member of the country and the Peruvian families.

Do not forget that registration is completely free, you only have to consign the indicated documents in person, in order to enjoy this benefit provided by the State, and for that you must know the Requirements to Charge Breastfeeding in Peru.

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