How to recover hotmail password

It is important that people take their time to open an email, as it is a useful tool where you can send and receive messages for different recipients. Thanks to Hotmail they took the step to create a platform so that citizens could create their emails. Today that name no longer exists, but you can find it as Outlook.

It is normal that when you have your email you have forgotten or lost your password, so here we will explain everything related to How to recover hotmail password. We recommend that you continue reading if this is your case.

How to recover hotmail password

You must bear in mind that a long time ago Hotmail became Outlook. Although several of the people who still have mail have not been able to access it anymore. This happens because most likely you have forgotten your Hotmail password, in this case the most feasible solution is that recover Hotmail password from Outlook. The way to do it is totally simple, the first thing is that you must enter the Outlook web portal and follow the instructions requested by the system.

How to recover your Hotmail password when you lose or forget it

Citizens should keep in mind that there are several reasons why most people need to recover their Hotmail password. The first because a person tried to enter your Hotmail account without proper permission and has been blocked or because you have forgotten your password since you had not accessed for a long time.

It can also happen that the person has several passwords for various emails or important accounts and can confuse them. Therefore, they never solved the password problem, but the time has come when we will explain how you can recover your Hotmail password, you only have to perform the following steps:


  • First, the citizen must enter directly into the Outlook web portal.
  • You will then click on «log in» and a new tab will appear where you will have to place your Hotmail email.
  • Now it will appear that you enter your password, but if you want to recover it because it was lost or you forgot it, you will click on Forgot your password?
  • Then you must confirm your account and place the captcha characters.
  • You will have to click on the next tab and select the verification option that best suits your needs. That is, the link of the recovery page will send you via a alternate email or by a phone number so you can recover your Hotmail password.
  • When you click on the link they sent you, you will need to fill out a form so that you can retrieve your key. Most of all in the form you must show that you are the owner of the account.
  • Depending on your status, you will receive a email from Microsoft indicating that your request has been successful.
  • If you did not have problems, you will be sent a code so that you can recover your account. When you click on the code, you must add it in the given field.
  • Proceed with the completion of your Hotmail password recovery procedure.

What you should keep in mind to recover the Hotmail password

Before worrying about recovering your password, you should bear in mind that we will highlight some recommendations to avoid this headache, to make your life easier:

  1. You must first be aware that you account is not inactive for one year. That is, this account starts the last time you logged in to your Hotmail.
  2. If you exceed that stipulated time, they will eliminate it if you have not entered at least once.
  3. In case you have deactivated your account, you will only have at least 30 days to change your mind. If you delete your account, they will also discard your secret key after the given period.
  4. If you want to get a password quickly, you’ll need to supply an alternate email address as well as a phone number to your account. In this way, you will have to select a security question and provide your certain answers.
  5. Always check the address bar with before logging in. In the event that the URL does not include, there is a possibility that the site is a Phishing. Never enter these types of pages.
  6. You must explain that the concept of Phishing refers to all those cyber to scam and get information illegally.
  7. It is important that you do not log in on a device that you do not consider trustworthy, as it may have been infected with malware and viruses that are capable of stealing passwords.
  8. So that you do not lose your account, it is recommended that you update your password as often as possible. This is done to prevent someone else from guessing your password or even taking it from you.
  9. If every time you enter a password you forget, the most feasible thing is that you add the same password that you have entered in other accesses.
  10. It is also advisable to write down all your passwords in an agenda or in the same notes on your device.

How to recover the password in Hotmail if I do not have an alternative email

There are cases of people who want to recover their Hotmail password, but do not have an alternative email, in that case you must perform the following steps:

  • You must comply with the same steps as the first point, in that case the first thing you must do is enter the Outlook portal.
  • There you will place the account from which you want to recover your password, then you will click on “I have forgotten my password” and you will give the following.
  • A section will appear with the affected account in a field of an image with some characters, where you will have to place it in the bar. This is done so that the system understands that it is a person who is carrying out the process and not a machine.
  • When you have placed the characters you will give the next button.
  • You will see a title that says «We need to verify your identity.»
  • You will be able to see a series of verification methods added to your email, be it: application to log in, alternate accounts, phone number or the option I do not have any tests.
  • If you do not have an alternate email, you must click on «I don’t have any of this evidence.»
  • In that case, they will ask you to enter a Microsoft account for which you need to restore the password and another because they will contact you.
  • Then they will ask you to indicate the code that will arrive to said contact email.
  • Then you will enter data near your account and the owner of the same with a respective form.
  • Next, you must comply with what the system tells you so that you can recover your Hotmail account.

What to do if my Outlook account has been locked

You should be aware that their Outlook account may be temporarily locked because they have seen some suspicious activity. We know that having a locked account is difficult, but here we will explain how to unlock it without any problems:

  1. First you must enter the following link, where it emphasizes to recover your account and reset the password.
  2. Next, you must write your email address. email of your blocked account.
  3. Then you must place the characters you see on the screen and click on the next button.
  4. Then you have to write the code generated by the authenticator app or you can choose the different verification option to get a text message.
  5. It is important that you do not need to have a phone to receive a security code.
  6. The text messages can come from «MSFT» with a short number or in this case a mobile phone.
  7. In the event that you do not have an alternative email address or telephone number or if you cannot access them, you should point out that “I did not receive a code” when prompted for a code to log in.
  8. Or in that case «I don’t have access to this» when you want to reset the password and then you will have to follow the instructions.
  9. In case you have received the security code, you must change the password to complete the unlocking procedure.
  10. It is important that you create a secure and unique key so that you can remember it. But above all, make sure your account is secure.
  11. It is recommended to use capital letters, number and symbols in the password or use the same password that you have put in different accounts.

If you can’t unlock the account

In case you have still not been able to unlock your Hotmail account after entering the security code or changing the password. You should go to the portal «When you can’t sign in to your Microsoft account.»

Any problem you have with your Outlook account you can access the technical support portal where you will solve your problem as soon as possible.

To conclude, you may notice that it is not that complicated to recover your Hotmail password, you just have to keep in mind that in order to recover it successfully you will have to provide most of the information so that the process is faster.

We hope that everything related to How to recover Hotmail password has worked for you. Do not miss this opportunity to recover your account.

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