Procedures and Requirements to enter the Dominican Air Force

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The Air Force is a military institution of the Ministry of Defense of the Dominican Republic. If you are interested in defending your nation, if you would like to fly and do this amazing job, keep reading! We leave you the steps and Requirements to enter the Dominican Air Force.

Requirements to enter the Dominican Air Force

To enter the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic, the applicant must meet the following requirements

  1. Being born or of Dominican origin.
  2. Must be a bachelor.
  3. You must be between the ages of 16 and 21 at the time of admission.
  4. You will have to have a minimum height of 56 (men), 54 (women).
  5. Minimum weight of 120 pounds (men) and 94 pounds (women). Factor that varies according to the height of the applicant.
  6. Have good physical and mental health.
  7. Being single and not having had children.
  8. Not having belonged to any military body, call it the armed forces or national police.
  9. You must have basic knowledge in computers, English, electronics or other technical courses taken.

The documentation that the applicant must present is the following:

  1. Entry request made by the interested party in which they will specify contactable telephone numbers.
  2. Two certified birth certificates.
  3. A legalized birth certificate.
  4. Three photocopies of the color identity and electoral card.
  5. Original and copy of the certificate of NO criminal record issued by the attorney.
  6. Six 2×2 photos.
  7. Two 3×5 full body photos, in formal attire. One of the photos will have to be from the front and the other from the profile.
  8. Original and copy of the eighth grade certificate.
  9. Original and copy of the high school transcript, duly legalized high school certificate and certified by MINERD (Ministry of Education)
  10. Notarized document of the authorization of the representative or guardian of the applicant.
  11. Declaration of non-descent and apoliticality duly notarized.
  12. Three letters of recommendation from one of the competent authorities of the locality corresponding to the residence of the applicant. The letter may be issued by a parish priest or pastor, a governor, trustee, senator or representative, chief of police, or the principal of the local school.

How to join the Air Force in the Dominican Republic

The procedure that applicants must follow is as follows:

  1. They must wait for the communication indicating the start of the admission process. It will describe the content date of the request of the Directorate of the military academy through the corresponding channel for the armed forces of the Dominican Republic, where it will designate a commission that will be in charge of receiving documents and requirements of the applicants.
  2. The second part of the procedure will be the setting of the date of the call for the start of the rigorous exams. Groups of applicants will be formed for the external exploratory medical evaluation, physical test, medical analysis and exams, psychotechnical exam, and finally the academic leveling and general culture exam.

The results of each mentioned test will be communicated to the applicants as soon as they are analyzed, the applicants who fail any of the exams will be immediately excluded from the selection process.

Those who have responded satisfactorily to the psychological profile according to the psychotechnical exam will undergo tests and laboratory analysis, after this, the results will be communicated to the applicants and then they will be summoned to the General Medical Commission that will choose those who are in better health condition.

Registration dates

The registration dates are established by the Air Force of the Dominican Republic for the reception of the aforementioned documents and for the call made to the applicants.

The dates of receipt of documents are different from the dates of medical and academic examinations of the applicants.

The dates established by the Dominican Air Force for each process, you can find out by entering the official page of the air force, writing to the email or calling the following telephone numbers: (809) 788 8289 and (809) 788 5116

Tests period

The testing period begins once the documents are received from the applicants.

The first test is the exploratory medical evaluation carried out by a medical commission of the air academy. The aforementioned commission must receive a medical certification stating that the applicant is qualified to take the exams from the air academy.

The same as the exploratory exam, applicants will receive a physical test whose results will be delivered to them once the test is over. Failed applicants are left out of the selection process.

Applicants who, according to their effort, have passed the physical tests will receive a 100-question academic level and general knowledge exam in the simple selection modality. The correction of these exams will be through a form and the results will be communicated immediately to the applicants. Those who pass will be assigned a date for the psychotechnical exam, while those who fail will be excluded from the process.

The psychotechnical exam will be carried out by a nationally recognized institution accredited to carry out said test on applicants. The results will be communicated to the applicants. Those who pass will be summoned for examinations and medical analysis, while those who fail will be excluded from the selection process.

Applicants who have responded positively to the psychological profile will undergo medical analyzes and examinations in a laboratory whose results will be communicated to the applicants and then they will be summoned to the General Medical Commission at the Brigadier General Air Academy Pilot Frank Feliz Miranda , where the applicants with the best health condition will be chosen. This will be communicated with the date of the managers meeting.

Subsequently, the Armed Forces together with the National Police will carry out a purge process. Then an evaluation will be made in which the physical appearance of the applicant will be qualified, in which applicants who wear earrings, tattoos, have serious scars, among others, will be expelled from the selection process. An anti-doping test is also carried out in which it is verified if the applicant has used any type of drug or controlled substance.

Finally, the intelligence agents verify that the applicants do not have any type of file or record in the national police station, DNI, DNCD, or FF.AA

Dominican Air Force Schools

  1. Combat squad.
  2. Air Transport Squad.
  3. Rescue squad.
  4. Aviation school.
  5. Presidential Squad.

Dominican Air Force Salary

  • Major General DIR. GRAL., PN: RD$ 150,000.00
  • Brigadier General, SUB-DIR, PN: RD$ 150,000.00
  • Major Generals, PN: RD$ 120,000.00
  • Brigadier General.INSP: RD$ 120,000.00
  • Brigadier Generals, PN: RD$ 120,000.00
  • Brigadier General MED: RD$120,000.00
  • Brigadier General ING., PN: RD$ 42,030.00
  • Colonels, PN: RD$90,000.00
  • Colonels, PN: RD$70,000.00
  • Seniors, PN: RD$35,000.00
  • Captains, PN: RD$ 25,000.00
  • Lieutenants, PN: RD$18,001.32
  • Lieutenants, PN: RD$15,600.26
  • Cadets, PN: RD$12,500.56
  • MRS., PN: RD$15,000.00
  • Sergeants, PN: RD$13,050.73
  • Cabos, PN: RD$11,600.30
  • Rasos, PN: RD$ 10,000.0

The Armed Air Force is organized for the protection and benefit of the Dominican territory, for this reason the good performance of the applicants and members of said force is essential to meet the objectives for the benefit of all.

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