Steps and Requirements to get married in Puerto Rico

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That moment has arrived that many desire, which is to find their other half. Now all that remains is to take that big step of uniting their lives forever through marriage. To achieve this, follow these steps and Requirements to get married in Puerto Rico.

Requirements to get married in Puerto Rico

Today there are two ways to get married officially, which is the civil wedding and the church wedding. Here you can see the requirements to marry civilly and the requirements to marry in the church in Puerto Rico

Civil marriage

  • Medical license signed by a doctor.
  • Identification document of both parties.
  • Form RD-15 where the data of the contracting party is described
  • Birth certificate.
  • Photo identification of the two spouses, it can be the passport, a visa or any other document that is an identification with their respective photo.
  • Internal revenue stamp of 20 dollars.
  • Results of laboratory tests where Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis appear.
  • If the spouses have had previous marriages, they must show the divorce certificates.
  • Receipt for payment of a public service, it can be for water, electricity, telephone or any public service receipt where the address of the spouses can be seen.

church marriage

  • Birth certificate.
  • Certificate of faith baptism.
  • Confirmation act.
  • Two passport size photographs of both spouses.
  • The demographic registry with the internal income stamp.
  • Medical license to marry with form RD-75.
  • Identification document of both parties.
  • If the spouses have had previous marriages, they must show the divorce certificates.

Steps to get married in Puerto Rico

Regardless of where you are going to get married, you must follow these steps to get married in steps to get married in Puerto Rico.

Civil marriage.

Step 1

The first thing the couple should do is go to the Demographic Registry and request the medical certification form.

Step 2

Second, go to a doctor with the form and have the pertinent exams and checkups.

Step 3

When they have the medical results ready and the form has been filled out, they must go back with the form to the demographic registry, to place the internal revenue stamp on it, which has a value of 20 dollars. They will also deliver the marriage certificate stamped as well as the medical certificate.

Step 4

When you already have all these documents, you must go to a court of your domicile with two witnesses over 21 years of age. Witnesses must bring their identification documents, it does not matter if both witnesses are of the same sex.

step 5

The court official will proceed to perform the ceremony when all that is required to celebrate the marriage is complete.

Church marriage.

Step 1

Taxpayers should contact the parish office where they wish to marry to coordinate the date of the interview, They must go with two witnesses on the day of the interview.

Step 2

After the priest interviews the bride and groom, they must take a pre-marriage course, filling out the course application and paying the cost of the course.

The cost of the course will depend on the parish where the wedding will take place.

Steps 3

After completing the pre-marriage course, the marriage medical certificate and the medical license to get married must be processed, as long as the contracting parties are NOT civilly married.

If they are not civilly married, they must carry out these procedures 12 days before the wedding.

Steps 4

When everything is in order, the priest can celebrate the wedding on the agreed day without any problem. Unless factors unrelated to the commitment prevent the celebration of the marriage.

Places to get married in Puerto Rico

There are many places to celebrate a wedding, everything will depend on where the couple want to do it. The most common places are:

The beach

Puerto Rico, being an island, has several beaches where you can perform this act of love. But these hotels offer their facilities so that the couple can have the wedding of their dreams.

  • Hosteria del Mar: This hotel offers the space and has chairs and tables for a wedding of approximately 100 people.
  • Copamarina Beach Resort & Spa: They have an incredible space with palm trees to give that romantic touch to your wedding.
  • Dorado Beach Resort and Club: It has a view of El Dorado park and very wide beach access.
  • Villa Montaña Beach Resort: This boutique resort has beautiful gardens that will make you feel in paradise.
  • Hotel Cielo Mar: It has a beautiful view of the west coast of Puerto Rico where the park recognized by National Geographic is located in Aguadilla.

In the countryside

  • Elena Farm: This beautiful farm is surrounded by mountains and vegetation that will make your stay more pleasant.
  • Don Carmelo Farm: It is in an ideal forest for those weddings with themes based on fairy tales.
  • paradise farm: The place offers you all the services your wedding needs, including the photographer, plus it has an exceptional view.
  • Luis Munoz Marin Foundation: It has a unique natural setting, ideal for a wedding.
  • Siesta Alegre Farm: It has a beautiful store to celebrate the ceremony and some gardens that will be the perfect background for the photos.

There is also the most traditional: getting married in church. It may be the one that is at your address and the courts are at the address where the couple live

To get married in these places you must request the presence of a minister if you are going to get married by religion or that of an official if you are going to get married civilly.

Costs of the procedures to get married

The costs of the process can vary depending on where the wedding is going to take place. In addition, the civil or religious wedding has its own costs.

For civil marriages

The cost of the procedure as such has no value, you only have to pay the internal income stamp that the medical certificate for the marriage and the license to marry must have.

If the bride and groom are going to get married outside the court, they must agree with the judge that the ceremony will be performed and how the payment for this activity will be.

For church weddings

For the church wedding, the pre-marriage course must be canceled, which may be around 40 dollars. After the course is approved, you have to pay for the reservation of the wedding date and any other service that the couple wants.

These costs may vary, because each church has its own services.

If you want to do your wedding outside the church, you must reach an agreement with the minister to know how much it will cost to celebrate the ceremony outside the church.

We hope that this information has been useful for you so that you can carry out your wedding in Puerto Rico. Meet all the requirements and marry the person you want for your life. Success!

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