How to recover files from a USB stick

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How to recover files from a USB stick, It is a question that many users who handle this type of device need to know.

Later, we will get to know part of the tool that today’s technology offers us to obtain our information securely.

How to recover files from a USB stick

Recover these files it is not an easy task for anyone, since, we need shortcut programs that they are of great help so we can find the target.

Many of the users we use Windows PC made easy to obtain shortcuts with any of the functions that the s brings usoperating system. It is important to note that the steps that must be followed to recover our photos are varied, depending on the urgency from each person.

It is not easy to get an immediate response from our files, we must search in time to find the files we are looking for. Before mentioning the proper steps, we must know that a USB is a pen drive that is used to store data in a small size.

Nowadays it is very convenient to use these devices to save necessary data and transfer information each. The only thing, that can be a problem, since, can get complicated when you want to recover files.

The lost files are not seen anywhere on the laptp or pcthere are still many possibilities to recover USB deleted files.

But if a way is found to be able to find, it turns out to be very easy to recover.

There are programs that work effectively to recover those files that are difficult to obtain. These software can be obtained free and downloadable on pc.

How to recover files from a USB flash drive: Recover deleted flash drive files for free on Windows

Normally, this situation caused by some malignant virus that manages to infect our USB memory or pen drive Therefore, it is recommended when analyzing the USB memory or pen drive with antivirus and avoid these inconveniences.

To recover these files that were deleted you must follow these steps that will be very helpful:

  • Connect with USB memory or pendrive to our computer.
  • The Windows file explorer opens and ensures that the hidden files are showing.
  • We open the menu option: View – Show or hide.
  • checking the box hidden elements is correctly marked.

If we apply these steps, the following would be:

  • Open the window of command prompt in Windows.
  • Being in front of the command line we write: attrib -h -r -s /s /de:*.*
  • We must take into account that the drive letter e: must be replaced by the drive letter that represents the flash drive or USB stick.
  • In the correctly typed command, press Enter and the process is expected to execute correctly
  • When finished, you can see the file browser again and check that it is now visible in all the files stored on the USB memory or pen drive.
  • The files may be in an unnamed folder that is renamed later.

If the problem persists:

  • You must use an app like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Freewhere you can get through this link
  • It will easily make a read of all your files on the USB and what it can recover.

Another option:

  • You can use a program like it is DiskDrill.
  • It is a free application offers a simple interface such as clicking on the “Lost Data Search
  • The same program will be seen in the deleted data on the USB drive or hard drive, it can be viewed before recovering.
  • It includes other interesting features to backup files and protect other data that may be interesting.

How to recover files from a USB flash drive: Recover deleted flash drive files online

One of the best tools to recover our files online is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. If you are interested in searching for a better online data recovery tool, this is one of them.

Offer great solutions to recover lost files, from PC, laptop, hard drive, external, usb, SD card or other storage device under different cases.

With these 3 steps, you can get online data recovery thanks to data recovery tool.

  • Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Select the partition or disk location where the lost files are located and click “Scan
  • At that time a scanning process will begin to find missing files. This process is automatic to find these missing files.
  • It can be previewed before saving. With the option of “Retrieve” will bring them back to your storage unit.

Recover deleted files on USB via CMD

Unintentionally deleting our files can be an error that can happen to many, it is not easy to recover it. Thanks to PCs, there are some codes and shortcuts that are very helpful to make it easier for us to find this type of file.

If it’s not in your options download third party software or toolthe CMD is the best option than nothing, since it serves as a part of the computer where all the information is located.

Here we bring one of the solutions that are very effective in these cases and can be tried at your own risk, and they are:

  • In Windows 10, 8, 7, you are given the option to Run and pressing the keys Windows + R
  • Scribe: chkdsk E:/f and press Enter (The idea is to replace the E with the letter of the storage unit that is displayed on the PC)
  • Enter the letter Y and press Enter to continue
  • At the moment you write the letter and press Enteragain.
  • The following code must be written: E: >attrib -h -h -r -s /s /d *

It is important to note that when using these command lines to solve any problem, you must be careful, since, can cause serious results. When you finish performing the above steps, the deleted or lost files are in a newly created folder in the SD card, USB drive or hard drive.

With the idea that these files are reusable and you can change the file extension to a normal format on the computer.

How to recover virus infected files

Whether for having accidentally deleted a file or by the entry of a virus into the system or device, is very common in consumers of these devices.

The years he has been in the world of cybersecurity. Many studies have found thatthese programs are effective and is still in high demand data recovery.

It happens to many that when handling these devices we will not find viruses, but it is important to keep our PC safe.There are these guides that can be of great help to all the people who are in a difficult process on their computer.

Using commands:

As before mentioned, using the CMD can be retrieved lost data from a hard drive or USB. It is important to follow the steps as mentioned above as they remain the same.

It is important to note that this form must be done very carefully as it is handled through commands and data may be confused.

On Windows:

There are different methods that are used to recover these files infected by a virus offered by Windows, depending on the location or the type of files. Recovery of files in the backup.

  • Go to the «Start
  • Select «Control Panel”. A list opens with all the elements that make up the Control Panel.
  • In «Backup and restore” will open a new window, we must use the scroll bar.
  • Click on “restore my files
  • In the options we find “Search”, “Search Files» either «search for folders” (depends on the information you want to retrieve)
  • Click «Next» to use the configuration window
  • When opening, you must indicate the location where you want to restore the files. Once there, hit “Restore

Recovery from a previous version of windows:

  • Gonna «Start
  • Select «This team». A window will open, where you can see the files and folder available to restore.
  • Right-click on the folder and click “Restore previous versions”. At the moment, a window will open where all the saved elements are, which were once deleted by a virus.
  • Select the option of “Recover the data

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