How to recover a Clash Royale account

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How to recover a Clash Royale account? Before telling you all the means to complete to restore your account, and recover all the progress; it is very suitable to demonstrate when it is feasible to protect said account in an easy way.

In this sense, you can reset your registration in case you are associated with a Google Play Store, Game Center or Facebook account. However, in case you have already connected the game with one of these records, it will be much easier to restore it. Continue reading and you will clarify all the doubts about it!

How to recover a Clash Royale account

As a matter of first importance, you should know that the Clash Royale scenario provides its clients with various approaches to reset their record quickly and without any hassle. Being the least difficult, those that meet the status of being associated with Facebook; with Game focus and with a Google Play Store account.

The moment the Clash Royale account gets shorted in the recently discovered condition, you should contact the SuperCell support center. Being this organization, the individual responsible for the improvement of the game.

In any case, when they provide quality support, the methodology is longer and rather grim to complete, you also need to devote more opportunities to it to achieve computer game record recovery.

All things considered, you need to provide different individual information and private data, and after finishing this underlying advancement; be filled with tolerance while trusting that SuperCell will react to the user; about the request.

For everything mentioned above, when you signed up for Cash Royale; it is wise to connect the game with one of the essential registers above; in case you are ready, or in case you need to retrieve the record.

Steps to follow

The method to recover the old Clash Royale account, effectively and quickly; will be done as follows:

  1. Enter Clash Royale and select the options menu: Access the game using another registration; after creating and opening it; press click on the stuff symbol.
  2. It is located in the upper right corner of the screen, there will be each of the alternatives within the computer game.
  3. Then, at that point choose the alternative that the option tells you: after finishing the last advance, a box will be shown on the screen.
  4. From that point on, you will see each of the accessible alternatives, through which you will associate the information of an old Clash Royale account; to retrieve it.
  5. Among the options that you will discover in the container, you will have: “Associate with Game Center”, or “Interface with Game ID”, or “Associate with Google Play” and “Associate with Facebook”.
  6. In case you require iOS clients, you should choose the main option shown. For Android customers, the idea is with the Google Play Store.
  7. Be that as it may, you actually have the recovery alternatives through the Facebook account connected to the computer game, and through the SuperCell ID.
  8. When you have chosen the appropriate option, the frame will open and will be associated with the old record, which you made in the game.
  9. In this sense, you will really be able to restore the record and still appreciate the deviation.

Can I lose my Clash Royale account due to inactivity?

It is conceivable that when errors occur when entering the Clash Royale account, after completing the methodology to recover it, you continue to think about whether it was closed by inertia. Faced with this uncertainty, you must be certain that this possibility is unthinkable, since this explanation is not among the purposes of losing the record.

However, below we will explain certain circumstances that create the record deficiency and what we must do:

  • Upon presenting the game, start playing the instructional exercise, the frame reveals that you have another record and you need to tap “Continue with current record”.
  • At this time, the stage chooses to store the information of the new record, supplanting the information of the past account.
  • This way you will lose the record. To solve it, you must contact the SuperCell support center.
  • If you change the cell phone, be it Android or iPhone, you will totally lose the game information, since these were saved in the Play Store or in the Game Center.
  • This being an explanation, for not having the option of recovering the record with the new group. The only answer for the current circumstance will be by reusing the laptop from where you started the Clash Royale account.
  • It is also conceivable that you mistakenly delete the development in the game, that is, you have lost the record and will have to start the game without any preparation.
  • At the end of the day, it is basically impossible to recover the progress that you had accumulated in Clash

How to contact Clash Royale support to try to recover the account

The moment you need to retrieve the record using Clash Royale, you need to contact him via an email address: It should be noted that the condition for sending the message by email is that it be in English. It should be as accurate as could be expected, sending Supercell the accompanying data:

  • The player’s ID, located in the Settings of the type X-XXXX.
  • Player name, when you find the code #XXXXXX, below will be the name.
  • Show the group that we have a place.
  • Also, the specific level where the missing record is located.
  • Through them you can demand the connection of the Clash Royale account with Google or Game Center registrations, for Android and iOS, individually.
  • One thing to consider is that if your English isn’t great in general, you’ll be able to support yourself with a web interpreter.

Email contact is probably lethargic, so you’ll be able to use the option to contact Supercell through the game, completing the accompanying trailers:

  • You need to go into Settings, search for Help.
  • Select the Lost Account option.
  • Then at that point we select “I have lost my record, how would I get it back”.
  • When they ask if the data has been valuable, answer No.
  • The “Communication” option is activated. There you will see that you have lost the record. Same as username and faction names, same as level.
  • Supercell will arrive, usually within 24 hours, with a proposal to settle the occasion.
  • Supercell stage will try to do what is feasible to solve the circumstance, do not delete the game or the application, until you know that the Clash Royale account is saved, otherwise you will lose the information also the match.

What is Clash Royale

clash royale, also abbreviated CR, is an online, procedural-type, computer video game in light of the Clash of Clans characters and is also accessible for mobile phones. Another of its qualities lies in the mix of components from games to collect and safeguard the pinnacle.

Those responsible for its creation are the Finns from the Supercell organization, which launched the computer game in beta towards the beginning of 2016, covering iOS scenarios, in nations such as Finland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark and Norway.

After a month, in February 2016, the inclusion for Android was extended. Until March 3, 2016, when it was formally delivered to the entire world. Since that first second, Clash Royale PC games have been positively received by PC game fans, earning an average score of four and a half out of five on the Apple App Store and Google Play app base. Store.

Additionally, characters from the universe of video games have communicated in help with phrases, for example, «totally sensational» from the person in charge of TouchArcade, who also gave it a score of five stars out of five. Though Pocket Gamer commentator Harry Slater gave it a strong majority, saying “it’s an extraordinary measure of compensating, in some cases searing, fun.

With content that will keep us busy for quite some time or possibly months.» James Plafke, author of, commented on Clash Royale that «it’s really fun, substantially more than Clash of Clans”. From Metacritic, a web-based auditing interface, it’s anything but a striking 86 score out of 100.

Features of Clash Royale

Among the numerous highlights that this computer game has, we find that in fact:

  • It is accessible for iOS and Android.
  • Free of charge.
  • It limits all but a number of dialects, such as Arabic, German, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, in conventional and worked Chinese.
  • Work 3D Touch, which quickly provides data on the diagrams.
  • It has repeat controls, which you can cover and view just by touching the screen.
  • Additionally, it grants area damage, i.e. when troops and buildings dealing region damage do not interfere with your assault, in case the target disappears during the animation.

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