How to recover an illustrator file

The question How to recover an illustrator file? It is actually more common than it seems. Many things can happen that make the document you were working on appear to be lost, or actually get lost. That is why you should know all the alternatives that you have at your disposal to recover a specific file.

Today we will explain what these alternatives are. That is, how can you recover a file if your computer crashes, if you don’t save the file, or if another scenario occurs. Also, we will tell you how you can prevent your files from being deleted, how to restore files with professional software, and we will talk about Illustrator Autosave. If you want to know all this and more, keep reading!

How to recover an illustrator file

Let’s start by answering the main question of this article: How to recover an illustrator file? We will tell you what you can do, step by step, to achieve this. Pay close attention, so that you can have that much-needed document back. It will be easy to do and more if you have a stable internet connection.

How to recover an illustrator file if my computer crashes

The first scenario that we will analyze is the one in which you lose the file because or when your computer or computer is crashing. We will tell you several things you can do if this happens to you. Let’s see!

  • Open your Adobe Illustrator account, where you can see if the program saved your file before your computer crashed. Next, view the recent files list clicking on File, Archive and then looking at the bottom of the list. It may have been saved automatically and from there you can try to open it.
  • If it doesn’t, the next thing you can do is check that McAfee or Symantec or your antivirus vendor doesn’t include a recovery tool. If you have it, you can access your file this way.
  • If this doesn’t work, then you can download specialized file recovery software. We’ll talk about one later, in case you decide to use that one. There are many, free and paid. You can pay, use the free one or use the free trial period to see if it works for you. Choose one that has a good reputation.
  • In case you decide to install this software, generally you only have to scan the hard drive and if you get what you are looking for, click on Retrieve. Then you will only have to access the file to make sure that it is available.

Why are my Adobe Illustrator photos getting deleted?

Let’s ask another very common question: Why are my Adobe Illustrator photos getting deleted? You may not have done anything that would cause a file to be deleted but you’ve still been faced with the reality that it’s gone. In this sense, it is important to know what the most common causes of this problem may be.

  • If you have formatted your device, then it may happen that your most recent file is lost.
  • You may have unintentionally deleted the photo or file, either because you closed the program without saving the file or because you wanted to delete one and ended up deleting another, for example.
  • The photos or files can also be lost when they enter your device, virus or malware that attack the memory or directly to the device.
  • If you introduce the digital media in a incompatible device it may happen that these are lost.
  • If during the input to the AI ​​file, you pull out the storage device with force.
  • When the same hard drive, memory card, USB or other storage device is used on multiple different devices
  • External causes such as the power going out (there is a abrupt power cut)unplug the device instead of turning it off, or abruptly pull out the USB or memory card when transferring an AI file to another device.
  • It can also happen that you clean the recycle bin and delete everything by mistake.

In conclusion, take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening. We will talk about this in the next section.

How to prevent deletion of Adobe Illustrator files

Another essential point to keep in mind is How to prevent deletion of Adobe Illustrator files. Obviously, you’ll want to know what precautions you should take in this area, so you don’t have to come back here again looking for articles on what to do if a file is deleted. Next, we will tell you some recommendations.

  • Go saving the changes whenever you can, so you don’t lose all your work. You may lose the latest changes given the situation, but at least it won’t be all you did.
  • Carefully open and close Adobe Illustrator. For example, when you go to close AI, save the file and then exit.
  • Beam Backups to the files, so that you can access these copies if you need to. It can be done periodically.
    • For this, you simply have to start AI and click on preferences.
    • then click File and Clipboard Management > Data recovery.
    • Activate the section Save recovery data automatically every and select how often you want your file to be saved.
    • Choose a file or place on your device, easily accessible, where you can find these copies.
    • Finally, click on Disable data recovery on complex documents.
  • Finally, do not add more files to your storage device without your previous files, the ones that were deleted, being recovered.

It’s always important to be careful with what you do, so keep that in mind when working on this app.

Restore Illustrator files with professional data recovery software

If no other option worked for you, you can always resort to Restore Illustrator files with professional data recovery software. On the internet you can find numerous software specialized in this, which can be accessed for free, paid or using the free trial. We will talk to you about how you can do it with EaseUS and with StellarPhoenix.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  • Install the software EaseUS and open it.
  • Next, select the location of the lost file. There you will have several options to choose from.
  • Then click on the option Scan.
  • The folder you selected will be scanned and then a list of all the files that were found will be displayed.
  • If you find yours, simply select it, stop the scanning process, and click Retrieve. If you want to save time, you can locate yourself in the Find file or folder and place illustrator.
  • Save your file to another folder or location to avoid overwriting existing files (and possibly deleting them).

stellar phoenix

  • In this case, install Stellar Phoenix, launch it and click Recover photo, audio and video.
  • Connect the media to your computer.
  • Choose the location from where you are going to recover the files and click scan now.
  • The album or space you selected to scan will be analyzed and the files found will be displayed in list form. If you wish, you can click Advanced Scan to make this process more selective.
  • Select the files you want to have back and click Retrieve.
  • Save these files to a new folder or location other than the original or at least to a more easily accessible source.

There are other software that you can use. However, remember to read the reviews or experiences of people who have used it before you, even from various sources, so that you feel more confident in using it. Also do not download software from dubious sources as they could contain viruses that would affect your computer and even other jobs.

How to recover an illustrator file: Autosave

The Autosave or Autosave of an Illustrator file is very important when you want to avoid losing a file. This tool automatically saves the documents you work on from time to time. As a result, we will tell you how you can activate it or configure it to your liking. Let’s see!

  • To get started, open Adobe Illustrator.
  • Once in AI, you must locate yourself in preferences and there click on File and clipboard management.
  • There you have to click on Data recovery and in the box that appears select Automatically save recovery data every: and then choose how often you want the files to be saved automatically.
  • Then you must choose a folder or location where these backups will go. It is important that it is one of easy access or that you remember in case one day you need to look for it.
  • Lastly, click on Disable d recoverydata on complex documents. This will prevent your work from being interrupted and AI being blocked.

So we finish explaining How to recover an illustrator file. As you can see, you have multiple options in this theme. We hope that you will be able to recover the files that you wanted. Of course, remember to be careful if you choose to use other file recovery software and always save the recovered file to another location.

Until next time!

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