Requirements to be a hostess: Studies, Functions and MORE

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The Requirements to be a stewardess They are important for Dominican women who wish to undertake this profession. This is how, in addition to explaining to you which are the requirements to be a stewardess, in this article we also include: What are the necessary studies, the functions of a stewardess, the courses to be a stewardess, the salary and, we will end by explaining the concept of a stewardess.

Likewise, the number of inhabitants of the Dominican Republic who want to practice this profession has increased in recent years. This is why it is important that you first know a little more about it and, in the end, make the decision that best suits you.

What are the requirements to be a hostess in Re?

As in any profession, the requirement of certain requirements is necessary to have control when deciding who can continue and who cannot. For this reason, it is important that you are aware of all the requirements and documents that you must submit if you want to practice this profession.

Next, we will explain in detail what the requirements to be a stewardess:

  • Bachelor and university degree. One of the main requirements is to have a bachelor’s degree. However, many flight agencies require a university degree.
  • Specialty. It is convenient that you have a specialty in the area of ​​sociology or public relations, since every flight attendant must be able to maintain good communication with the passengers of a flight.
  • Workshops or courses. It is essential that you have a flight attendant certificate issued by an airline in the country where you reside.
  • Languages. Handling different languages ​​will give you many more national and international opportunities in this profession.
  • Physical appearance. The physical conditions are based on: weight, height and age. Although, at present, they are usually modified.
  • Medical certificates. It is important that you do not present any type of health problem. This is because suffering from one can hinder your job performance.
  • Legal aspect. To enter this profession it is necessary that you have a passport, and that your legal record is in perfect condition.

Now, continuing with the physical aspect, these are the measurements that the aspirants should have:

  • Height: This must be between 1.57cm and 1.65cm.
  • Age: You must be of legal age, and be between 21 and 35 years old.
  • Weight: the weight should vary between 55kg and 62kg.
  • Tattoos: no tattoos are allowed on hostesses.
Having a degree in any career related to this profession will give you a great advantage.

Studies Needed to Be a Stewardess

The studies necessary to train as a flight attendant are based on courses taught by flight agencies, which prepare and train applicants for this profession. This means that there is no university degree in the world for applicants who wish to choose this occupation.

In addition to this, it is important that you handle other areas that can help you advance professionally either nationally or internationally. Thus, learning a new language, having good public speaking, knowing first aid and having a good relationship with the client, represent the starting point for a series of benefits and opportunities in this profession.

Now, as we mentioned in previous points, there is a series of university careers that are related to this profession. And, where they represent an important aspect and requirement when evaluating yourself. This is why, races like: tUrism, hospitality, sociology, among others, are valuable when putting together your resume and presenting yourself at an agency.

Functions of Being a Stewardess

The functions that a hostess must fulfill before, during and at the end of her working day are established as follows. However, it is important to note that the service provided by the flight attendant is essential within aeronautics.

  • Above all, you must ensure that tell With all emergency supplies.
  • Must also to inspect all facilities and security equipment.
  • Give them the welcome to the passengers and take them to their respective seat.
  • Offer a Informative talk to passengers about their behavior in emergencies.
  • To ensure by security of the passengers.
  • Control that each of the passengers on board comply with all the safety instructions.
  • Look out constantly sinks.
  • Clear any doubt that a passenger has.
  • Assist any type of wound or injury produced in flight.
  • To serve the food and drink in the right moment.

To conclude, it is essential that the attitude of the hostess is positive, that is, she must be attentive to the needs of the passengers, smile, respect each other’s space, be empathetic and natural. For this reason, it is recommended that applicants to this profession have prior training, which can prepare them to perform these functions in the best possible way.

Stewardess courses

In the Dominican Republic there are a series of courses and training programs taught at Inter Aviation Services (IASCA). However, there are a series of requirements and documents that all applicants must submit in order to be accepted into the program.

Next, we will present a list of the requirements that you must present:

  • The main thing for the applicants is that they have Dominican nationality.
  • You must be of legal age, that is, be 18 years old.
  • Also, have a bachelor’s degree.
  • If you have a university degree, include it in the delivery.

Normally, the institution issuing the program requires other documents. Therefore, you must show up at the place and ask for them. Now, we will show you what are the administrative requirements that you must present:

  • Identification document.
  • Two passport-type photographs.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Contact number.
  • Email address.

To finish this point, we will explain to you what are the steps you must follow for the registration process:

  • Find out about the course offered.
  • Contact the facilities and check the availability of spaces.
  • Go to the place on the date indicated, and carry all the required documents with you in a brown folder with two hooks.
  • Cancel the corresponding amount.

Generally, the cost of these courses can be paid in two ways: cash and in parts.

We will also recommend other courses that you can take at the following institutes.

  • The institute, trainings aeronautics the Americas SRL (ENALAS).
  • The academy foundation aeronautica latina AAL.
  • Zoilo Hermógenes García ZOHERGA.


The salary of a hostess, usually varies constantly. All this depends on many factors, for example: the seniority of the professional, the number of flights, the destination, etc. However, currently, a hostess in the Dominican Republic, has a salary of RD 60,000 pesos per month (approximately).

As we have mentioned, the experience of a flight attendant greatly influences the salary. This means that an experienced stewardess has a 15% influence on her salary, a mid-career stewardess has an 18% influence and a beginner has a 2% influence.

On the other hand, working time has a significant influence on salary. The income of a hostess who works full-time will not be equal to that of a hostess who works part-time. However, this aspect is not usually harmful for most of these professionals, since it is almost an obligation to stay at the airport at least 5 days a week.

Lastly, it is important emphasize that these days are usually difficult to handle at first. For this reason it is necessary that you inform yourself and prepare before exercising this profession.

What is it?

To conclude, we will define the term stewardess for you. A flight attendant, or, also known as a flight attendant and cabin crew member, is a member of a large crew team, whose functions are diverse. Among them is: passenger safety, passenger comfort, and assistance. All this, provided in the best way and with the best disposition to enjoy a quality service.

We must clarify that the handling of these three names (stewardess, flight attendant and crew member) is due to the evolution of the profession as such. Since, today, men also have the possibility of exercising this occupation if they wish.

It is very common that the general thought of those who exercise this profession is only to serve plates of food and drinks to passengers. However, this occupation goes much further, and the presence of a flight attendant is essential in any aeronautics in the world.

Likewise, this job option allows these professionals not only to travel and get to know new places and people every day, but they will also be able to enjoy incredible offers both on tickets, (when they travel as passengers) hotels, cars, etc.

In addition, this profession includes various areas where a flight attendant can work, that is, if at some point, a flight attendant does not wish to continue traveling, she can perform another type of work at the same airport.

Simply put, there are a host of benefits and options for professionals in this occupation. For this reason, we will leave you a link where you can find out some reasons and requirements to be a hostess. Click here.

We finish this article dedicated to requirements to be a stewardess inviting you to share it and encourage yourself to practice this profession!

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