How to know my Viva number: Query modalities

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If you have decided to purchase a new number telephone either for a new phone or just for more handling of them. In any case, it is quite possible that the number forget, due to little use or just because it is recent.

And the time will always come to give him the number someone, that’s why here we will explain how you can consult this number. So they will not appear greater drawbacks at the time of reporting. Therefore this may be necessary at any time, we invite you to continue reading so that you know how to know your Live number. Keep reading!

What is Alive

The living company is specialized in matters pertinent to mobile telephony in the Dominican Republic. In it year 2007 This was acquired through Trilogy International Partners, and as of 2016 it is part of the property of the Telemicro media group.

It was originally founded in 1883 under the name of All America Cables and Radio. This company was really the first of the operators of communication in offering the respective telegraphic services of the Antilles.

In January 2000, the company Centennial Communications was in charge of acquiring the 70% of the company. From that moment it began to be called Centennial Dominicana.

This same company launches the CDMA2000 network shortly after and provisionally commissioned the customers all internet services, based on the EVDO scheme. It was really the first company to Dominican Republic to offer everyone the 3G data network through the EVDO platform

In this way it offers products mobile internet as well as broadband. Subsequently, on November 24, 2006, the company Centennial Communications was in charge of announcing that it would sell 100% of the Actions.

He sold them to Trilogy International Partners, all for the amount of 80 million dollars. By March 2007, the company Trilogy International Partners, acquired all the operations of the Centennial Dominican.

For this reason the brand LIVE, It was actually launched on the country’s market in April 2008. Already in August 2017, it was in charge of launching the first 4×4 4G network throughout the country.

Services offered

Viva offers various types of service to all citizens, here we will explain them.


With that you can enjoy the best and also the most complete content can even have up to 113 channels and 23 of them in HD.

All this includes the facility it is also completely free

  • Internet Unlimited 4G MIFI

With this you can at least connect the home without many limits, listen to music, also watch videos, series or movies.

Also share content on all networks social.

In this you can have different types of rounding those are next.

The Rounding Of the 350KB, this applies to all plans that have Post-Paid data, and for all bags of data that are pre-paid.

For him Rounding of 1 KB, this also applies to all plans that have Post-Paid data, and for all bags of data that are pre-paid.

Also when they are sailing outside of what are the plans or the specific bags of the data at the rate of the additional megabytes.

The Rounding of 250KB that it has, this is applied to the browser rate for the MB for the various Post Paid plans, called A tu medida plus.

  • LIVE My home

This is a service which does not really require installation, the numbers favorites are to talk for free, in this we pay you for the calls you receive.

Their Benefits are:

  • You can do all those combinations that can be adjusted to your needs.
  • The facility is free
  • internet really unlimited.
  • Has channels HD that are free for life
  • You can even receive 20% of the discount that bill for the rent of the combination of the plans.
  • We will pay you to speak, there you can receive the credits of the invoices in addition to the calls that can be received.

How to know my Viva number

As we told you before, to know the live phone numberthere are various ways.

Way number 1

  • You have to enter the entrance application at the icon of the call, from the year the number *78 is dialed
  • You select the button Of the call.
  • Then the operator can give you various options in which you must select 4, which is the live number.
  • After this the operator will offer you the number quickly and also easily

Way number 2

  • In the event that you have minutes to make calls or in this case a message to a mobile near.

Then the other person can help you write down the number.

Through text messages

To consult through a text message what your number of telephone has to:

Send a message to another live number at 0000. There you will receive a message in which your name will appear. number so you can call him.

other method

If for some reason all the methods that we explain at the top fail, then there is still one more possibility for you to know the number.

However, I must tell you that it is very rare for the above methods to query your number telephone.

Another method is if you have a balance, call or send a message to the other person to save the number automatically.

How can I know how many telephone lines I have in my name and validate the real ones?

In the event that you need to know your number according to the data that we place here you can see here various links.

To verify any of the prepaid lines of the telephony CLARO visit the following link or from your mobile dialing *120#

Click here

To verify any of the prepaid lines of the telephony ORANGE you have to visit the following link or dial from your phone #133#

Click here

In order to verify any of the lines TRICOM prepaid that this visiting the following link

To check all lines VIVA prepaid visit the following link or from your mobile dial #735#

Click here



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