Steps and Requirements to Renew DNI

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To be able to circulate in Peru, buy, travel, walk or simply to do your day-to-day routines, you must have a valid ID.

Why? It is the only reliable identification instrument that contains all your updated information: main data, marital status, photograph, signature and fingerprints.

It is what identifies you wherever you go in Peru; that is why it is so important to have it and always renew it. In this article we let you know the Requirements to renew DNI.

Now, perhaps you still have doubts and have wondered what is it for? why is it so important to have it?

Simple. The ID is the National identity document, granted to all Peruvians from the date of their birth and to those who are nationalized, since the nationalization process is approved.

This one has a Unique Identification Code (CUI) that will be maintained until the death of the person, as the only reference of identification.

What are its benefits?

Aside from being a mandatory documentfacilitates several procedures:

  • Register the birth of a child.
  • Vote in political elections.
  • Register a death.
  • Cash a check or apply for a loan.
  • To travel.
  • Formalize any business.
  • Initiate or intervene in a judicial process.
  • Get married or get divorced.
  • Enter into any type of contract.
  • Enroll in any security system.

Once you own it, you have a deadline to renew it. We recommend doing it 60 days prior to expiration.

Requirements to renew DNI

To renew it you must:

  • Submit a utility payment receipt
  • At the same time, present a passport size photo.


  • Passport size photos are 35 x 43 mm. Without a frame, with a smooth surface, in color, with a white background, current, from the front, with a neutral expression, without clothing on the head except clothing of a religious nature.
  • Nor can you have glasses, only those cases that present some disease and the use of measuring glasses is essential.
  • Not owning a uniform. No shadows, no spots, and the image must not be retouched.


In the case of minors, the photo must be current, from the front including the shoulders, passport size with the same indications already mentioned.

  • If the DNI belongs to a minor, the minor you have to be present when you apply for renewal.
  • To search for the document, it is only necessary for the declarant (father, mother or guardian) to do so, that is, the person who accompanied the minor to carry out the procedure.

The requirements are extremely simple. Once you have them, you must go to the office in charge to carry out this procedure.

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Where to go to renew DNI?

To renew the expired DNI you must go to a Reniec Service Center or yet MAC Center.

If you opt for the MAC centers You must previously make an appointment to be attended.

Request an appointment by clicking here.

If you opt for the Service Center Reniec, here we leave you the link.

After filling in the data, present the payment voucher for the right to DNI Renewal and the passport size photo.


  • If you want to change the signature you can do it at no cost during this process but you must mention it to the person in charge.
  • After the people in charge receive your documents, they will give you a certificate that you must keep in order to collect your ID on the date indicated.
  • The delivery time can be between 10 and 12 business days in Lima and between 12 and 15 business days in the provinces.
  • If you want to know how your DNI issuance process is going, you can consult the website of the Reniec Service Center / DNI option / Online services / Check the Status of the Procedure.

Steps to Renew DNI

How do I renew my ID? What should I do?

  • The first thing you should do is make the payment of the procedure.
  • Pay S/30.00 for the right to process.
  • You have 3 payment options, which we will show you later.

Where should the Renewal payment be made?

  • Pá Online with credit or debit card on the page www.pá
  • National bank: Go to the nearest Banco de la Nación or Multired agent and make the corresponding payment.
  • Reniec Registry Offices: At the Reniec Registry Offices with the Visa credit or debit card.
  • Credit Bank (BCP): If you do it in a BCP you will have to pay an additional cost of S/3.00 for bank commission.
  • Once you have completed the process, you must go to Reniec Service Center or the MAC Center.
  • Pick up the document.
  • Go to the office where you carried out the procedure on the indicated day.


Looking for the ID is something personal. If you cannot attend, you must request a letter from the Reniec representative, sign it and put your fingerprint on it so that your representative can collect your document for you.

You may change the place to collect your ID, but it will have an additional cost and will increase the waiting time for issuance.

DNI Renewal Cost

The cost of the DNI renewal is 30.00 soles.


  • For minors: 16 soles.
  • If it is for people over 65 years of age or if you have a disability, the issuance of your DNI will be free. The DNI that are issued from the 65 years of the holder will not expire.

We leave you a video so you can easily understand the DNI renewal process.

ID renewal online

Now, you can also renew your ID online and not only that, you can also opt for the Electronic ID.

The DNIe It has a microchip that is responsible for storing personal information that can be used on the network with a PIN.

It allows you to sign digital documents quickly and securely. It also has agreements with Pronabec, the Ministry of Health and Pension 65.

The validity period of the electronic DNI is 8 years. It should be taken into account that the digital certificates that come in the chip, They must be renewed every 2 years.

How to renew the DNI online?

Access the website of the Reniec Service Center / Electronic ID. Here you can obtain information about the process and search for the nearest processing offices.


  • The system will ask you to include some information.
  • The data that presents more doubts is the number of expedition. Remember that this is a number that appears on the back of the DNI, on the right side.
  • If you are missing any because you have lost your ID or it was stolen, click on the link In case of not having the data due to loss and theft”.
  • The next step is to choose the type of procedure you want to carry out.
  • Choose the province and the agencies and you will be able to see days and hours off for the coming months.
  • In some offices they offer speed appointment and standard appointment options, but in most you go directly to the schedules.

YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT: from the moment you choose it until you confirm it, only 10 minutes are reserved for you.

  • Includes your phone number Y an email to confirm the appointment. When finished click on Confirmand the appointment will be set.
  • Wait in your email for confirmation of the appointment.

To have the electronic DNI you must pay 41 Suns.


How often must the DNI be renewed?

The DNI It must be renewed every eight years.

Why? It is necessary to change the photograph and update the data.

So remember. If you ID is close to expiring or has already expired, renew it and avoid bad times.

How long does it take to deliver?

The ID usually it takes according to what the trained person in the offices reports.

You can also make a Consultation of the Status of the Procedure.

Where should the renewed DNI be withdrawn?

The DNI must be collected at the office indicated at the time of requesting the procedure.

Exceptional cases:

  • If the owner cannot pick it up, someone else can pick it up.

You must bring the aforementioned: the collection ticket, a power of attorney with a fingerprint of the right index finger and a legible signature of the holder of the processed DNI.

  • If you have the previous DNI, you must deliver it and sign the declaration of cancellation of the DNI, if you do not have it, you must fill out the affidavit of loss of the DNI, a format that will be given to you at the agency when you pick up your new DNI.
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In the event that the DNI has been stolenyou must enter the web «Virtual Complaint for Document Loss” of the National Police to prevent other people from using your ID. You can also find more information about the procedures for complaints Here

The National identity document It is one of the essential documents for every citizen, which is why it is so important to keep it updated.

So now you know, if it is about to expire, process and look for the Requirements to renew DNI. Remember that it is advisable to do it 60 days prior to expiration.

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