How to recover deleted folders

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It may happen that by creating folders with your information, you can accidentally delete them by mistake or delete important photos or files. In this case we have the solution for you because here you will know How to recover deleted folders.

Everything has a solution when we get rid of information by mistake. But we know that not all citizens have skills in the world of technology to solve the situation.

But rest assured that we will help you, we recommend that you continue reading so that you can take note of this topic.

How to recover deleted folders

First, if you can’t find a file on your computer or have mistakenly modified or deleted it, you can restore it from a backup (if you’re using a backup, or you can try from a previous version).

But earlier versions are copies of files and folders that Windows immediately saves as part of a restore point. This is why older versions are sometimes called snapshots.

In order not to involve Windows softwares, you can have the possibility to recover a file using the buttons of Shift + Del (delete) or, where appropriate, other ways that integrate a third party. That is, instantly that a folder has been deleted with the combination of previous buttons. You can recover it without downloading any program, you just need to remember the name of the folder. We will explain below how you can do it:

  • First you go to desktop.
  • There you will have to create a new folder as you have always done one.
  • You have to put the name of the folder with the due original name that the one you want to recover had previously. If you do not do so, the process will not be successful.
  • When creating your folder you will click on the right button of your mouse and a menu will appear.
  • Then you will click on the properties option and place the cursor on previous versions.
  • At the moment you will see a list of the previous versions that the certain folder contains.
  • You have the possibility to choose the most up-to-date one that suits you.
  • Then you must click on the restore option and you can get your folder.
  • But you have to keep in mind that these older versions come from file history or restore point.

How to recover deleted folders in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

You should keep in mind that in Windows you can easily recover your most needed files. Thanks to the innovation of technology, there are several methods in Windows in which you can recover your specific documents or folders, you just have to do the following:

How to recover deleted folders: Backup Windows

This is the first method in which you can get back the deleted files or folders, thanks to a Windows backup. It is important to note that from those backup copies of the files that are made on a regular basis, you can go directly to recover them from the system restore, you only have to perform these steps:

  • First open the copy of security and restoration,
  • Then you must click on the start button on the Windows computer, on the control panel and on the button System and Maintenance give it there.
  • Then click on backup and restore.
  • Later you will give it to restore my files and you must comply with what the system tells you.

How to recover deleted folders: Previous Version in Windows 10

In this solution you can restore files from deleted folders, thanks to the previous version of Windows you can do it, you just have to pay attention to the following steps:

  • First open a computer by selecting the start button (home button icon), and then select your computer.
  • Then navigate to the folder that usually contains a file or folder. Then right-click on the file or folder and you will hit the restore to previous versions button.
  • In the case where the folder was at the top level of a drive, right-click on the drive.
  • Then you continue giving Click the Restore Previous Versions button.
  • You will notice that a list of available previous versions of files or folders will appear. The list is made up of files saved in a backup, as well as in the restore points, both ways are available.
  • To restore a previous version in the case of a file or folder that is included in a library, you must click on the right-click on the file or folder in the location where it is saved instead of in the library.
  • In this type of case, when you right-click on the My Images folder, you must select previous versions.

How to recover deleted folders: File History

This is the last way in which you can recover all your files that have been deleted by mistake. You can opt out of file history. This is a tool that Microsoft Windows has in which you can return your lost folders to the previous version, in this way you must do the following:

  • You must first open the Start Menu.
  • Once you enter Restore files in the search box, you will see a list of options.
  • Then select the file history option, then you will search for the containing folder. It is a folder that carries the old address of your data that has been deleted.
  • You will see the archive history records. You can check one by one with arrows.
  • After you’ve clicked the restore button in the center, the selection will return.
  • In the event that you do not find a record in the file history window is because it is disabled. Therefore, if you don’t see any folders, you will find an option that asks you to configure it.

3 Steps to Recover Deleted Files with Data Recovery Software

In the event that you experience failures when restoring your folders in the traditional way, you can recover them using specialized file recovery software such as EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard.

This program is perfect for recovering folders and files that have been deleted from your computer’s hard drive. computer, USB memory, even SD cards. It is so professional for this type of case that it scans the entire storage unit. First you must download it and you must comply with the following steps:

  • Start using the program Recoverit Data Recovery.
  • In this way you must select the location of the hard drive to start the process.
  • The folder recovery program will start to scan the device to get all the files that are missing. You must be patient because the scan may take a while to finish.
  • When the scanning process is over, you can check all the recovered folders in the file path results.
  • This program supports preview of all photos, music, videos, documents of word, excel, PDF and PPT files recovered.
  • Then select all the recovered files and click the recover button to store them on a safe hard drive or other devices.

Recover deleted folder from recycle bin

You can perform the following steps for you to recover the deleted folder in the case of recycle bin:

  • You must click on the icon that identifies the recycle bin on your computer.
  • When you double-tap the mouse, a window of your browser will appear, where you can see your files that are in your trash.
  • Try to find the file or folder you need, to get your files you can distribute the information you have in the bin of according to the date on which it was deleted or by the name of the file or folder.
  • According to the files that have been deleted lately, they are the first ones that will appear on the screen.
  • View the original location, the location that the files had in the folders at the time of deletion will be shown there. The Windows system will show on the screen recycle bin bound for all disks, however each disk counts a certain folder.
  • Inside that trash can, you must click on the file that was deleted and that you want to recover. Next, a list of options will appear where you will read recycle bin tools. There you can click to restore selected items later.
  • Pressing the buttons on your keyboard shift and ctrl, to be able to select many documents at the same time and retrieve the files you want.

In the case you want to delete the elements that make up your recycle bin, you simply have to click on the empty recycle bin option. This way you can delete everything you want.

What causes the loss and deletion of files

There are many reasons that can lead to the loss of your folders and files. It can cause the following situations:

  • You may have a damaged hard drive, if it does not work you will not be able to access the folders on your Windows computer.
  • software problems. If you have a problem of this type, it can cause your files or folders on your computer.
  • power problems.
  • If your computer has voltage problems.
  • Accidental formatting.

To conclude, it is very important to constantly check that your computer is in good condition so that it is not harmed by deleting or deleting files. In this way I hope everything related to How to recover deleted folders has worked for you.

If you still have problems with the folders deleted according to Windows, you can consult the support section.

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