Requirements to Travel to Mexico: Documents, Visa and MORE

The Requirements to travel to Mexico They are very simple in the case that you are a Dominican citizen. In the same way, the Consulate of Mexico offers the best opportunities for tourists, through the temporary visa and requesting travel insurance.

In addition, in this article you can find all the paradisiacal places and landscapes that this country offers you. As well as, a projection of all the costs related to your trip and the minimum capital that you must have. You will find this and much more here!

Necessary Documents to Travel to Mexico from the Dominican Republic

Mexico is one of the Latin American countries most visited by tourists in the world, as it has cultural attractions and unique historical relics in the world. For this reason, Dominican citizens see this opportunity to get to know the Aztec country during their vacation period.

However, in order to legally enter the country, a series of Requirements to travel to Mexico. The latter, to avoid conflicts with the immigration authorities and have a successful and smooth trip. Still don’t know what they are? Relax, here we tell you everything!

  • Personal Identification Document.
  • Valid passport.
  • Patrimonial and economic declaration in the Dominican Republic.
  • Letter of current employment commitment.
  • Investment or participation certificate in the Dominican Republic in the last (5) years.
  • In the case of being invited by a cultural, sporting or academic event, you must present all the documents associated with it.
  • Others requested by the immigration authorities of the country.

Likewise, there are other mandatory documents requested by the Consulate of Mexico. Remember, these documents are important to avoid problems with the immigration authorities!:

  • 32.0 mm x 26 mm passport photo.
  • Identification document of origin of the Dominican Republic.
  • Certificate of accommodation in the country of origin.
  • Letter stating the length of stay.
  • Others pertinent to the case.

Visa to travel to Mexico from the Dominican Republic

One of the essential requirements to travel to Mexico is the stay visa. In addition, in the case of Dominican citizens it is crucial that they know how to apply for each of the types of visa: Permanent, Temporary, Study, Labor or others.

Currently, Mexico is accepting Dominicans who have reasons for travel or instant visits to the country. Next, we will tell you all the Requirements to travel to Mexico in which case you apply for a visa:

  • Valid passport between (6) to (9) months.
  • Copy of the air ticket with a round trip date.
  • Proof of stay or lodging in the tourist city to visit.
  • Multiple Immigration Form application form, in the case of establishing more days than the estimated time.
  • Certificate of purchase of the Tourism Card in Mexico ($ 10).

Likewise, the card Multiple Immigration Form It will allow you to enjoy a series of unique benefits on your trip to Mexico. As well as, you will have the freedom to stay more days in Mexico and visit all its tourist and cultural attractions.

As mentioned above, Mexico has several types of visas:

  • Business.
  • Exchanges.
  • Instructional courses.
  • Job.
  • Permanent residence.
  • Trip.


In this case, we will focus on the tourist visa, which will allow you to have a visit no more than (90) days in Mexico. Without a doubt, this is one of the most requested visas by Dominican citizens, since with it they will be able to freely enjoy the tourist and cultural attractions of this beautiful country.

Similarly, to apply for this type of visa you must meet the Requirements to Travel Mexico, such as:

  • Passport size photograph.
  • Valid passport.
  • Declaration of properties.
  • Demonstration of family ties in the Dominican Republic.
  • Minimum capital declared to pay for the entire trip.

Now, to apply for this type of visa you will need to carry out a series of steps. Read each one here with us!


  • He attends the Consulate of Mexico in the Dominican Republic.
  • Request an appointment to obtain this type of visa.
  • Declare each of the documents requested above.
  • Afterwards, wait for the visa approval date.


  • Get a good internet connection and use your trusted browser (Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox).
  • Enter the official website dthe Consulate of Mexico in the Dominican Republic.
  • Request an appointment online.
  • Afterwards, go to their office on the established date and time.
  • Provides all Requirements to travel to Mexico.
  • Wait for the approval date to know the answer to your request.

Mexico has been identified as one of the great opportunities for Dominicans to establish themselves economically abroad. In addition, this country guarantees the best institutions and university pensions for young people who say they study abroad.

Another reason why citizens of Dominican origin make their trip to Mexico is because of the great proximity that the latter has with the United States. Therefore, it is known the implications of living in this first world country and the great opportunities they have for its immigrants.

Costs of Traveling to Mexico from the Dominican Republic

On the other hand, one of the most essential points when undertaking a travel experience like this is the associated costs during the trip. Although one of the main Requirements to travel to Mexico is to meet a minimum capital to cover the main expenses of the trip.

As well as, have an estimate of the money you are going to spend. During the trip it is crucial, to avoid any type of inconvenience and even have limitations on food, lodging or tourist attractions.

Next, we will tell you all the expenses that you must take into consideration before embarking on this trip:

  • Air ticket $ 500,
  • Stay or lodging 300 $,
  • Vehicle rental $ 50,
  • Documents requested 250 $,
  • Food 100 $,
  • Travel Insurance $ 100,
  • Suitcase packing 100 $,

Similarly, travel insurance is part of the Requirements to travel to Mexico, since you will have complete security during your stay in this country. As well as, you can count on several benefits and advantages by having this travel insurance. Still don’t know what they are? Relax, here we will tell you everything!

  • Complete hospitalization.
  • Medicines accessibility.
  • Lost luggage.
  • Primary care in the best clinics in Mexico.
  • Attractions of Mexico.

One of the main reasons why tourists decide to visit this country is because of its exotic beauty in historical monuments. As well as, the great modernity and kinship with the United States that several of its cities have.

In the same way, it has completely picturesque places immersed in Aztec culture. !Places you won’t find anywhere else in the world! For this reason, we want to tell you which are the attractions of this country and which ones you should include in your travel itinerary:

Mexico City

The capital of this great country has become one of the main attractions, with its modern features and tourist attractions. In this city you can find the best restaurants and hotels in the country.


From the first coasts of the country and the most exotic worldwide. On this great island you can find paradisiacal landscapes and expose your body to the great waves and sun of this place. Also, you can find special activities such as: diving, parachuting fishing, among others. Enjoy this great island immediately!


Another of the great attractions of the capital of this country, where you can find the oldest monuments in Mexico. As well as, you can enjoy the culture and festivities you carry out during the year.



The well-known «Pyramid of the Sun» of the Aztecs, is one of the great monuments of the country. Millions of tourists enjoy its history and unknown architecture. As well as, you can enjoy the hot air balloon ride to see this great experience from the sky.


Another of the great coasts of this country, you can enjoy tourist attractions and above all, you can enjoy beach festivals. As well as, you will meet millions of tourists and eat in the best marine restaurants.


Mexico is one of the main countries with an exotic culture and fully recognized worldwide. They are characterized by their annual festivals and great acts, among the most famous is «The day of Santa Muerte».


They are known for their colorful vegetables, including their spicy chili and chicken and meat tacos. As well as they are recognized worldwide, their guacamole and quesadillas

Tips for Traveling to Mexico

Now, it is always important to have a series of tips to have a successful trip. As well as, there are millions of tourists who recommend having everything planned before embarking on this great experience. Do you want to know several tips? So, read everything you need here!

  • Buy light clothing given the high temperature conditions.
  • Save months in advance to obtain the minimum capital.
  • Have all current documents.
  • Traveling with medications in the case of having a disease.
  • Take out travel insurance.
  • Buy an air ticket with stopovers to avoid expenses.
  • Eat at inexpensive restaurants.
  • Plan your travel itinerary.
  • Also, hire a transportation company.
  • Others that you consider pertinent.

Frequent questions

Before embarking on this wonderful journey, a number of doubts and concerns may arise. For this reason, we invite you to read each one of them and write down all the answers. Read everything here!

Wait no more, the Aztec country awaits you to live the vacation of your life!

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