How to know where to vote: Read us and find out everything you need to know

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Keep reading and find out whatwhere can you vote? What are the functions of the state election commission? How can you register with the Puerto Rico State Commission? and other questions about EEC that you must be doing very often

Here we explain and clarify in great detail all those doubts that may be going around in your head.

What is the State Elections Commission

The state election commission is the governmental entity of the state of Puerto Rico responsible for the development, planning and implementation of free, transparent and efficient elections, as well as guaranteeing the right to vote for its citizens.

What are the functions of the State Elections Commission

The State Election Commission Its fundamental functions are the planning, structuring, organization, direction and supervision of the electoral body. As well as all the procedures that make up the laws and their various regulations in the electoral field for the state of Puerto Rico.

In addition to the above, when performing their duties they must abide by the following formal duties:

  • Design plans aimed at solving electoral problems that may affect the entire community of Puerto Rico, maintaining precepts of efficiency, resolution of the same and speed.
  • Carry out a comprehensive record of each and every one of the procedures carried out in the electoral field, as well as of each one of the actions and of all the determinations that are provided in the matter by the Electoral Law of Puerto Rico.
  • Using, adapting or altering an official seal must be known by the courts and must be used in all official documents.
  • Adopt the rules and regulations of internal operation, as well as approve the work plans, which must be executed in the development of all matters that are under its jurisdiction.
  • Investigate, resolve and address all issues and disputes that are submitted to its consideration, except for all those issues related to donations and expenses that are the sole (exclusive) competence of the Electoral Comptroller.
All of this is provided for in the «Law for the Oversight of the Financing of Political Campaigns in Puerto Rico.»
  • Enforce the «Electoral Law of Puerto Rico», even if a Legal Remedy must be filed that is considered necessary for that purpose.
  • Periodically evaluate and check the local electoral processes and their procedures in relation to the development of technological, procedural or legislative advances in other jurisdictions as long as they are democratic.
  1. Preserve and Custody, in their original and digital form, all documents, files and records of an electoral nature that are in their possession, all this according to the «Public Documents Preservation Law»
  2. Render annually to the Governor and the Legislative Assembly a report containing work, achievements and recommendations.
  • 6 (six) months prior to holding an election, it must publish a revised special edition of the Electoral Law and its regulations.
  • Follow the guidelines established in the «Puerto Rico Electoral Law», regarding the equitable distribution of materials and printed matter for electoral purposes that are published, as well as the creation of regulations that help guarantee said objective.
  • Adopt and approve all the regulations and rules it deems necessary to implement the provisions imposed by the Electoral Law of Puerto Rico.
  • Approve regulations and generate action plans that guarantee and facilitate the right to vote for all those who suffer from a disability or physical impediment.
ANDestablish collaboration agreements with other departments, agencies, instrumentalities and public corporations
  • Encourage, promote and facilitate the registration of new voters and the re-registration of those cases that need it.

What are the requirements to register with the State Election Commission?

Any person who is a citizen of the United States of America and Puerto Ricowho is legally domiciled in the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico, who is over eighteen (18) years of age at the time of the election and who is also not mentally incapacitated, will have the right to be an Elector.

How to register with the State Elections Commission

The State Election Commission It will establish registration centers where Permanent Registration Boards will be located, which are in charge of recruiting new voters.

Any person interested in registering in the CEE General Voter Registry must complete a sworn registration application that will include at least the following information:

1) Names and surnames

2) Name of the Father and of the Mother

3) Sex

4) Eye color

5) Height

6) Place and date of birth

7) If you are a US Citizen

8)Residential address

9) Mailing Address

10) Electronic address

eleven)Driver’s License Number or Last 4 digits of Social Security Number

12) Place and Date of the request

13) Signature or Mark of Petitioner

14) Signature Authentication

All voters are assigned a unique and permanent voter number that will be used to identify the voter file.

How to know where to vote

Each and every voter must vote in the precinct in which your electoral address is established. For these purposes, there is only one electoral domicile per voter and it is established where the voter has established his personal residence or lodging.

Each voter must establish before the commission the residence in which their Electoral Domicile will be established and must inhabit it with a Reasonable frequency.

What is the importance of being registered with the State Elections Commission

Any person wishing to exercise their right to vote in the State of Puerto Rico must be correctly registered in the General Register of Voters of the EEC.


205 Arterial Avenue B, San Juan, 09918, Puerto Rico


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Sundays do not open.

Day of respect for cultural diversity: schedules may vary.

Telephone: +1 787-777-8682

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