What are the Requirements to get RUC?

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In Peru, Ecuador and many other countries it is mandatory to present the RUC. If you are going to start a work activity independently you must have it.

If you have future plans to start a business or work activity, collect all the Requirements to get RUC and sign up.

However, What is the RUC? What good is it for me? why is it mandatory?

The RUC is the «Unique Taxpayer Registry», that is, it is the number that identifies a Person as a taxpayer Legal or Natural Person. Contains the identification data of the economic activities.

It is also unique and non-transferable and consists of eleven digits. Its use is mandatory in any declaration or procedure carried out before the Sunat.


  • Before starting a work activity you must register to carry out all your processes legally.

RUC requirements

To process the RUC you must pre-register. Then, you must go to a Sunat Service Center to complete the process.

However, the general requirements What you need are the following:

For Natural Person

  • Have your current ID.
  • If you have a legal representative, such as a guardian, he must also present his ID.
  • When declaring you must present the same address that appears on your identification. Otherwise, you have to present a copy of the DNI and a document that certifies your address.
  • If you entrust your registration to a third party, a power of attorney must be presented with a signature legalized by a notary or authenticated by a SUNAT notary, which expressly authorizes them to carry out the registration process in the RUC.
  • You must also print as the case may be:
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For Legal Person

  • The identity document of the legal representative.
  • The receipt of some type of services to support the tax domicile.
  • The item certified by Public Registries, less than 30 days old.
  • If you declare annexed establishments, you must bring one of the documents that support the address of the annexed premises in original and simple copy.
  • Also:

For businesses

The requirements for company are practically the same as for a legal person, they just change and add some.

In the same way, we explain them to you:

  • Submit the original ID of the legal representative of the Legal Entity.
  • Original and copy of the certified electronic file or item issued by the Public Registries (SUNARP), no older than thirty (30) days.
  • Submit correctly filled out and signed by the legal representative depending on the case:
  • Form 2119: Application for registration or communication of affectation of taxes.
  • Form 2046: Declaration of annexed establishments (only in case you require an additional establishment for your activities)
  • Form 2054: Legal Representatives, Directors, Members of the Board of Directors
  • Form 2054-Attachment: Address of Legal Representatives

Steps to process RUC

How to get my RUC? How is the RUC Registration?

To enroll in the RUC you can do it in person at any Taxpayer Service Center nationwide.

Process RUC Online

You can also do the processing of the RUC via online. It is extremely easy and the steps are simple:

  • Pre-register in the RUC through the SUNAT website.
  • Enter SUNAT Online Operations.
  • Locate the option Registration to the Single Taxpayer Registry
  • Follow the steps that the system asks for and fill in the data.

What is the RUC for?

This doubt goes around a lot in people’s heads. Why do I need to have it? What does it work for me?

Well, as we said before it is mandatory have this document.

They are required to register with the RUC all natural or legal persons that start or carry out economic activities in the country.

Either permanently or occasionally or who are holders of goods or rights for which they must pay taxes.

In other words, it is an essential document to carry out any type of procedure.

The most important in the tax field: issuing invoices and filing tax returns online.

  • With the RUC assigned, the taxpayer You can request authorization to issue invoices according to the registered economic activity.
  • also can sell goods and servicesand avoid penalties by making tax returns online.


Therefore, due to its multiple uses, all taxpayers must be aware that having this document, while allowing them to meet their commercial goals, imposes obligations.

In other words, it can be understood that the RUC is the crucial document for taxpayers to exercise their economic rights.

How is the RUC composed?

The number of RUC is made up of digits that vary according to the type of taxpayer.


  • For natural persons, the RUC number is the same as their identity card number. Followed by the sequence 001.
  • For legal persons, it is a random number depending on the province in which they are incorporated.

The RUC is not only a specific sequence of numbers, it also includes personal information of the taxpayer.

For example: tax address, telephone numbers, email, description of the economic activities carried out, type of taxpayer and the tax obligations that must be met according to the type assigned.

Something similar to an ID or ID.


In addition to those mentioned above, we provide you with other benefits of the RUT;

  • It allows you to work formally.

You can be a supplier to formal companies and state entities.

You will avoid penalties related to informality.

  • You have access to new markets.

Local, national and international for the confidence you will generate by formalizing your business and being a member of the business community.

  • Access to financial credits.

By demonstrating your income and respect for the commitments assumed, you will have facilities to access the financial system.

Also, being subject to credit which will allow you to strengthen or grow your business.

  • It gives you the moral authority to demand quality public services.

That is, fulfilling obligations as a citizen empowers us to demand our rights.

What is SUNAT?

Now, in all this process you will be very close to SUNAT. It is a well-known institute but not everyone knows with certainty what it means, its importance or the functions it performs.

Then, do you know what it is?

The SUNAT It is the entity that collects the taxes contributed by all taxpayers in Peru.

The acronyms mean: National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration.

Its function is to manage the Internal taxes of the National Government, as well as tax and non-tax concepts whose administration or collection is entrusted to it by Law or Agreement.

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That is, it has various functions, but they highlight the tax administration and customs control.

This entity also administers all internal taxes with the exception of municipal ones.

  • Its functions make it possible to finance the public expenses of the State, such as projects aimed at improving citizenship.
  • Whether it is the construction of schools, roads, police stations, and so on. As well as other regular payments such as the salaries of public employees.
  • Likewise, it is in charge of promoting, coordinating and executing technical cooperation activities.
  • Also research, training and improvement in tax and customs matters.

Among other functions are:

  • Control and monitor the traffic of goods.
  • Inspect, monitor and control customs agencies.
  • Prevent, prosecute and denounce contraband; the fraud of customs income; tax fraud and illicit traffic of goods.
  • Develop and apply verification and quality control systems, quantity, species, class and value of merchandise.
  • Manage the analysis and control systems of the values ​​declared by the users of the customs service.
  • Sanction those who contravene the legal and administrative provisions of a tax and customs nature, in accordance with the Law.
  • Exercising the acts and measures of coercion necessary for the collection of debts for the concepts that it manages.
  • Maintain in custody the merchandise and goods seized, embargoed or confiscated, carrying out the auction of the same when it proceeds in the exercise of its functions.
  • Many people say that part of the backbone of a strong state is having a strong tax administration, as well as citizens who have a tax culture of paying them properly.

For this reason, SUNAT is essential in the life of the entrepreneur.


How do I view my transaction online?

Who is required to register?

We mentioned it to you before, but we will summarize who is obliged:

  • All persons domiciled or not in Peru, who carry out economic activities for which they must pay taxes, including imports, exports, must register.
  • Also, people who carry out export and import activities.

So, since we gave you all the necessary information, it is time to run to register and follow the steps and Requirements to get RUT.

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