How to recover closed tabs in Chrome

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You were browsing in your usual browser and you had several interesting tabs open and you inadvertently closed the browser or the power went out and now you don’t know how to recover closed tabs in chrome. Well, I will tell you that you can stay calm, you are in the article you need.

In this article we seek to guide you on this topic. How will we do it? Very easy here we will explain several points that are important with reference to this topic, such as: how to recover closed tabs in chrome both on a computer and on an Android phone.

We will also tell you what you can do to prevent you from closing the tabs in Chrome by mistake. So don’t wait any longer and start reading.

How to recover closed tabs in Chrome

It has not happened to them that when they are browsing the web, they find that they have endless tabs open and inadvertently close the tab that was of interest to you, we give the “X” when in reality you wanted to close the others.

If it has happened to you just with that window that for you was the important one or in the worst case with the active search for a particular page and you do not remember which page it was. Calm! we have the solution for you.

Do you want to know what are the different forms of how to recover closed tabs in Chrome? Yes? Excellent! To recover the closed tabs in Chrome you can do it:

  • through the menu
  • Using the keyboard shortcut
  • Restoring tabs with the mouse
  • Or setting chrome browser to open as closed

We are ready? Very well! let’s start

We can tell you that this option is super simple to how to recover closed tabs in chrome, you just have to access the Settings menu. Do you want to know what you should do?

  • First you must enter your Chrome browser on your computer, in the upper right there are three points. Did you see them? well if you already saw them click there, it will be displayed on the screen in the options menu, select «Record»
  • Once you have selected the option «Record» The last 8 tabs that were closed in the browser will be displayed on the screen, look for the one you were using
  • and ready! you recovered the eyelashes of your interest.

In case you need to recover a non-recent tab, enter the history option that appears at the top as shown in the previous image and there you will see all the web pages you have visited

How to recover closed tabs in Chrome with keyboard shortcut

As is well known, keyboard shortcuts have always been very useful, as well as helping us to speed up work. Do you want to know what is the combination that you should use on your keyboard that will help you to how to recover closed tabs in chrome?

Well, to recover the last tab that we accidentally closed in Chrome with the keyboard, you must press the keys Ctrl + Shift + T. Instantly the tab opens again on the screen. Super easy right?

How to Recover Closed Tabs in Chrome Using Mouse

Another option you have to recover closed tabs is with the mouse. With the mouse? Yes, with the mouse you can also do it and it’s super easy; You just have to position yourself at the top of your Chrome browser as shown in the following image and click the right button of your mouse

A menu of options is displayed on the screen there you will see the option “Reopen closed tab”, you click there and Bingo! the tab you closed will appear on the screen.

How to Recover Closed Tabs in Chrome Android

Thanks to smartphones, many people prefer to use browsers from their phones and not sit in front of a computer, or we simply don’t have a computer and need to look for urgent information.

Now, many times when we are browsing Chrome from our mobile phone, we inadvertently close the application or the page that we are using. Has it happened to you? Calm! Luckily you can recover the tab you had active. Do you want to know how?

To recover closed tabs in Chrome from your Android mobile you can do it:

  • Using the application menu
  • Through the tabs icon

Chrome menu on Android

Recovering closed tabs using the Chrome menu on Android is quick and easy to do, how is it done? Follow the steps that we will explain below and you will see how simple it is.

  • First enter the main menu of your mobile phone and search for the Chrome application
  • You found it? now enter the application
  • Now on the main screen of the application in the upper right there is an icon of three points, did you see it? Okay! click there
  • A menu will be displayed on the screen of your phone as shown in the following image

  • Now select the option “Recent tabs” and the list of all the tabs you recently closed appears on the screen
  • Find the tab you want to see again and the website of the closed tab will automatically load in the Chrome browser

Tabs icon in Chrome

Another option you have to recover closed tabs is through the tabs icon of the mobile application. What should I do? Follow the next steps that we will explain below as soon as you think you have the Chrome tab you need on your mobile screen.

  • First enter the main menu of your mobile phone and search for the Chrome application and enter it.
  • Next to the address bar there is a little box with a number inside as you can see in the following image, did you locate it? Good! once you select it on the screen, all the tabs that you have not manually closed in Chrome will appear.

  • Now you must scroll down and you will see the preview of all the tabs that you have open in the Chrome application of your mobile.
  • Select the tab you wanted to restore again and you’re done! the web page of the tab will be reloaded

How to get pinned tabs back

Do you have some pinned tabs in Chrome and you closed the browser and now you don’t know what to do to get them back? Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to help you.

As we well know, when we have fixed tabs they contract and do not have the option to close with the “X” button. Now so that you do not lose the fixed tabs when you close Chrome you must do the following:

  • First enter Chrome and click on the menu; remember that the menu is that button that is in the upper right part of the browser that is three points.
  • Does a menu appear on the screen like it is in the image? Well select the option «Setting»

  • Once the configuration option is selected on the screen, a window opens with all the Chrome information, you must look for the option in the menu on the left «Default browser»
  • Now select the option “Open everything as it was before closing”
  • To continue you must fix all the tabs that you want to recover every time you open Chrome, as you well know to fix them you just have to hover over the tab and click the right mouse button and select from the menu that appears there «Pin up»
  • Y Clever! every time you open Chrome on your computer, the sticky tabs will appear.

How to prevent tabs from closing in Google Chrome

It can be said that it is very common to accidentally close Google Chrome and in the event that you were doing something, then unfortunately it is lost. As we have explained throughout the article, we can recover the tabs in different ways, but what we have done on the web cannot be recovered and we have to do it again.

We will tell you that there is a Google Chrome extension that can help you in this case, since it will notify us by means of a message on the screen that you are going to close the browser and if it is really what you want to do.

Do you want to know what extension I am talking? The Google Chrome extension that we are talking about is Chrome Close LockIts operation is super simple.

To start using it you must install it in your browser and then activate it, once activated it begins to work. How does it work? what this extension does is open a fixed tab in our browser, in it a website with an HTML code is loaded. With this code, every time you close your browser, a warning will appear where you must confirm that you are about to close Chrome

It is important to clarify two small flaws in this extension

  • The first bug is that it doesn’t work when you browse as incognito
  • And the other bug is that when you open several different browser sessions, one time or another it may not load one of them correctly.

Despite having these two small flaws, the extension works very well since it will always warn you that you are going to close Chrome and ask for your confirmation to do so. So if you liked the article, I invite you to keep reading.

See you soon!

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