How to recover deleted files

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If it has happened to you that you have deleted a file with valuable and important content, you are in the right place and at the right time, here we will tell you How to recover deleted files. This situation is frustrating and generates uncertainty by not knowing how to solve it, as well as not knowing if it will be solved in the end.

However, this problem today is not the end of everything. This time this is the topic to be discussed, in this article we not only talk about the recovery of the deleted file, but how to do it under different scenarios in the event that it occurs on the cell phone, on the computer, in the trash and much more.

Keep reading and take advantage of this valuable and useful information that will surely help you a lot.

How to recover deleted files

To recover files deleted by mistake or accidentally, this article gives you all the information in a very comprehensive way. To recover deleted files:

  • You can check the recycle bin.
  • Also, use the system file history backup tool.
  • You can also use a file recovery program.
  • Likewise, you must save a copy using a cloud-based service.

How to recover deleted files from my cell phone

If you accidentally accidentally deleted files on your Android device with the best apps. Without a doubt, they are super useful tools to use without root with or without a computer and it works for both internal memory and micro SD. It is used to recover deleted files of documents, music, audio, SMS, WhatsApp messages, contacts and much more.

Android revolutionized mobile communications and is one of the leading operating systems on smartphones. Smartphones have become part of daily life and we have reached the point where very important personal information is stored on these phones. Losing information on smartphones leads to significant data loss may occur.

Here are some Android apps for data recovery:

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

It can restore images and photos that have been deleted from the internal memory, it does not need rooting and it is free. can go to this link for downloading the App.

GT File Recovery

This application also serves to recover photos, it can scan the internal and external memory of the mobile device. You can even recover photos that have been deleted before the app was installed. can go to this link for free download of the App.


It is an app that scans and recovers files stored in memory. It is a free app, to download it go to the next link.

dr.fone – Recover deleted data

To recover photos and videos, the app is free, but if you want to recover messages and/or contacts, the paid version is necessary. The files can be saved in the internal memory of the cell phone or in Google drive or Dropbox.

Disk Drill

This is a specialized program whose scanning engine allows you to recover lost files on mobile devices.

Dumpster – Recover My Photos & Video Files

This is an application that facilitates the recovery of deleted images, this program works like a recycle bin on a computer because all deleted files are stored in the trash. Also, it works for documents, HTML and APK files. Files can be manually deleted from Trash, and you can set to empty Trash after a certain time.

GT Trash – Recover & Restore

This is an excellent application that enables high quality data recovery. Recovery of many types of files is done using a scanning procedure. The file recovery software supports various file formats, AT, EXT3 and EXT4. Allows you to preview the files prior to recovery. In addition, it is a free app.

Recycle Bin – Recovery from Trash

It is a software that implements a trash can on your Smartphone and works every time a file is deleted from the Android system, the file is sent to the folder of the application that stores it. You can set the files to be sent to the recycle bin to do it at once.

How to recover a file that you delete and is not in the trash

The recycle bin is a storage area where files and folders are saved before final deletion. You can easily recover deleted data from the recycle bin if it has not been emptied. The steps are the following:

  • You must double click on the icon of the Recycle Bin on Windows.
  • Now, locate and select the files and folders that you need to restore.
  • Then right-click on the button «Restore».
  • All deleted files go back to the original location.

Then, emptying the recycle bin should not delete any data or files on your computer’s hard drive, preventing deleted files in the bin from being overwritten by new data.

If you want an efficient software with file type support, fast scanning speed and recovery quality. The Program Wondershare Recovery It is recovery that supports more than 1000 data formats that includes most all types of files (photos, videos, documents, audio messages, email, archives, among others.).

Recoverit to recover the recycle bin, you can do the following:

  • Recover deleted data such as files, photos, audio, music and emails effectively and safely.
  • Also, it supports data recovery from USB, recycle bin, hard drive, digital camera, memory card and camcorders.
  • Recovers data in cases of formatting, hard drive or system damage, virus attack.

The steps are as mentioned:

  • Must select the recycle bin.
  • Also, go to scan permanently deleted filesautomatically start the scan to find the files in the trash.
  • Then you get a preview of the scan result, sorted by type.
  • Check the files you need to recover and press «Retrieve».
  • If you don’t find the data you can select deep scan or recovery mode.

How to recover deleted files in Windows

If a file has been deleted on your computer and now you are urgent and desperate for the information it contains, there are different ways to recover deleted files in Windows. Here we will be indicating how to do it.

If we need a file that was available until then, but you don’t know how to retrieve it. It is not time to be discouraged, we are in the technological age and surely you can discover it here.

Currently, luckily software engineers or programmers have created the essential tools that can be applied in times of emergency and allow us to get out of this hazardous moment.

Recovering deleted files on Windows is simply easy as there are various methods to achieve it. The operating system has built-in restore tools. If you want to recover them in their entirety and if a long time has elapsed, then the situation regarding recovery becomes a little more complicated.

Here are several ways to recover deleted files:

Must search the recycle bin

If you accidentally deleted a file, the first thing to do is look in the recycle bin. If you don’t have it configured automatically and if you haven’t done it manually, you will find the deleted file.

If the trash can is very full, you should locate the search engine at the top and it is ordered by date of elimination, then you should click with the right button and select the Restore option in the menu.

Restore Deleted Files with Undo Delete Option

If you deleted a file and did not log out, restart, or turn off the computer then you have the possibility to restore the file with the Undo delete function and press the Ctrl+Z keys if you just deleted it. Also, you can do the following:

  • Must navigate to the folder in which the file was.
  • Right-click anywhere in the folder and select the option Undo delete from the pop-up menu.
  • Restore deleted files with File History.

Windows 10 has a feature called File History that allows you to recover deleted files. This option is disabled by default but you can enable it in Control Panel > System and Security > File History. If you do not have it activated, to recover the deleted file you must enter File History in the Windows browser to access this function.

When you are there, locate the folder where the deleted file was saved in the window and when you find the file, click on the Restore button.

Recover deleted files with OneDrive Backup feature

Windows 10 backs up all your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures files and folders to OneDrive. Also, if you deleted files from these directories, you can easily recover them. You must do the following:

  • Go to Settings, Back up files to Onedrive, then you need to open OneDrive.
  • Enter the virtual space, in the copies of the files look for what you have deleted and restore it.
  • Recover deleted files with Windows File Recovery.

Microsoft released Windows File Recovery tool for free, which is a command line program that allows you to recover deleted PNG, JPEG, MP3, MP4, ZIP, PDF, MPEG, Office files.

Deleted Dropbox File Recovery

If you’ve carelessly or mistakenly deleted a file, you can rest easy as Dropbox keeps all files or work for 30 days or even longer for Dropbox Professional and Business users. There is no need to use any kind of data recovery tool or file recovery software anymore. You also don’t need to seek technical support.

You can restore any deleted file on Accidentally losing files on Dropbox is the same as data recovery, because it is different from accidentally losing files on USB devices or remote storage devices, memory cards and external hard drives.

We hope that this reading of How to recover deleted files has been very useful to you, we now invite you to share the information.

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