Commercial Registry Certificate: Steps, Documents and MORE

If you are the owner of a local or a business in the country, there is a document that you must process without fail; since it will allow you to make your business official before the Chamber of Santo Domingo; so you will be able to count on several benefits and facilities for your facilities. This document is known as Certificate from the Commercial Registry and then, in the following article, you will be able to find the necessary information to manage the document.

So, if you have questions about how to manage this document, you will be able to find, during the following lines, information on the procedure, such as: Steps to request and obtain the Commercial Registry Certificate, the documents and requirements necessary to manage the document, and the update process to be followed with the certificate. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading; so you can be aware of this process.

Continue reading and get ready to do your commercial registration!

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry

The first aspect that you should know about the Commercial Registry Certificate is the procedure to follow to manage and obtain the document in the Dominican Republic.

So the first thing you need to know is that the process to register commercially is public; so you will be able to do it in a simple way and without the need for the figure of a third party or «manager». All the information of the process will be at your fingertips.

So, so that you can start with the management of the certificate, and have a slight knowledge on the subject, we are going to present the following list with step by step, which you must follow to process the Commercial Registry Certificate in the country:

  1. You should go to a commercial registry office that is close to your home address.
  2. Once you locate the headquarters of the commercial register, you have to make a space reservation to your name.
  3. Now, you must ewait for the date that you were notified, during the reservation of space.
  4. After the days have passed, You will be notified whether or not you meet the requirements necessary to obtain the certificate.
  5. Subsequently, You will be given your Commercial Registry Certificate.
  6. When you have received your certificate, you must proceed to pay an amount that will be notified to you.
  7. Now, you must carry out a procedure to obtain the articles of incorporation of your company or business.
  8. Once you get this certificate, you must return to go to the commercial registry offices, along with the certificate.
  9. Finally, to finish the process, you will be established a small percentage of capital that you will have to pay.

Congratulations, you can now count on your Commercial Registry Certificate!

Documents Needed for the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry

After knowing the step by step that must be followed to process the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry, you should learn about the documents requested to manage the process. So, next, we will give you a brief introduction to the subject.

Knowing those requirements requested to manage and issue a document, whatever it may be, allows you avoid inconvenience or delays in your desire to obtain certificates, identity documents, contracts, among other documentation or registration papers.

In the case of the commercial register, there are several documents that you must consign, if you aspire to obtain your certificate. But, before mentioning these requirements, we will mention about some recommendations for this procedure:

  1. Have at least three options for the company name.
  2. Request a name search in the commercial register.
  3. Request the articles of incorporation before making the request for the certificate.

Now, in order to make that request for the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry, you must consign the following documents:

  • Three name options for the company.
  • Register of acquisitions of company objects.
  • The implementation of the shareholders [Presentar por escrito el nombre completo de la persona, la cédula de identidad y el porcentaje accionario].
  • Document with the consolidation and formation of the Board of Directors of the company.
  • The fiscal address of the company.
  • The data of the commissioner of the company.
  • Establish the date on which the fiscal closure of the company must take place.

Finally, all these documents must be presented at one of the Mercantile Registry offices, when you are going to process the registration certificate for your company or brand.

What is it for?

Now, in this section we will touch on the importance and function of the Commercial Registry Certificate in the Dominican Republic.

To begin with, you should know that this document is made more relevant to people who have a business or company or aspire to start a business. In both cases, you will have to have the Certificate from the Mercantile Registry.

This is because this document guarantees your registration to the Commercial Registry of the Dominican Republic; so you will be able to make your business available to the public and noted for the acts manifested.

In addition, you also have access to other benefits, granted by the Commercial Registry of the country, which are the following:

  • It works to constitute social events in the country.
  • Collaborate with changes of corporate address or modifications to the high statutes.
  • Appoints and dismisses the components of the administration, as well as the cases of commercial auditors.
  • It works to implement increases and decreases of the monetary capital of the company.
  • It allows transforming the functions and liquidations of registered companies.
  • It collaborates with the breaking of judicial intervention measures or judicial resolutions that affect registered companies.

On the other hand, having the Mercantile Registry Certificate you can dedicate yourself to legalize the accounting books and annual accounts of your company. This process should be submitted on a monthly or annual basis with deposits, such as vouchers. In this way you certify and approve the training of your employees.

Likewise, it also allows you to proceed with the settlements referring to your annual statement of accounts; so it will allow you legally manage all the economic and commercial movements of your company.

Updating of the Mercantile Registry

As it is a registry that saves and endorses information about a company or business, it is imperative that the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry has an update date. In addition, it is a way to protect your data with the new technologies that emerge every day and to modernize processes.

The intention of having to update your commercial register is due to legal aspects; since having to register data on acts and contracts, It is requested that the basis of these be subject to reliable and legal aspects; so you must always be up to date with the information of the companies. In this way, you avoid falling into legal loopholes and future conflicts with the law.

Now, by law, public, foreign and private establishments must have a registered company in commercial services; so that you have to keep your business register information up to date. So, if you have a business or company under those terms, you should make sure to update your information.

On the other hand, the updating of the commercial register is also done with the intention of constantly update the accounting books of all brands and companies registered in the Mercantile Registry of the country.

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What is the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry?

Finally, to finish with this Certificate of the Mercantile Registry, we are going to present you a brief summary of the information that we have shared in the previous lines. To do this, we are going to start by defining what is the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry.

Said document trade, endorses and confirms that your company or business is registered in the Mercantile Registry of the country; which allows you to legalize the creation of your business. In this way, you will be able to access commercial benefits throughout the country; as well as you will have to comply with some legal obligations.

On the other hand, this document is extremely easy to consign and process; since you only have to meet a few requirements and then follow a simple and fast procedure for any citizen of the Dominican Republic. So, if you have a company or business, you should get down to business with these documents; So you can start counting on all the mercantile and accounting benefits that the country offers you.

Now, this document also has an update fee; so you must be aware of updating your information every time it is necessary. Typically, the recommended data renovar are personal data or accounting books of companies and businesses.

Therefore, for your company or business to be considered legal and start having accounting benefits, you will have to process the Certificate of the Mercantile Registry as soon as possible.

Good luck, we hope we have helped you as much as possible!

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