How to recover data from a hard drive

In a computer there can be various reasons why its hard drive fails, when we have jobs and very important information in this the question arises How to recover data from a hard drive?

We have good news, because there are several ways to solve your problem, we invite you to know them and clear your doubt of How to recover data from a hard drive.

How to recover data from a hard drive

Despite taking precautionary measures, check its operability or make backup copies, that a hard drive fails and valuable information can be lost is one of the eventualities of any day, since the hard drive can have accidents, failures of various causes, that it has a limited useful life or something as simple as accidentally deleting an important file.

When a hard drive is not identified by the operating system, makes strange noises or seems idle in its process, How to recover data from a hard driveexpressly if it is personal or from your work and you do not have a backup, it is a hurry.

Although depending on the type of mistake You will have to go or not to a company specialized in the matter, there is software and certain checks that can be very helpful, to know the situation you are facing and to be able to act effectively to recover the lost jobs on a hard drive.

Types of hard drive failure

We can say that both failures internal as well as external, can be easily revealed inside the hard disk and for this reason, you cannot help but keep in mind that when there are disk failures, there are applications or methods that Windows itself offers you to fix it.

physical faultsyes:

This is one of the problems that happens frequently, usually when this problem happens, it is something that we see with mistakes that only repair companies or professionals can assist you to make the improvements.

Now, if we talk about the issue concerning being able to repair a defective hard drive for a damage that it is physical, if it is repaired or works unexpectedly, the most convenient thing is to perform an immediate cloning of the information, since from one moment to the next, it could possibly fail again.

Logic Errors:

when there is a damage directly in this type of errors, on certain occasions, repairs can be made easily, it all depends on the difficulty of the hard drive. Something to keep an eye on is that when we have a damaged hard drive, we are faced with a series of tools that will be formed so that you can save the files or folders that come out as «unusable».

electronic errors:

This is another one of the difficulties more frequent and you must take into consideration that you will face a series of damages that can significantly harm the unit, to the point that it may be rendered useless.

When damage of this kind occurs, you may have problems to fix it and the options they give you, it can be a change of part and a small safeguard of what you have.

mechanical errors:

Another of the most common problems, such as a fall, can be seen as a mechanical problem. So in case you have to make a repair, you must do it with experts in the field. You will hardly find options that allow you to achieve these improvements.

Firmware errors:

One of the most common mistakes you can face. Something to be aware of is that there are applications that make it easier for us to improve, but the most ideal thing is that a series of modifications and changes, to try to recover part of the data that you have archived inside that unit.

These are the most frequent errors of a hard disk, and in this way you can make sure how easy it is to repair said unit, or alternatively, that the damage causes it to stop working altogether.

Repair a failing or failing hard drive

We have already raised some problems and solutions determined from the hard drive in the previous section. However, there are times when users cannot recognize what is wrong with their hard drive in the first place. In this case, you may appreciate the following suggestions for troubleshooting hard drive issues.


  1. Let your system restNote: If your hard drive has overheated, this will most likely fix the problem. Simply turn off your computer and let it sit for a few minutes. Turn it on when the system is not heated and the surrounding area is well ventilated.
  2. Format the hard driveNote: In case the hard drive corruption is caused by malware or logical error, you can format the hard drive to fix it. If the icon for your hard drive does not appear in My Computer, launch the Disk Management tool on it. Highlight the disk space, right click and select format it. Confirm your choice and wait a few minutes as the hard drive will be fully formatted.
  3. Run disk repair: If there is a small problem on the hard drive, you can easily fix it by doing an automatic repair. To practice this, you can seek the help of the original system function or a third-party tool. To give an example, Mac Disk Utility is an excellent alternative to fix a hard drive malfunction scenario. Just launch Disk Utility, select your drive and click on the “First Aid” option to be able to repair it.
  4. Use the CHKDSK commandNote: If you are using a DOS based operating system, then you can simply take the assistance of Check Disk (CHKDSK) command. To do this, just launch Terminal/Command Prompt on your computer and type the command “CHKDSK” followed by the name of the drive you want to scan. Your system will carefully scan the respective drive and clean up any minor issues on the drive.

Best programs to recover data from a hard drive

So that you can recover your data from a hard drive, we will indicate this small list of programs which are recommended to achieve recovery of your precious files. In it you will find free programs, trial, or that have a paid license.

Disk Drill 4 (Trial + license)

This first program disk drillis one of the most interesting, since it is a software capable of recovering all types of business and critical files, as well as multimedia records of music and video, up to a total of 400 file models.

Piriform Recuva (Free)

Recuva It is one of the few programs that will let you recover files for free under the Windows platform. It is linked to the Piriform family of programs, as is the case with the well-known CCleaner.

You can download it from this linkand it is surely the most practical program to find and use if you are in a hurry, although the results are not going to be as excellent as other paid programs such as Remo Recover.

TestDisk (free and command mode)

TestDisk is another of the most commonly used tools under Windows platforms to recover files from your hard drive. It is a free tool that you can download from this link and it will not be necessary to install it.

Disk Digger (free)

Disk Digger is another free software to save data from a hard drive combinable with Windows. It works very well if you choose the deep scan, with which you will locate a large number of deleted files and it will be possible to recover the vast majority of them. You will be able to download them from their page Web officer without any problem.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

We continue with a program that also works quite well and that has both a presentation free as a professional. This program, unlike others, will allow you to save a number of files of up to 2 GB in its entirety.

That is, whenever you want retrieve a series of files on your hard drive, the amount will be limited to 2 GB. This is how to save all the files you want from a hard drive completely, you have to do it step by step in sections of 2 GB, but at least you will have this possibility, unlike others.

Remo recover (recommended to recover data from USB and portable hard drive)

Rowing Recover it is a paid program that provides us with great chances to recover deleted files from a hard drive. Many users have run the review and have been very happy with the results, especially in recovering documents from USB flash drives and portable drives.

With it you manage to recover large amounts of files that had been deleted a long time ago. And where it has the best results is in the salvation of photos videos and music.

The inconvenience for many users is that this program is paid, despite having a free version, this will only serve to scan your hard drive in search of files, in no case can you recover them.

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