How to recover Clash of Clans account

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if you require How to recover Clash of Clans account? Do not worry, in the following article we will tell you everything. This video game allows you to interact with other players and therefore develop more skills.

Nowadays, numerous people have become comfortable with this entertainment instrument. In addition, it is an intuitive application aimed at enjoyment, which, through specific commands or controls, allows you to recreate encounters on the screen of a television, PC or other electronic device.

How to recover Clash of Clans account

The best known is that it does not remember the secret key of your registry, but it is also the least difficult. You must enter the login Google from the internet program and select the email that you had related to your Clash of Clans account.

In case you don’t have it saved, you have to enter it once more. Then, you must follow the means that Google asks you and that we will portray below in a reasonable way and in 4 basic advances.

  1. Enter the email and click on “Following“.
  2. Press the option “Did you forget your password“.
  3. Enter the last secret key you used.
  4. In the event that it is anything less, a notice will be sent from your cell phone. Select [Sí] from laptop.
  5. The window will naturally change, where you need to enter the new secret word and assert it.

This will create another Secret password and you will actually be able to recover the record you thought was lost. It’s that simple. In the event that you enter Clash of Clans and have not yet recovered the city that you had before leaving the game, it will take you more time to get it. In any case, you currently have to consider your game information, your profile and city.

With Game Center

The main thing we will tell you is the means by which you can recover your account from CoC with Game Center. Understand that this is an accessible utility for customers using Apple items such as iPhones and iPads.

Through this device, players will not only be associated with their peers, but they can also see their progress, see the games that others are playing and more. However, one of its fascinating capabilities is that it saves our progress in the cloud or on stage, so it could be enough to reach it to recover it.

Thus, in the event that you are a client of Manzana and you need to recover your progress in CoC, then at that point you can do it from the Game Center without a problem, although you should also realize that this utility saves and ensures the honesty of your games.

With Google Play

We will then tell you how you can recover your CoC account from Google Play Store, because unlike iOS customers, people using the Android stage must follow an alternative interaction. The main thing you need to do is sign in with your Google account, in the app store, but this should be the same one you used beforehand to make your city.

In the event that you change course, it will not work. An important detail is that, in case you don’t remember the Secret password for the location you used, you can usually choose the “Couldn’t remember the secret key” option, then at that point follow a directed interaction that will allow you to do another.

With Supercell ID

Finally, we’ll show you how to retrieve your record directly from the workers at Supercell, who are the engineers of the game. This is a more direct strategy that you can follow, in case you prefer not to try the old ones or the ones that didn’t work for unknown reasons.

Then at that point you need to access the game and go to settings, then at that point select the “Help and help” alternative. This will take you to a page in your default internet browser and ask you to enter the name of your city, which is absent.

Whenever this is done, you should tap on the “I lost my city. dohow would i get her back?”, Therefore, you will really want to create a correspondence channel with the specialized help of the game. Once you have done this, it will show you the “New message” alternative, and this is the place where you will determine what has happened to you and clarify it in the most compact way possible.

If I have not synchronized my account with any social profile I have lost my advances

In case you have synchronized your registration with a profile like Game Center or Google Play, retrieving your CoC record will be a much simpler and faster cycle. This is so in light of the fact that you will only need to move your data and your progress will pick up naturally.

In any case, recovering the CoC account is complicated in the event that we have not performed any type of synchronization with any of the recently referenced profiles.

In any case, in the event that I did not sync the record, have I lost all progress?

Recovery will be more troublesome, even though you shouldn’t have missed the breakthrough. There is still one approach to recovering the registry, it is the most unpredictable and monotonous way – you need to contact the specialized help of Supercell.

However, in order to reset your Supercell registration, you must provide them with a wide range of data about your registration, or they will most likely reject your request.

What data about my registry would be a good idea to send to Supercell for reset?

Username: You must give the username and the name of the city that you had in your registration. If possible, you should also give the player tag or the player tag you had. In this way, they will want to perceive in a much simpler way that this record was really theirs.

Level– You also need to send them the level your city was on in the log you lost entry to.

Experience Approaches– Another need to reset your record is to send them the XP approaches your city had.

How did you lose registration?– You need to provide information on the reasons why you have lost admission to their registry, so that they can ensure that this registry actually has a place with you.

Other security questions: You will also need to answer other security questions, this is done to ensure that you are doing everything possible not to access someone else’s record.

As should be obvious, recovering your Clash of Clans account is an interaction that can be somewhat straightforward, particularly if you have your registration synced with a profile like Game Center, or a slightly more unpredictable loop in case you haven’t. connected your registry with these profiles mentioned above.

How to recover Clash of Clans account: How to recover a lost village in Clash of Clans

He’s back to portable play, however when he logs into his log, the city he put so much energy into isn’t there. Supercell has specialized help for these circumstances so that any customer can recover their game in the event of any loss, change of telephone and different conditions that may arise.

In the same way that it punishes the players who try to appropriate the lost towns of others and in this way guarantee the well-being. This interaction requires some investment, however, it is totally important. These are the means you should follow:

  1. Accede to «Setting» inside the game.
  2. Select “Help and Support”.
  3. Takes you to the “Aid” of the program. Choose «Lost Town».
  4. Press “I have lost my city” “How would I get it back”.
  5. Go to “New message” in the upper right corner to contact specialized help.

Be sure to include the attachments:

  1. The specific name of the client and the tribe of the record that you cannot access.
  2. The municipal center level of the registry that you cannot access.
  3. The level of XP of the record that you cannot access.
  4. A clarification of how he lost his record.

It is possible that Supercell need a couple of days to respond, as well as check that all the data is correct. In the event that everything goes well, they will react with an entry code. Then at that point you should return to [Configuración] and make sure you are associated with google playand, where your city must be connected so that this does not happen to you again.

Then at that point click “Pair” under Devices and select “This is the new device”. It will ask you for the code given by Supercell and affirm it. The game will ask if you need to stack the lost city, losing the current game progress. Follow the means to assert and you will have it accessible again to get back on track.

How to recover Clash of Clans account: What is Clash of Clans about?

conflict of clans is a game of battle and technique in which we must build and protect our city, select and train our multitude of barbarians, wizards or dragons, and fight with a large number of players on the web.

As in other comparable games, each activity will have certain retentions that can be softened with your diamonds that we will obtain during the game or with real money, and the equivalent to get some items. Interestingly, Clash of Clans comes to Android weeks after Gameloft released Total Conquest, a very similar game. Although in fact, while Clash of Clans only accessible for devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher, Gameloft game only requires Android 2.3.

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