How to recover lost mobile

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Almost everyone has a cell phone at their disposal. Therefore, it is extremely common for someone to ask the question of How to recover lost mobileeither because you have lost it or your phone has been stolen.

It is because of this that today we come to talk to you about How to recover lost mobilehow to track a cell phone number, how to locate a cell phone by number and much more.

How to recover lost mobile

Nowadays, mobiles have become a necessity for all people. The convenience and utility they offer is simply too high to pass up, plus they are necessary to communicate with people. They are also ways to pass the time through games, social networks, videos, etc.

In short, there is hardly anyone who does not have a phone, whether for work, leisure or just having it. For this reason, many people worry about the safety of their phone in case of loss. To help you with this there are several applications that can be installed to track your cell phone in case of loss.

the phones themselves current smart phones come with these options available in their settings. But there are also Third Party Softwares that specialize in mobile tracking that are extremely reliable and recommended.

In any case, it is always recommended to have the tracking options active in case your phone is stolen or simply lost. If you find yourself in these cases there are several things you can try to track it down. We will be explaining below the steps to follow depending on your mobile.

How to recover lost Android mobile

If you are in the case that your smart device is of the brand Android, there are a few things you can try to get it back in case of loss.

The first is the tracking tool Android, which you can activate from your device through the following steps:

  • Enter the menu of “Settings” from your phone
  • Then you go to the section «Google»
  • Then you go to the sub menu of «Security»
  • Finally you will see the option of “find my device“. If it is not activated on your phone yet, do it to have some security in case of loss.

But if you are already in the situation that you do not have your device, there is still a possible option to be able to track it, for this you will have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, you must get into to the page of “find my device» of Google.
  • Log in using account details gmail and password you used to register on your device Android.
  • After this, if you are lucky you will be able to see the location of the cell phone through Google Maps.

This application is usually activated by default on devices Android to be able to trace them in these cases. But in addition to this, it gives you options to remotely control the device through the internet, the option to «Sound», erase and lock data, among others.

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How to recover lost Samsung mobile

On the other hand, if your smart device is a Samsung brand, it also has the tracking tool “Locate my mobile”. In order to use it, you just have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the page of «Locate my mobilel”.
  • Yeah I know you had an account previously and you had tracking service enabled you will be able to enter your cell phone.

In this application you also have the same options of sonar, blocking and erasing data and other extra options.

How to recover lost iPhone mobile

If your phone is an Apple phone, don’t worry because it also has its own option to track your phone in case of loss or theft. To achieve this you will simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. To try to track your phone you will only have to enter the iCloud site.
  2. After that select the option «Search» either “Find my phone”.

It is important to remember that this app usually lets you track from another iPhone or IOS device. But if you want to do it from the PC you can do it through an emulator or alternative apps.

How to track a stolen cell phone number

In case you want to track your mobile device in case of theft or loss, you have several methods that you can try to achieve it. Between them we have:

Via “find my device” web

The first thing we are going to do is access the website of “find my device“. Once we access this application, the list of Android devices associated with your registered Google account. This app also works with tablets and smart watches.

Through this application we can:

  • get location Real time of any associated device
  • You can also make the device start ringing with some tone.
  • Additionally, we can get lock the device and log out of the Google account and still blocked, the tracking can continue.
  • We can also wipe device dataafter which We will NOT be able to track it.

Through this application we will also be able to observe the location where Google was logged in, the last location that was located and much more. But in order to use this application, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The device must be turned on
  2. has to have one Google session.
  3. The device has internet access.
  4. The mobile must be visible in GooglePlay.
  5. Have location turned on.
  6. The phone must have the option of “find my device” activated.

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How to know what was the last location of a cell phone

In order to know what the last location of your mobile was, you must enter any of the official tracking apps that we have explained before. Just follow the necessary steps to track the device and among the data that will let you see will be the last possible location.

With this information you can get an idea about where it was the last time your phone was registered. In addition to these, you also have several third-party applications that serve to track your mobile number. Among them we can find:


Cerberus is considered around the world as the phone tracker app on the market. Among the best functions of this application is the remote control and location of your mobile through a cell phone or your computer.

If you have the application installed on your phone and you have already linked your account, you will be able to enter it and track your cell phone and you can also:

  • Locate the location of the device through the gps map.
  • delete the internal data and SD card.
  • You will be able to see the information of the current SIM, and if they have changed it.
  • List of the messages and calls.
  • Send alert and take photos.

As you can see, this application gives you practically total control of your phone, which is why it is widely recommended by users.

How to locate a cell phone with Android Lost

The another application we will talk about is Android Lost. This application serves the same as the previous ones, to be able to locate the location of your Android. To be able to use this application to locate a mobile you only have to:

  1. Discharge the apps from the Google Play Store.
  2. enter to the official page of Android Lostand enter a Google account to associate it with you.
  3. Control your phone the way you want.

How to locate a cell phone by number

Unfortunately there is no real tool that allows you locate your number with just the numbereither. There are several Scam pages that will tell you that they can but they will only do it to take advantage of the moment of vulnerability that you may experience.

There are so few methods to recover cell phones through the number, that the telephone companies do not do it either. Even with these news, we know that there are ways to track the mobile that do not need to have the phone number to achieve it.

If you want to know about these methods, you only have to review above in the article, since we have explained it before.

If you have already finished reading everything and would like to have a little visual help to carry out the procedure. We will be recommending the following video so you can dig a little more on the subject, this content creator is quite good.

And that’s it, with this we end this article where we have explained everything about How to recover lost mobileSamsung, Android and Iphone, how to track a number and much more.

Thanks for reading us!

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