Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License: Steps, Costs and MORE

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Do you already know how to drive but don’t know the Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License? On this page we will explain in great detail everything regarding the cost of obtaining it, as well as where you can get this document to legalize traffic on the streets by means of a car.

This traffic document is of vital importance for you to enjoy free vehicular traffic. Similarly, you can drive your car without a supervisor. If you are interested in knowing more about this information, we invite you to continue reading this web portal

What are the Requirements to Obtain a Driver’s License?

First we will clarify that it is a license. This document is requested to request permission from a superior or a public entity in order to carry out an activity or make use of a service. In the same way, they can be described as contracts, which grants the permission in question.

Generally speaking, the license guarantees that the person who is making use of the service or benefit is trained and empowered to do so, he may enjoy certain activities, rights and permissions of a service.

The driver’s license is an official document used to drive motor vehicles within the country; You can get it once it has been verified that you meet the ethical and physical conditions, as well as the theoretical and practical intelligence when driving. This is required in the country in relation to the discipline exercised by land traffic.

The requirements that are required to process the driver’s license in the Dominican Republic are the following:

  • Original Identity Card and Electoral Certificate.
  • Do not have traffic fines for pending payment.
  • Be up to date with the cancellation of taxes for services. You must pay online at the INTRANT virtual office, you can use a credit and / or debit card to cancel the service or you can cancel it through the reservation bank (BanReserva).
  • Present the active learning card; Once 15 days have elapsed from having obtained it, in the case of minors it is 45 days and not having passed 6 months from its date of issue.
  • If your learning card has expired with one year less of issuance, you must cancel the renewal tax of the learning card, and the practical exam.
  • This payment can be made in front of the INTRANT vitrual office.
  • You must have passed the exam with a minimum score of 75 points.

Steps to Get a Driver’s License

All this formality to be able to obtain the driver’s license in the Dominican Republic is in order that the applicants are in excellent condition, to have the responsibility of going behind the wheel throughout the national territory.

Likewise, these are the steps you must follow in order to obtain your driver’s license in the Dominican Republic:

  1. You must go to the driver’s license address in front of its regional offices and enter the website of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transport (LINK) and there you can make the payment using your credit or debit card, you can also do it in front of your office or at a reservation bank agency.
  2. You must go to the registry office and submit all the documents as requirements to obtain a driver’s license in the Dominican Republic.
  3. Once you have passed the vision screening and evaluation, your blood will be categorized. These tests can also be practiced at the Red Cross. You will be assigned an office for the purpose of attending the driver education talks.
  4. The theoretical test must pass it; This will be done according to the driver’s manual of the Dominican Republic. You must complete a form where your knowledge will be analyzed.
  5. Depending on the result that has been obtained, the decision will be made if the driver’s license is to be issued.
  6. The minimum percentage is 75 points to pass the test.
  7. Once you have passed the theoretical exam, you must go to the registration section, again, where you will provide your personal data, fingerprints, signature and your respective photo so that you can obtain the learning card.
  8. After 16 business days have elapsed, you must go in person to the office in order to present the proof, in a practical way. When you are in the place, you will be given a mechanical and automatic vehicle, in order to drive it in the company of the indicated instructor.
  9. If he does not pass the practical test, the applicant can re-test when 16 days have passed and cancel the re-test tax at a cost of $ 200.00; to take the practical exam you must attend punctually.

Costs of Getting a Driver’s License

Once you know the Requirements to Obtain the Driver’s License. You should know the value of the process of this document:

It can be concluded that a license is an authorization that gives the right and benefit of the use to a citizen or company to enjoy a product or utility, physical or non-tangible, be it a trademark or a patent. Usually a fee must be paid to obtain and use it.

  • The value of the procedure to obtain a driver’s license in the Dominican Republic is set at $ 1,490 Dominican pesos, the payment must be made by one of the banking agencies, authorized by the Directorate of Driving Licenses.
  • Likewise, the cost to renew the driver’s license is $ 380.00 Dominican pesos, which covers the rights for the issuance of the same.
  • For the concept of messaging, you must pay separately $ 50.00 Dominican pesos.

Where to get the driver’s license?

In the Dominican Republic, driver’s licenses are provided by the National Institute of Land Transportation (INTRAT) at the driver’s license address, which is located on Tuadentes avenue number 07 Ens La Fe, in the Driver’s License Department; located in Higuey by the offices of the Institute of Land Transportation.


Do you have a driver’s license but it has expired? No need to worry! On this page we are going to explain step by step all the steps to follow to be able to renew it, which are the following steps:

  • You must have the original and duplicate of your identity and electoral card.
  • Bring your original driver’s license and a copy that is expired or that is close to expiration.
  • This is a procedure that must be carried out every 4 years.
  • You cannot have outstanding traffic tickets to cancel.
  • When making the payment for the service, you can do so through the INTRAT virtual office with credit or debit cards, at the site where the license is to be requested or at the reservation bank (BanReservas).

To carry out this procedure, you must go to the main office of the Regional Office of the Directorate of Driver’s Licenses of INTRANT, fixed or mobile stations and GOB point, the service has a cost of $ 830.00 Dominican pesos, they will examine your vision, then you will pass by capturing data, your photo and signature, later you will be given your driver’s license.

This procedure has a delivery time of 30 minutes.


If you are already doing the procedures to get your license but you do not know how to drive, we can recommend that you seek the services of a good driving school or driver’s school, this is required to teach other people about vehicle technique, with in order to protect your life and that of others.

There are many specialized companies that only focus on teaching this activity, some of them are:

  • With Vialy, they will only receive 10 practical driving classes with exclusive attention, and their prices are very affordable.
  • Another good company is Conaep, this is dedicated only to people who want to drive light vehicles or heavy cargo vehicles, since if they have a good education, they can avoid collisions, injuries, and other accidents.
  • Aquilito School of Drivers, this has 50 years of experience, always instructing drivers of vehicles of all kinds.
  • The La Agustina Driving School, in addition to preparing its students with the theory and practice of mechanical and automatic vehicles, advises them to obtain a driver’s license.
  • Another recommendation would be to read and write.
  • You must have a learning card and have passed the course.
  • If your license has been canceled by Judicial sentence, once you solve that situation, before the law it will be without effect.
  • The fines can be caused by several infractions, among them: not attending the red light, a stop or a failure to cross; go at maximum speed, travel with expired or incomplete documents, or simply not have them, that the mirrors and lights are faulty, park in places that are prohibited such as sidewalks and scratches.

Before doing the process to obtain your driver’s license, it is necessary that you are informed that the categories of them depend on the type of car that you are going to drive.

  1. License to drive motorcycle.
  2. To drive light vehicles.
  3. To drive buses.
  4. Heavy vehicle driver’s license.
  5. To drive buses and roads with more than two axes.
  6. Driver’s license for cargo vehicles such as grader motorcycles and retro excavators.

Thank you very much for your attention, see you!

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