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Common Sickness Subsidy Form: Form, Fill Out and MORE

The Common Sickness Subsidy Form It is essential that you have it, if you are in the Dominican Republic and work for a company in that country. As its name suggests, it is an application for a benefit in case of illness that makes you unable to work. Here you will learn everything you need … Read More

Form IT1: How to fill it out, send it and MORE

As in every country, in the Dominican Republic there are also laws that control and promote compliance with tax payments. Specifically, the Form IT1 It is the document that, in said country, allows to settle the import and transfer tax of articles or industrial goods. In this article, we’ll talk about what it is, how … Read More

Form IR-1: Annex A and B, What it is for and MORE

In any country, they must be enforced and seen by the laws, in addition to complying with them. On Dominican Republic citizens must complete the Form IR-1 for the payment of Income Tax, for individuals. If you want to know more about this topic, we invite you to continue reading, so that you can take … Read More

Form DS-260 for Immigrant Visa: Completion, Fees and MORE

There are situations that we think we will not be able to with that, such as: if you are given the opportunity to emigrate, in that case you should accept it. In the United States, with the Form DS-260 that dream can make you come true. If you are interested in this topic, we recommend … Read More

Form DS-160: How it is, Directions and MORE

The Form DS-160 corresponds to the Non-Immigrant Visa Application. We are talking about the first step that the interested party must take in obtaining the US visa, so it must be done correctly. It is done entirely online and by doing this you can continue with the application process. Without a doubt, it is a … Read More

Form DGT3: Registration, Filling and MORE

In the Dominican Republic, it is essential that all labor forms are established by the Regulation 258-93 for the application of the Labor Code. Thanks to Form DGT3 employees can register with the Ministry of Labor. Each company incorporated must be registered and the citizens who work in it. If you are interested in this … Read More

Form ATR-2: How to Fill It Out, Utility and MORE

In the Dominican Republic, having the Form ATR-2 It is very necessary to work in any job to prevent any legal inconvenience in case of having an accident at the place during a working day or outside of it and, in case of presenting occupational disease. Next, you will find out about what it is, … Read More

Form 623: Format, Filling and MORE

The Dominican government carries out a withholding procedure for goods and services acquired by any citizen of the country. Logically, due to the number of inhabitants, they must keep a record of the aforementioned. For that the Form 623. Later, we will talk about what it is, what is its format, how to obtain it … Read More

Form RC-02: Format, Filling and MORE

People who want to establish a business or have a company that carry out any economic activity must fill out the Form RC-02 in the Dominican Republic so that they are registered in the National Taxpayers Registry (RNC). If you are engaged in any economic activity and you need to complete this document, here we … Read More

Form 607: Download, Fill and MORE

In any country in the world, it is very important that citizens pay certain taxes, but in the Dominican Republic it is essential to Form 607 because taxpayers must complete the document in order to present sales of goods and services. If you need to know more about this document, we recommend that you read … Read More

How to know if I am on the payroll of the Ministry of Education: Consultation, What it is and MORE

A very frequent question is that of How to know if I am on the payroll of the Ministry of Education. This may be of interest to teachers, officials and other workers of this government entity, as it will allow them to confirm whether or not they are on the payroll. If you are interested … Read More

How to know my Clear Number: With Balance, Without Balance and MORE

Claro is a famous and well-known communications services company, which has spread throughout Latin America. It is one of the leading corporations in what they do. There are cases in which people who buy a new phone that change the number, will be wondering How do I know my Claro number? For this, we recommend … Read More

How to Know Which ARS I Belong to: Steps, Membership and MORE

Sometimes people have problems or circumstances that can affect their health and they do not have enough resources to treat the problems. But in Uruguay there are ARS, you may be wondering How do I know which ARS I belong to? This entity functions to manage the provision of at least one basic health plan, … Read More

Phytosanitary Certificate to Export: Steps, Products and MORE

It is very important that at the time of exporting a product or merchandise it complies with the laws and export regulations, that is why in the Dominican Republic the Phytosanitary Certificate for Export. In this way, the export of a product can be certified and authorized. In this article, we’ll let you know all … Read More

Commercial Registry Certificate: Steps, Documents and MORE

If you are the owner of a local or a business in the country, there is a document that you must process without fail; since it will allow you to make your business official before the Chamber of Santo Domingo; so you will be able to count on several benefits and facilities for your facilities. … Read More

Life and Custom Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Life and Custom Certificate is responsible for guaranteeing the individual a type of constancy in order to avoid fraud throughout his life. In addition, this document is highly requested by government entities and insurance companies. In this way, in this article we will let you know everything about the Life and Custom Certificate, from … Read More