How to recover a Word file

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It happens a lot that when writing a document in word, we find that it does not appear and How to recover a Word file, can be a great question for those who happen to them.

For this reason it is important know the different aspectsin order to avoid unnecessary rework, for this reason we invite you to follow a series of quick steps to recover our files.

How to recover a Word file

Currently, Microsoft Office establishes not only the execution of work, but also the daily tasks of many people. Above all, it represents being the popular text creation and publishing program MSWord.

Likewise, this system MSWord is responsible for the growth of many companies in the advanced development of “paperless office”. For this reason there are currently many important documents that are available in electronic formatlocated in the HDD from our computer.

Likewise, it is safe to safeguard the information from your pcsince it offers one of the essential advantages in the documents of digital text unlike the typical paper document. Documents in digital format can be modified, adapted or rearranged at any time without complications.

There is no reason to worry if at any time your computer or program has a problem while you work and you have not saved the last changes made to your document.

The Word program offers a small built-in chronological backup system, allowing a low incidence of file loss, known as: “AutoRestore”.

  • You only have to enter the Word “AutoRestore” menu, Its execution is activated by default in the most recent versions of Word (from 2010).
  • Starting from its activation, every 10 minutes, the program automatically stores all the recent information of the document in Word.
  • The backup is done as a backup to an ASD file (Advanced Streaming Format Description,) which is commonly known as: ”AutoRestore-Save (Original-Filename).asd”.
  • Access to this function is found in the “word options” in the menu of «Save»
  • It’s important to note that if you successfully archive your current Word document, the ASD file will be automatically erases. Consequently, the optionAutoRestore” it is only used if the file is lost or damaged due to a serious mistake.

Likewise, if the steps described above don’t work for you, or you find yourself in a program with version prior to Office 2010, tyou can also access the ASD file manually, you just have to follow:

  • Enter Windows Explorer ejm: (combine Key (Windows) + (Ex)

Depending on the version of Office, you can find the Autorestore files in one of the following paths:

  • C:UsersUser_NameAppDataLocalMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles
  • C:UsersUser_Name\AppDataLocalTemp
  • C:WindowsTemp

How to recover damaged Word files

There are Word methods for recovery of a document without losing the information it contains, even if the file is damaged. It is important to first determine if the problem is in the document in question. Word, or on the PC.

When you enter your PC, check that there is no anomaly in your document, where you can catch errors like: creation of document in incorrect format, execution of the same command several times.

Example: (repeated assignment of page numbers).

In case of possible errors, you should first try to open your file on a different PC or in another version of Word, in order to avoid further damage.

Likewise, by the time you try to open the document, the Word system will throw you a message like: “Word has detected file corruption opening (file name)”

Damaged Word file recovery (can be opened)

The Word system frequently automatically locates damaged files and attempts to repair them. In case of inconvenience, you can start the manual repairaccording to the following:

  • Get in «File, Archive» or locate Office button then dial: «Open»
  • Click on “Restore text from any file (*.*) in the countryside “file type”

If not work manually, you must resort to your backups. Also, if the original file is of exclusive importance or if there are no files ASD OR WBK available. microsoftoffers more options for file restorationaccording to the following examples:

  • locate document
  • Proceed to copy and paste in a completely new document format all the information (except for the last paragraph)
  • Archive the document in Rich Text Format (file extension “rtf”) then convert it back to a Word file.
  • Proceed to change the activated document template

Damaged Word file recovery (cannot open)

The Microsoft company offers several solutions for this type of problem in the support section. Being especially useful the converter of “Recover text from any file” of the Word client interface.

It is important to note that during the recovery all formats and documents can be lost as well as other elements such as; graphs, drawings etc., therefore the following steps are followed:

  • Enter the Word
  • Locate » File, Archive» or in Office button mark» Open»
  • Tick “ Restore text from any file (*.*) in the countryside » type of file»
  • Locate the document to restore, then mark «Open»
  • After completing the restoration process, the following message must be eliminated before saving as a Word document: “binary data text”

Likewise, if you require another choice, you can try to open the damaged file from another program, (such as: OpenOffice), it still has weakness since the format can be lost.

Likewise, you can access the tools offered by the internet to repair files, being a possible solution, the program File Repair

How to restore deleted word files

Sometimes in the process of emptying the Recycle Binwe deleted by mistake, even if your documents in Windowsthere is no reason to be alarmed.

Similarly, these files will remain on the hard drive, until the entire memory area is completely overwritten. Only in this way is a document irreversibly deleted in Word.

Likewise, in the event of irreversible loss of information, you can have the Windows 7 proprietary recovery media.

Therefore, we invite you to recover your deleted files by following the steps below:

  • Mark right mouse button.
  • Locate deleted file folder before moving it to recycle bin.
  • dial button “Restore previous version”
  • Expect display of previously saved folders, and all files contained up to the modification date.
  • Tick » Restore» to recover both documents separately, as well as a complete folder.

Also, there are special tools to recover deleted Word files, such as the Recuva Software, whose function is to reconstruct files of various formats in the PC disk.

How to Recover an Unsaved Word File

Many times when working from this tool, we can make mistakes and not save our documents that are so important in our day to day. We have the solution to these problems, as long as you take precautions beforehand.

It is possible that while we are working on a document in Word, there is an unexpected event that affects the protection of the information on our PC, for reasons of:

  • power cut
  • Accidental Document Closure/System Shutdown
  • Mark by mistake » does not saver “
  • Software shutdown error.
  • Accidentally deleting essential documents.

The steps to restore a file Word without saving is very similar for files that were never preservedaccording to the following:

  • Locate » information» (see previous section)
  • Mark button: “Manage document” either «Versions»
  • select in “Recover unsaved documents”
  • Expect folder deployment, for search, based on time and date. From the latest version of the document in asd
  • Finally open file and save in the usual way with the correct name.

Thanks to all these tips and steps, we can realize that it can be solved before any process. Word updates are also important, since it allows us to enjoy the innovations of this tool brought from microsoft.

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