Form DTOP-DIS-261: Read us and find out

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Confirm which are the documents with or without a photo, allowed to prove identity, check the Form DTOP-DIS-261: Read us and find out.

It will be of great help to avoid setbacks in the issuance of government procedures or in private entities.

What is an Identification Card

Generally, an identification card is where you can see the personal data of a person, according to the format and security elements, determined by whoever issues it.

In Puerto Rico, the identification card is exclusive and personalized. And it is a document available for people over 16 years of age, who do not have a driver’s license, but require to have an official identification, with their portrait on it.

This identification is accepted in government entities or private institutions, to carry out procedures or procedures where a valid identification with the photograph of the interested party is necessary.

To request services in banking entities, such as check cashing, loans, credit cards. Also for Federal Mail or USPS transactions. Even to rent and / or acquire a property. An identity document issued by the Government of Puerto Rico is required for identification validation.

The issuance of this card is through the Department of Transportation and Public Works DTOP.

Since its legal framework includes Law No. 252-2008, as an amendment to the Law No. 22-2000, known as the “Puerto Rico Traffic Law”.

Its characteristic is that for people over 65, it has no expiration date, as long as it is not revoked or suspended. While for the rest of the people it is valid for six years.

In addition, everyone who has the identification card and later decides to apply for the Driver’s License, must hand over the card.

In situations of loss or loss, you must make an affidavit, as proof of the facts. With the exception if the card has expired.

The numbering of the card is the authority of the agency that issues it, in compliance with what is approved by the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, which by law gives it that authority.

What are the requirements to apply for an Identification Card

To obtain the aforementioned Identification Card, some conditions must be met, including:

  1. Be over 16 years of age
  2. Not be in possession of a driver’s license

In relation to the documentation, the following are requested:

  1. Fill out the form «Application for Identification Card for Persons 16 years of age or older», in the form DTOP_DIS_137. Which must be presented with the documentation requested at CESCO
  2. Present in original and copy, at least one of the following documents: the Birth Certificate, the Military ID or the United States ID Card, the Foreign Passport with the United States Visa or the valid Immigration Card (I-94) , the Social Security Card.
  3. Three photographs from the front, size 2 x 2. Do not have obstacles in the face such as hats, glasses, caps. Nor should you wear a uniform.
  4. Proof of payment of Internal Revenue in the amount of $ 20.00 dollars
  5. If applicable, the ASUME Certification.
  6. A recent receipt for services such as electricity, telephone, water, showing the applicant’s residence address.

What is Form DTOP-DIS-261 and what is it for?

Is he document specifying which are the certificates accepted by the laws of Puerto Rico to validate the identity of a person.

Its purpose is to be used as reference for when some procedure requires an identification document with photo, in case the person does not have a driver’s license.

What are the supporting documents to establish Identity with photography

As endorsed by the DTOP-DIS-261 form, issued by the Department of Transportation and Public Works, the documents with or without a photograph, which are accepted to prove the identity of an individual, They must have the full legal name of the person and the date of birth.

Among these, we find:

  1. Valid US passport
  2. The original birth certificate, according to the latest version of the Demographic Registry. If the certificate is written in a language other than Spanish or English, a certified translation must be submitted, carried out by the respective consulate.
  3. The Consular Report stating that the birth occurred abroad must be processed in the formats provided by the Department of
  4. The valid Permanent Resident card, issued by the respective Security Department.
  5. Permit to Work, issued by the Department of Homeland Security.
  6. With validity, the Foreign Passport, with the annex of the visa and the approval of entry and exit, in Form I-94, issued by the Department of Security or Department of Homeland Security. You must certify the most recent date of entry into the United States. .
  7. The Certificate of Naturalization, in forms N-550 and N-570. Provided by Department of Homeland Security
  8. The Citizenship Certification, under any of the forms N-560 or N-561, is issued by the Department of Security
  9. Finally, we find the Driver’s License, or failing that, the Identification Card, which complies with the guidelines of the Federal Law of 2005 on Real Identification. Issued by the authority empowered in Puerto Rico or by the jurisdictions in the United States.

We hope we have been helpful in applying for the ID card

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