How to recover an uninstalled program

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The question How to recover an uninstalled program? It is really a very frequently asked question. You may have accidentally uninstalled a program and now you want to get it back, including the data and information contained in it. If so, then you are in the right place! Today you will learn everything you can do.

Specifically, we will tell you how you can do to recover data with FonePaw, with system restore, and what to do in case you have Windows XP, as well as what you can do to remove traces of uninstalled programs. If you are interested in knowing all about this and more, we invite you to continue reading.

How to recover an uninstalled program

Let’s start by answering the main questions of this article: How to recover an uninstalled program? As we told you before, there are multiple ways by which they can recover a program that you uninstalled, either by mistake or on purpose. This procedure can be a bit difficult to carry out, especially when we barely know how to install the program in the first place.

For this reason, we will help you so that you know the alternatives you have. Some are easier than others, but we’ll try to walk you through what you’re supposed to do step by step. However, take your own precautions and be very knowledgeable about each step so that you don’t make any mistakes.

How to Recover a Program You Mistakenly Uninstalled with FonePaw Data Recovery

Let’s start talking about software FonePaw, which is a program that allows you – forgive the redundancy – to recover an uninstalled program. This lets you place the program in its original file (.exe), so you can install it again.

Of course, you should always keep in mind that the data will be overwritten. As a result, it tries to recover the program as soon as it is uninstalled. This is because if it is uninstalled and you continue to use it, then when you recover it you will lose the most recent data. Having this in mind, we will proceed to tell you step by step what you have to do:

  • Install the program phonepaw on your computer, on a different hard drive from where the program you want to recover was located.
  • Start the program and go to the main page, where you have to locate the option to Others. You have other options and you will find that if you want to recover photos or videos from the program you can do it directly from here. Select the options that interest you but keep in mind that the program as such is in Others.
  • When you select already, click Scan.
  • All the files you have on your computer will be scanned. If you locate the program you want to recover (or the image, video or document), simply click on Retrieve.
  • Reinstall the program you want back, and voila!

Download the program from its own website to prevent you from downloading the program with viruses. Make sure you follow all these steps and you will surely have no problem restoring

How to recover an accidentally uninstalled program with system restore

System Restore is a tool that allows Windows user to recover lost data or undo what you did when you deleted certain data. With this you will return to a certain work state that you had in the past, although without the ability to return to the current state.

That is, if you decide to return to a past state, your program will return but what you have done in the period between uninstalling the program and recovering it will be lost.

It is very important that you keep this in mind in case you have other jobs that you do not want to lose, either to move them or let that program go.

However, if what you decide to do is use this tool, do the following:

  • Locate in the Control Panel this specific option. Search Restore and then select the option Create a Restore Point.
  • Next, a box with multiple options will open. In this you must click on system restore.
  • On the files and settings page, tap the option to Following.
  • Then you must locate and select Show More Restore Pointschoose the one you need, and then click Scan for Affected Programs.
  • Locate the one you deleted and then you just have to click Close.
  • Then click Next again, click Finish, and then accept the process.
  • Wait for the restore to be done and voila!

Of course, you should also keep in mind that this works if you already had this tool enabled. That is, the restoration of the computer and files.


All this is valid for Windows and /8/10

How to reinstall uninstalled programs in Windows XP

The System Restore tool can also be used in Windows Xp to return to a state in the past tense of your computer. This way you can recover the program you wanted, either because you deleted it, it was corrupted or because you uninstalled it. You can undo these actions you did by following the steps below.

However, as we told you before, if you decide to return to a past state, your program will return but what you have done in the period between uninstalling the program and recovering it will be lost. Very important that you keep this in mind in case you have other jobs that you do not want to lose, either to move them or let that program go.

Now that you know this, if we can proceed to tell you the Steps to follow To get your program back:

  • Go to Start (where you find all the programs on your computer) and click All Programs.
  • Then click Accessories > System Tools.
  • There you will find the option to system restorewhich you must click to then select Restore computer to a previous state.
  • Click Next and select the point in the past you want to return to from the options that will appear. If no option appears, it is because you do not have this option enabled and you will not be able to recover your program this way.
  • When you choose, click Next again and accept the process. Your computer will begin the restore process and will shut down when it’s done.
  • You will only have to wait for your computer to restart to locate your program again and start using it as usual.

These are all the options you have in How to recover an uninstalled program. Of course, you can make use of other file recovery programs but that is up to you. You should be aware of checking that they are a program with a positive review and search several different sources for the opinion of people who have already used it. Even see the negatives, if you want.

How to remove traces of uninstalled programs

Finally, one last question that is also repeated more often than you can imagine: How to remove traces of uninstalled programs. If you deleted a program and you don’t want anyone to know that you did it, or you just don’t want those annoying documents that come with the program, then you can follow a series of steps to leave no traces.

As you will see shortly, this is very easy to do. Let’s see!

  • First, remove the program. For this you simply have to go to the folder where the program is located, right click and choose the option to delete it. On the other hand, you can also go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. There you select the program and then click on uninstall (The option is found before the list of programs).
  • Next, service your hard drive. In the File Explorer, you must place C:Program Files (don’t use the search bar, but the address bar) and delete the folder (also use C:Program Files (x86)). Then you must do the same but placing %appdata% .

  • In the bar will appear AppData > Roaming. Delete the files that you get in Roaming and then click on AppData to access the Local folder and there also delete any file with its name. Lastly, go to C:/Windows/Temp (either %temp%) and remove temporary files related to that program.
  • The Registration Data are what comes next. Press the Windows key (the one with its logo) at the same time as the R. A small box will open in which you must search regedit. A message will be displayed for you to grant permission on Registry Editor and you must give it to him.
  • Already in the program, click on File > Export, so that you can save your current state. Proceed to enter HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT/Software and delete what you find (right click). then go to HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWARE, HKEYCURRENTUSERSoftwareY HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWAREWow6432Node.
  • Finally, keep in mind that to make use of the HKEY you must click on the little triangle on the right, which is to display the contained files. Don’t click HKEY directly.

This way you can finish cleaning your computer of the program you wanted. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for. Now you know How to recover an uninstalled program.

Until next time!

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