How to know if I am on the payroll of the Ministry of Education: Consultation

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If you have decided to practice the wonderful teaching profession, or are only working in the Ministry of Education then it is quite likely that you want to know if it already appears in the payroll. If you don’t know how to do the query, Here we will be explaining how you can find out.

How to consult the list of employees of the Ministry of Education

The system used to consult the payroll was developed so that anyone can carry out this verification in the Ministry of Education of the Republic Dominican. As we told you before, it is addressed to Employees of the Ministry of Education from the Dominican Republic. The result that this service can give you is a Query.

There is no request previous to be able to use the service. It is also not necessary to documents before requesting the service, so do not get confused.

The standard procedure for you to make a query in the service is simply to enter the number of your Identification card within the specified field.

This is a service that has a completely free cost.

It is also a service that the weather The delivery of your results is immediate, you do not need follow-up. The hours for the use of the service are 24 hours a day.

For get into you should go to the following link: Click here

What is the Ministry of Education Dominican Republic

The ministry of education In the Dominican Republic, it is a state agency that is in charge of certain tasks. As are the management, planning, administration and development of the model educational Dominican.

It is also in charge of administration public schools and supervision of private schools. According to the economic order that the country has, this is the ministry of education is the most important.

Since he is the one who receives most of the budget overall that the country gets. This position is earned by receiving the 4% of its gross domestic product.

Services offered by the Ministry of Education

This ministry offers different types of services such as:

  • The Approval of the Change of Director before Private Educational Institutions
  • Also The Approval of the Name Change of some Private Educational Institutions
  • The Authorization for the Opening of Institutions Private Educational
  • Information about the Query of Payroll
  • Record of Parents and Guardians (SIGERD)
  • form Inscription of Tenders and Specifications
    • Applications for the literacy Of Young People And Adults Interactive
    • The evaluation to be carried out Institutions Private Educational for Recognition or Informative Accreditation
    • Change of Address or Transfer of Centers educational Private Informative

Place which are the Territorial Employment Offices in the Dominican Republic

In the zone metropolitan are:

National DistrictAvenida Enrique Jiménez Moya number 5, Center of the Heroes, At the Fair.

809-535-44043115 to 3123

Francisca Mejia

Santo Domingo EastAv. San Vicente de Paul, which is on the corner of Presidente Vásquez809-594-6020

230Victor Pena

Santo Domingo West

Isabel Aguiar Avenue at the corner of Las Palmas Plaza Isabel Aguiar, on the 3rd level809-561-3201Does not haveemmanuel de jesus

Santo Domingo (Infotep)The Central Regional Management on Avenida. John F. Kennedy


3021Juana Cinnamon

For the Region North They’re in:

SantiagoAvenida la Estrella Sadhalá Government Building on the 8th levelFleet: 829-659-5035

Does not havezuleika javier

Santiago (Infotep)The North Regional Management Avenida Estrella Sadhalá809-570-41254371mary abreu

San Francisco de MacorisPapi Olivier Center, on the 3rd level in its Plaza Juan Pablo Duarte829-659-4598

Does not havezobeida of los angeles

The VegaPadre Adolfo Center, Ramón Gil Building, on the 1st level, local number 2829-659-4979

Does not haveMaria Fernanda J.

CotuiLuis Manuel Sánchez Center in front of the UASD


Does not haveorlando genao

In the region This:

La Romana (Infotep)On the San Pedro de Macorís Highway Kilometer number 5809-550-69706223Mary Nidia de Jesus

higueyAgustín Guerrero Center Public Offices Building829-659-4977

Does not haveJuana Rambalde

BavarianAvenida España, Tronco Plaza Commercial Building, on the second level829-659-4423

Does not haveclaudia lopez

San Pedro de MacorisFrancisco Alberto Caamaño Center Government Building, on the second level


Does not haveloaly paulino

For the Region of South:

Azua (Infotep)The Southern Regional Management, Avenida Francisco del R. Sánchez number 15809-521-35615222Elvis Cespedes

San JuanAnacaona Center number 52, Ramírez Building, first level


Does not haveIlemy Serum

San CristobalLiberty Avenue number 24 Esquina Duarte.829-659-4976

Does not haveNancy Paulino

Ministry of Labor trains workers in the area of ​​Surveillance and Private Security

This was remarkable news importance for the country, here we will talk to you a little about it. In this he tells us that he ministry del trabajo was in charge of giving a workshop about the rights and duties of the employer.

This was addressed to managers and those in charge of human Resources of the companies that own the area of ​​surveillance and private security in the country. All this was done with the target to be able to raise, strengthen and also promote good recruitment in addition to the selection of personnel under their charge

This workshop was given by Lic. Andrés Valentín Herrera, who is the managing Director of work, who was in charge of specifying certain points.

As one of the ways to locate the best staff for a task as delicate as surveillance is to offer them in the best way a proper timegood health insurance, good salaries in addition to their claims

In this same way the graduate he was in charge of explaining about the ius variandi.

This is the faculty possessed by the employer to be able to introduce changes in certain modalities such as the benefit.

This always and in everything moment in which it is not importing an unreasonable exercise.

In addition to the fact that you are not altering any of the conditions in your contract just as they do not cause any type of material or moral damage to the worker.

This activity was originally coordinated through the superintendence of what is the surveillance and security of the private type.

This is attached to ministry The defense is also headed by the ERD Brigadier General.


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