What are the Requirements for the SIS

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If you are a Peruvian who does not have health insurance, or if, on the contrary, you are a foreigner who does not have an identity document that proves you

within Peru and you do not have insurance to protect your health, it is time to know What are the Requirements for the SIS.

Requirements for the SIS

Before knowing the necessary requirements for the SIS, it is important to know that there are four typeswhere each one is aimed at a specific part of the population and that must comply with different precautions.

The types of SIS are the following:


The free SIS is for people in extreme poverty, pregnant mothers, children, firefighters, among others. The requirements to register under this type are:

  • Not have other health insurance with PEAS coverage.
  • DNI or immigration card.
  • Have the following characteristics:
  • People in extreme poverty.
  • Pregnant mothers during the pregnancy period up to 42 days after giving birth.
  • Minors between 0 and 5 years old.
  • Students accessing Qali Warma.
  • Victims of armed conflict violence.
  • prisoners.
  • People confined in diagnostic and rehabilitation youth centers, children and adolescents in non-profit shelters.
  • Population centers determined by MIDIS.
  • Firefighters.
  • Justices of the peace
  • Irregularly dismissed former workers.
  • Ecuadorian citizens residing in Peru.

However, if you do not have an ID or immigration card, you can also enroll in this free health insurance

However it will be for a period of 45 dayswhere if at the end of said period you do not have the identity document, you will not be able to continue being part of the free SIS.


The independent SIS It is aimed at individuals and families who do not have other health insuranceHowever, they can pay a monthly contribution.

Your affiliation can be done individually or together with your family group.

This type of health insurance is state subsidizedwhere Peruvian citizens can be treated for free at all designated health centers, offering care for more than 1,400 diseases, including cancer.

The requirements requested for registration in the independent SIS are:

  • Not have other health insurance with PEAS coverage.
  • Valid DNI or Immigration Card of the people to be registered.
  • In case of having children of legal age with total and permanent disability for work, enter; disability certificate, medical diagnosis, CONADIS certificate.
  • In the case of minors who are not direct families, record a document evidencing the guardianship of the minor.
  • Applicants’ home service receipt.


The health insurance for entrepreneurs is aimed at peruvian citizenswith the aim that they can be treated free of charge in all public health centers.

You can be treated for more than 1,400 diseases including cancer, additionally they also have access to medicines, operations, emergency transfers, among other services.

In this sense, this type of insurance is intended for people who do not have other health insurance and at the same time work independentlywhich includes dressmakers, winemakers, hairdressers, painters, among other occupations.

The requirements for registration are as follows:

  • Not have other health insurance with PEAS coverage.
  • Be a contributor to SUNAT in categories 1 or 2 of the new RUS.

One of the advantages of this type of insurance is that if you pay SUNAT for three consecutive months in categories 1 or 2 of the new RUS, you will automatically enroll without having to carry out additional procedures.

That is, you will be able to affiliate your partner, and minor children, the only requirement is that you must do it in person.


This type of insurance is for microenterprise workers, so that they can be treated for free in the indicated health centers, the cost of their registration is assumed by the company, however it will be subsidized by the state.

The inclusion process is carried out only by the employer, and if the employee wishes to include their relatives, there will be no additional cost.

The requirements for an effective affiliation are:

  • That workers do not have other health insurance with PEAS coverage.
  • Have a microenterprise and be the employer.
  • Have the company registered in the REMYPE portal.
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School Health Plan

Despite the previously mentioned options that offer Peruvians of different social classes and opportunities the possibility, however, children who are not orphans but who do not belong to the social group of extreme poverty do not have health insurance that protect them and provide them with service.

This plan It is a strategy of the Ministries of Health, Education and Development and Social Inclusion that allow contributing to the improvement of Peruvian student performance through preventive controls regarding common problems such as; visual, nutritional, dental and mental health problems.

The only requirement that children must meet to be part of this school health plan that includes them in the ISS is be enrolled in any public school.

However, priority will be given to the most needy children so that they are attended to quickly and preventively as the case may be.

How much does it cost to join SIS?

As mentioned before There are different types of SISwhich classify people in society according to their possibilities and characteristics, and obviously, the The cost of joining the SIS varies according to the type of affiliation that is desired.

In this sense, the costs of affiliation to the SIS are the following:

Independent: For people under 60 years of age

  • Holder only the cost is 39 Soles.
  • Owner plus a beneficiary the cost is 78 Soles.
  • Holder plus two successors 94 Soles.
  • Owner plus three or more beneficiaries, the cost will be 115 Soles
  • And for each dependent or minor child the cost is 39 Soles.

Independent: from the age of 60

  • Holder only 44 Soles (old contract)
  • Holder only 58 Soles (new contracts)


  • For this SIS there is no amount to pay to join, however, the process can be automatic if you have three consecutive contributions to SUNAT.


  • As previously mentioned, the cost of affiliation to the SIS is subsidized by the State, that is, the amount is assumed 50% by the State and 50% by the entity’s employer.
  • The cost is 30 Soles, where the state will cancel 15 soles, and the owner of the entity 15 soles, which means that the employer will not cancel anything in order to have his insurance.

How do you join SIS?

The enrollment process varies equally by the type of category to which the individual belongsTherefore, we will detail the process according to the types of SIS that require said process:


  • First you must go to a registry office, it can be a SIS health center, an SIS office or better citizen care centers.
  • Then, you must present your identity document and that of the relatives you wish to affiliate, where they will verify that you meet the requirements.
  • Finally, you will indicate your address to assign you the nearest health center, which will be the only one you can attend unless it is an emergency or does not have the required specialty.

You can start using your insurance from the moment you end your membership.


  • You will carry out the same steps that were mentioned above with the difference that you must cancel the amount corresponding to the affiliation at Banco Unión.
  • And later you must pick up your contract at the office where you made the affiliation.

Do not forget that the contribution is monthly and that by not making it you will lose the benefits that are provided to you with the health insurance.


  • The steps will be the same as those of the free SIS, however, the difference is that you can begin to enjoy health insurance benefits 30 days after enrollment, but if there is an emergency you can use it immediately .

To know the health centers for your affiliation between here

What is the SIS?

The Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS), is a executing public body of the Ministry of Health which aims to protect health

of Peruvians who do not have the necessary resources to opt for prevention and treatment of deadly diseases such as cancer.

The SIS allows the citizens of Peru to have an Insurance that offers different acquisition opportunities.

That they are consistent with the opportunities or scope of the different social groups of the population, which positively influences its inhabitants and the work of the state.

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Remember that before going to some of the points for your affiliation, you must know What are the Requirements for Affiliation in the SISand according to your characteristics, determine if it corresponds to you to make the contributions established by the State.

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