These are the Requirements for the Immigration Card

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If you plan to travel and spend time in Peru, you should know that the foreigner’s card is the national identity document with which any foreign citizen can reside in that country; This will also include being legally authorized to work and open bank accounts at any bank.

It is important to note that to rent a home you will not need this immigration document; so here we leave you Requirements for Immigration Card!

The validity period of the Peruvian Immigration Card is four (04) years for resident citizens.

In the case of adults with permanent migratory status, it will last 5 years and in the case of minors, it will last 3 years.

Once the term has expired, the resident foreign citizen must request the immigration authority to renew the immigration card.

The Conditions to obtain the Immigration Card are the following:

  • Have the migratory status of approved resident.
  • Being in national territory.

How to obtain the Immigration Card in Peru?

Migratory quality

In order to obtain the immigration card, first the migratory quality of the individual must be taken into account.

This is because foreigners who want to go to Peru to do tourism or carry out different activities such as business, work or investment, require an authorization to enter the national, temporary or resident territory.

Once this point is clarified, the Peruvian immigration card will only It can be issued through the following 2 options:

1.- Getting married to a Peruvian citizen

2.- get a job

Steps to obtain an Immigration Card

  • Getting married to a Peruvian citizen: Through this option, not only the civil status of the citizen is changed, but also their migratory status, in this case, from tourist to resident family member.
  • Get a job: This turns out to be the easiest, simplest option used by immigrants to Peru, since the change of migratory quality is made, in this case, from tourist to resident worker.

Special permission to sign contracts

If you want to get a job, you must issue a permit called Special permission to sign contractsthis, to be able to sign the employment contract in the company to work.

For this, you must go to the National Superintendence of Migrations (DIGEMIN) located in the District of Breña, on calle España, number 734; You can attend without an appointment by presenting the following documents:

  • Form F-004
  • Cancellation of the right to process in the Banco de la Nación (16 soles)
  • original passport
  • Andean Migration Card (TAM), which is provided on the plane when entering Peru

With the special permit to be able to sign contracts, it will be possible to work in the nation and the change of migratory quality will be carried out.In turn, once the resident worker visa has been acquired, the Peruvian Immigration Card may be requested.

Change of immigration status to resident worker

Once the desired job is obtained and the respective employment contract is signed, the change of migratory status to resident worker will be made, For this there are 2 options:

1.- That the company is the one in charge of collecting the documentation;

2.- Or, as is more common, that the individual must do it by their own means.

Now, regardless of the way, the formalities must be accomplished through the following stages:

First stage

  • The company or company in which the applicant citizen works must submit the employment contract to the Ministry of Labor, this is done so that it can be signed and registered.

It is important to note that the contract must be for at least one year or, failing that, without a trial period, known as indefinite.

Second stage

  • From this moment on, the following appointments will be made and delivered to the National Superintendence of Migrations: precautions:
  • Form 004
  • Receipt proof of payment made at the Banco de la Nación for 107.50 nuevos soles, it will be from this moment where you can request the appointment to collect the documentation.
  • photocopy of passport or national identity document (ID), in any of the cases it must be current.
  • Photocopy of the contract previously approved and legalized before a notary. To carry out the notarization, the work contract must be taken once registered by the company to any notorious in Peru, the cost of which is approximately 50 soles.
  • File RUC of the company, which certifies the citizen’s situation as active and existing, this means that the company has to be working.
  • Record a copy of the power of attorney as legal representative provided by the company.

Third Stage

  • In order to issue the Peruvian immigration card, you must have the so-called “INTERPOL International Exchange Token”in which, to carry out the process, you must have a supporting document that is provided at the time of delivering all the aforementioned documents to the DIGEMIN.

Consequently, they should record the following precautions:

  • Form F-004.
  • I receive proof of payment made at the Banco de la Nación for 80 nuevos soles.
  • Original valid passport and copy of it.
  • DIGEMIN receipt.
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Said documentation must be delivered to the headquarters of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)located in Peru at Av. Manuel Olguín s/n block 6 (Monterrico Police Station), Surco, from 08:00 to 13:00.

It should be noted that they only grant 70 appointments a day, and in addition, a form provided at said office must be filled out. His contact number is +51 1 2790382.

Once all the documentation is consigned, it must be wait about a week in order to withdraw the INTERPOL International Exchange Token.

The file must be recorded in the DIGEMIN, where it must then be wait four weeks until the Peruvian immigration card can be withdrawn; the progress status of this step can be verified through the migration web page. (Click here)

Registration and withdrawal of the immigration card

This last procedure consists of registration in the Central Immigration Registry and the final issuance of the Immigration Card. Once the four-week period has elapsed, the citizen will be notified of the completion of the process of his alien card, in which he will have to go to the DIGEMIN and submit the following documents:

  • Form F-007-A.
  • I receive proof of payment made at the Banco de la Nación for 49.90 nuevos soles.
  • Original valid passport.
  • Andean Migration Card.
  • INTERPOL International Exchange Sheet.
  • I receive proof of payment made at the Banco de la Nación for 200 dollars referring to the change of immigration status.
  • I receive proof of payment made at the Banco de la Nación for 15 dollars referring to the Registration in the Central Immigration Registry.
  • I receive proof of payment made at the Banco de la Nación for 20 dollars referring to the Annual Immigration Fee.

Specific Recommendations

Due to theft or loss

In the case of loss, theft or deterioration of the immigration card, the following must be taken into account:

  • The Resident loses his immigration status if his absence from the country exceeds One Hundred Eighty-three (183) consecutive or accumulated calendar days during any period of (12) months, except for duly verified reasons of force majeure, work or health, in which case the absence can be extended up to twelve (12) months after submitting a request to MIGRATION for «Authorization of Absence for more than 183 days».
  • Resident foreigners lose their immigration status if they leave the country with expired residency.
  • Resident foreigners who permanently leave the country must carry out the «Cancellation of Residence and Final Exit Record» procedure.

Due to migratory quality

The National Superintendence of Migrations (DIGEMIN) provides information on interests in its web portal immigrant citizens to Peru, where they are recommended take into account the following regulations:

  • Workers: they may only work in a situation of dependency under a work contract duly approved by the Ministry of Labor; except for the exceptions contemplated in the respective law. In addition, they will not be able to issue receipts for professional fees.
  • Family of Residents: Because they are dependents of a foreign citizen, they will not be able to carry out remunerated or lucrative activities unless they request and obtain a change to the qualifying migratory status.
  • Students: They will not be able to receive income from Peruvian sources with the exception of those from professional practices.
  • Religious: They may not engage in paid or lucrative activities unless they request and obtain the respective permit from the migration department, and only in activities related to health or teaching.
  • Rentiers: They may not engage in paid or lucrative activities.
  • Independent investors: They will be authorized to make investments and be a member of the board of directors of their company, they will not be able to work or carry out work for third parties, whether as a dependent or independent.
  • Independent professionals: they will be enabled to practice their profession independently, in turn they will be able to issue receipts for professional fees.
  • Argentine nationals with residence by Agreement: the residence granted is for two years, it will be subject to the payment of the Annual Immigration Fee within a period of 90 days before its expiration, they must necessarily apply for permanent residence. If they do not do so, they will lose their immigration status.
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For any additional information, it is recommended to contact the Users Management or call 200-1002, 200-1003, 200-1004 or 200-1005.

Well these were the Requirements for Immigration Card, Do you already have them all?… We hope we have provided you with all the necessary information. Success!.

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