Requirements for a Minor’s Travel Permit: Steps, Costs and MORE

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The requirements for a minor’s travel permit They are of interest to those parents who need to take a trip with their children, either for vacation or emergency reasons. In addition to this, it is a legal document with vital importance for planning the trip in question.

Likewise, the permit for minors applies to situations in which the child or adolescent must travel with only one of their parents or with third parties. That is why, through this article, we will inform you about the requirements for the travel permit of a minor in the Dominican Republic.

What are the Requirements for a Minor’s Travel Permit?

The Dominican Republic offers all resident citizens and citizens of other nations the service of a notary public who is defined as the person in charge of guaranteeing and legalizing legal documents. These include travel permits for a minor.

In the same way, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic and the Portal of Consular Services of the Nation, they establish that the requirements for a minor’s travel permit are as follows:

  • Photocopy of the minor’s certified birth certificate and the original document.
  • Complete the travel permit application form.
  • Consign a recent photograph for each minor who is going to travel (in case there are several). The photograph must be with a white background in a 5 x 5 cm format.
  • At the time of taking the photograph, the child or adolescent must not appear with accessories, the hair must be tied up and the ears must be clearly seen. In addition, the minor must appear with a serious expression.
  • Dominican identity and electoral card of the representative requesting the permit.
  • Valid Dominican passport of the authorizer.
  • Legible and enlarged photocopy of the minor’s identity document and permanent address of residence.

It is important to mention that the time to obtain the authorization may vary depending on the urgency, the number of pending applications and the availability of the personnel in charge. The delivery period can be between ten minutes or two hours, even longer, depending on how the factors mentioned above influence.

Important aspects of a minor’s travel permit

  1. If both parents of the minor live abroad, it is mandatory that they sign the authorization to leave the Dominican state.
  2. The fee to be paid must be made in United States dollars (USD), in the Euro zone it is paid in euros or in the currency of the country where the consular office is located.
  3. The validity time of the travel permit is 90 days maximum.
  4. Consular offices have the right and power to deny any service to a citizen. In the event that the corresponding personnel suspect that said service may harm the future interests of the applicant, or failing that, it calls into question the public faith of the consular office.

If you have any questions regarding the travel permit, what are the personal data requested and the steps and instructions to fill out the application, download the form by clicking on this link.

Steps to Follow to Apply for a Minor’s Travel Permit

Now, in order to obtain this legal document, not only are requirements necessary, but you must also follow a series of steps that guarantee the procedure for issuing the travel permit. According to the General Directorate of Migration, these are the required steps:

  1. Access the website of the General Directorate of Migration.
  2. On the main page you will find a menu of services. Select the tab of the service you require.
  3. Once you have selected the service, press the «request online» button.
  4. Click on the statement with the shape of a mouse and a red arrow, there you will find the documents required for the application.
  5. Then select the «application» button.
  6. Create a user in the system with a security password. In this way, you can choose the option to register as a Dominican or a foreigner depending on your case.
  7. Complete the form with the required data and press the «register» statement.
  8. When you log in, enter your username and password and then click on «log in».
  9. Complete the necessary data for the request for the required service and import the requested documents in JPG format.
  10. Once the request has been finalized, the system will indicate that the procedure was completed correctly.

Documents Needed to Obtain the Travel Permit of a Minor

To issue a travel permit for minors, certain documentation is required to assist in the issuance of said procedure, below is a list of the necessary documents:

  • Two (2) photocopies of the minor’s passport.
  • One (1) photocopy of the passport of your companion, either a single parent, legal representative or third parties.
  • Two (2) recent photographs of the minor, from the front, with a white background in 2 x 2 format.
  • Copy of visa or residence of the minor.
  • Photocopy of the visa or residence of the companion of the child or adolescent.
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the parents who authorize the departure of the minor.
  • Original document of the minor’s birth certificate, in case of being a foreigner a photocopy will be sufficient.

Travel Permit Costs for a Minor

It is important to consider that despite the fact that a minor’s travel permit is a right of all Dominican citizens, it still has a certain cost. For example, it has an expense of six thousand Dominican pesos, (RD $ 6, ooo.oo) approximately, as long as this permit is not issued by the Court of Boys, Girls and Adolescents.

Specific cases

Although it is true, there are some specific cases that can complicate the process of issuing the travel permit a bit, but … Do not worry!, there is a solution for each of them. Next, we will mention some of the most common specific cases.

Traveling with a single parent

If the minor travels with one of the parents, they must have an authorization from the other, under a notarized act legalized by the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic. Of course, this document must be consigned to the General Directorate of Migration to issue the travel permit.

Traveling with the airline or a third party

In the event that the minor travels with a third person, or in such case airline, the legal representatives of the child or adolescent must authorize it by means of a notarial certificate from the Attorney General’s Office, and must appear before the General Directorate of Migration.

Children with dual citizenship

In the event that the minor possesses Dual Nationality and has a birth certificate transcript, a photocopy of the birth certificate is allowed and will also need the Minors Exit Permit that authorizes their departure from the Dominican State.

Foreign children

If the minor is of foreign nationality and does not have any Dominican document, for example, passport or transcript of a Dominican birth certificate. You will not need the Minor Exit Permit. You will only have to cancel the rate corresponding to the payment of the stay.

Death of one of the parents

One of these particular cases is when the death of one of the child’s parents occurs. In case this happens, the original death certificate and a photocopy must be presented. Likewise, when the (living) legal representative has the need to travel with the minor, he or she must present the original legalized death certificate at the airport, so as to certify that the other representative who should authorize the minor’s departure has died.

Minor declared only by the mother

On the other hand, if the minor has been declared only by the mother, he must present the original and legalized birth certificate. However, in the event that the minor travels alone or with a third person, the mother must authorize by means of a Notarial Act legalized by the Attorney General’s Office, which will lead to the General Directorate of Migration.

Consular Power

Finally, if one of the parents is in foreign territory, they must go to the Dominican Consulate closest and duly request the Consular Power of Attorney. In order to authorize the departure of the minor alone or with his companion.

This must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then consign this legalized power to the General Directorate of Migration, along with the other requirements for a minor’s travel permit.

What is it?

The travel permit for a minor is defined as an authorization executed by citizens, or in this case, parents who approve the departure or entry of their children from the Dominican Republic. It is a legal document issued by the General Directorate of Migration.

Without this permission, those Dominican citizens under eighteen years of age will not be able to travel abroad, for this reason the travel permit for minors is known as a document of vital importance in the realization of a trip that includes children or adolescents.

It is important to mention that said document must be issued only by the parents or legal representatives of the minor in question. In the same way, all citizens have the right to request through the consular offices of the Dominican Republic a permit that authorizes the travel of a minor.

Said authorization fulfills the purpose of protecting minors through the competent laws of the Dominican state. According to Decree 631-11, it is established that for a person under 18 years of age to travel, they will need a permit for minors signed by both legal representatives. All this is executed through the power of attorney.

Don’t wait any longer, ask for a minor’s travel permit!

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