Procedures and Requirements for a driver’s license in the Dominican Republic

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The driver’s license is a document that allows the regulation of vehicular traffic in each nation, here you will read everything you need to opt for a license in the Dominican Republic and also know certain aspects that you should know once said document is approved.

Requirements to get a driver’s license

In the Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Public Works and Communication has assigned a document to serve the population for vehicular traffic. To obtain a driver’s license, applicants must take a series of tests, in addition to meeting the following requirements:

  1. Electoral identity card.
  2. Learning card.
  3. Pass the visual and theoretical-practical exam.
  4. There is online registration and later in the corresponding office.
  5. Receipt of payment of the fees corresponding to the payment of the procedure.

If you are a foreigner and want to acquire a driver’s license in Dominican territory, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. A letter addressed to the general direction of transit at the specific headquarters with all the personal data of the applicant.
  2. Register at the general transit office.
  3. Specify the work purposes you carry out in the Dominican Republic, work visa or business visa.
  4. Medical certificate issued by a specialist.
  5. Pass the corresponding exams.
  6. Submit a payment receipt for the fees corresponding to the payment of the procedure.

How to get a driver’s license

To obtain a driver’s license in the Dominican Republic, the applicant must meet the aforementioned requirements, and follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the regional offices of the Driver’s License Directorate with the documents mentioned above.
  2. Go to the registration section.
  3. Get an eye exam.
  4. Typing the blood, in the event that the citizen has a blood typing card issued by the Red Cross, when presenting it, they can avoid this test.
  5. Attend the driver’s education talk given by a specialist in the same facilities as the Driver’s License Office.
  6. Take the theory test exam.
  7. Go to the section for the reception of data, fingerprints, photo and signature.
  8. Finally receive the learning card
  9. Once you have the learning card, you will be assigned the appointment for the practical test.

For the first time

To obtain a driver’s license for the first time in the Dominican Republic, it is first necessary to obtain the learning card.

As an essential requirement to obtain said card, it is necessary to pass a theoretical exam in which the applicant must demonstrate that they have read and know the driver’s manual, the applicant will have to do their best to correctly answer the questions in the questionnaire since if If you fail, you will not be issued the card and you will not be able to opt for a license later.

To pass the exam, the evaluation score must exceed 70 points out of 100, if so, and after 16 business days the applicant may take the test, a practical test in which the agency makes available to the applicant a mechanical and automatic vehicle and an instructor to teach him how to handle each one of them. In the event that the applicant fails, she will be able to take the exam again after 16 days of the first test and once the necessary fees are paid for them.

License renewal

To renew your driver’s license, you must only meet the following requirements:

  1. Original and copy of the identity and electoral card.
  2. Driver’s license expired or about to expire.
  3. No pending traffic fines.
  4. Receipt of payment of the fees corresponding to the procedure and the services of the reserve bank.

After presenting the complete requirements, you must go to the registration office of the driver’s license office; examine the view, go through the section of data capture, signature and photo and finally receive the document.

Driver’s license cost

The driver’s license in the Dominican Republic has an established cost of RD$ 830.00 that must be paid in the bank prior to appearing at the regional offices of the Directorate of Driver’s License.

Driving school

Driving schools, also known as driving schools, are required to teach other people the technique of driving a vehicle, this in order to commit directly to road safety, contributing to the preservation of life and nature.

In the Dominican Republic there are several recognized companies that are dedicated to this activity, several of these are:

  1. Vialy: consists of 10 practical driving classes with personalized attention and at a fairly affordable cost.
  2. Conaep: This company is in charge of instructing people who want to learn to drive light cars or cargo vehicles, this in order to reduce crashes, injuries and accidents that can be avoided with the corresponding education.
  3. Aquilito Driver School: This school has been training vehicle drivers for 50 years.
  4. La Agustina driving school: this school has advice for the acquisition of the license, students are given a theoretical, practical, mechanical and automatic course.

Where to get a driver’s license

Driver’s licenses in the Dominican Republic are issued by the National Land Transportation Institute INTRANT through the driver’s license address located at Av. Tiradentes No. 07 Ens La Fe, at the driver’s license office located in Higuey, in the offices of the ground transportation institute.

License Categories

The categories of driver’s licenses are established by the corresponding entity and is specified in Law 241 of transit of the Dominican Republic.

  1. Motorcycle driving license.
  2. Driving license for light vehicles.
  3. Two-axle heavy vehicle driver’s license.
  4. Driver’s license for buses and trucks with more than two axles.
  5. Driving license for cargo vehicles such as bulldozer, backhoe.

License validity

According to the law, the driver’s license in the Dominican Republic has a duration of four years, time that begins to elapse once said document is issued.


  1. Conditions required for the granting of a license:
  • Literacy.
  • Have approved and have a learning card.
  • The citizen had to have undergone the corresponding tests to have the license in his hands.
  1. The cancellation of licenses due to judicial sentences will be without effect once the solvent citizen before the competent authorities the error, infraction or illegality committed, said suspension will not be greater than twelve months.
  2. Causes of fines:
  • Running a red light, a stop or a “do not cross”
  • Speeding.
  • Circulate without having correct or incomplete documents.
  • Lack of mirrors or lights.
  • Parking in spaces that are not allowed, for example: on a sidewalk or on a grated.
  1. For security reasons it is important that once a vehicle is parked it is important to immobilize it with the emergency brake or handbrake; When the vehicle is parked on a slope, the front wheel should be diagonally to the sidewalk. Once parked, start the vehicle and remove the key from the ignition.
  2. If the vehicle is parked on the public highway, it must be done on one side so that the sidewalk is on the left side of it, the exit of the other passengers must be on the left side of the vehicle.

The license allows the Dominican citizen or foreigner to travel freely in the vehicle of their choice throughout the Dominican territory, although we read that it is not difficult to obtain said document, it is important to comply with the traffic regulations to avoid having our license cancelled. license.

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