How to recover Messenger conversations

How to recover Messenger conversations? If you are going through this process, in the next article we will tell you if the recovery can be performed. However, you must be careful to verify if it is the option that you require.

Messenger It is a social network that has an important boom today. All users use it to have conversations and chat on different topics. Likewise, it allows each user to establish communications with any person worldwide. With this application you can share emoticons, photos, faces, figures, signs, among others.

How to recover Messenger conversations

message retrieval in FacebookMessenger it is generally, in specific cases, essentially unthinkable, as they are forever erased from the stage after being told to do this activity. Be that as it may, there are systems in place to try to make these discussions accessible to you once again.

It is generally suggested that the substance for which there is no certainty that it will be required or not in the future be removed from the information plate. In those circumstances, it is ideal to archive it so that it simply disappears from the main screen.

Once this activity has been carried out, the interaction to recover the messages is not so unpredictable, you simply have to follow the means that we detail later individually and you will really want to access your data.

from PC

Follow the means below to recover recorded Facebook Messenger messages through your typical PC web program:

  • Enter Facebook from your typical web program.
  • Access Messenger through its symbol located in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Adjust the alternative See all messages in Messenger.
  • Go to the Settings symbol in the top left corner of the screen Select the Archived Discussions option.
  • Between each of the discussions, those that did not appear in the main summary of the conversations will appear.
  • Access the chronic talk you need to determine.
  • Communicate something specific and that communication will naturally return to the summary of normal discussions in your FacebookMessenger.

From the phone

In the event that you need to recover the messages that you have deleted, you can access them simply by using the cell phone. The only thing you will need is a file explorer, it could well be File Explorer, possibly the most famous.

  • Download the app is Google Play File Explorer.
  • As long as you have entered the application, it will continue to open it.
  • The moment it is in it will go to the card SD or to the Internal Storage, as the case may be, and you will find the “Android” organizer and inside it the “Information” envelope.
  • Inside the “Information” organizer you will discover another called “Facebook“, you will enter it and select the “Cache” envelope.
  • Inside the “Cache” envelope you will discover another called “Fb_temp”, you will be happy with the backup data that FB Messenger saves accordingly.


To start with, the best way to recover deleted Facebook transformations on Android devices.

  • go to google play and download one of the accessible browsers for Android. Perhaps the most suggested is ES File Explorer.
  • Enter the app and open it. Go to the SD card or capacity, where you will find the «Android» envelope
  • Access the Android folder and find the envelope «Data».
  • Inside the «Data» envelope you will find the information identified with the applications you are using on your cell phone. I searched «Facebook“, which is the place where Facebook Messenger information is saved.
  • Now go to the reserve envelope, where you will find another one called “fb_temp”. This is the envelope where all your impermanent documents are kept, allowing you to retrieve your Facebook discussions and saved messages.


In the event that you have recently deleted a message, it is most likely still available on a macOS device or iOS combined, similar to your PC or iPad. To check, open the Messages app on your combo gadgets and check if messages are still accessible here.

Assuming this is the case, you are in karma. You can take a screenshot of messages or reorder the content to another area, like your Notes, to ensure you have a duplicate of the information.

Provided you’ve done that, you can grab a backup of the device that has the messages using iTunes or Finder (don’t turn off offline mode until you’re done), which you can then use to retrieve these messages as PDFs.

How to Recover Messenger Conversations: Recover Archived Messages on Facebook

Here we tell you the best way to recover deleted messages from Messenger on Android. What’s more, Facebook, possibly the most famous informal organization on the planet, is used every day by a large number of people to stay in touch and offer their meetings, recordings, images, temperaments and much more.

Although it is not an extremely normal stage to chat with different contacts through the text messages of FacebookMessengeras if it were a whatsapp from facebookk. In addition, it is that numerous Facebook customers continuously chat through their local visit to be in direct contact, so it is not difficult to amass many discussions that, at one time or another, we can delete.

Be that as it may,is it conceivable to recover deleted Facebook Messenger messages? Tragically, that bunch of messages that are deleted forever can’t be recovered, which means ordinary chats, photos, recordings, stickers, and GIFs are perpetually deleted; but fortunately there are different strategies with which to recover archived messages.

Therefore, we generally suggest documenting messages from FacebookMessenger instead of deleting them, as that way they will vanish from the app’s inbox without being completely deleted.

From the phone

Follow the means below to retrieve documented messages from FacebookMessenger through the versatile authority app:

  • Open the Messenger or Messenger Lite app on your laptop (separate app from Facebook).
  • Type in the web index the name of the client whose discussion you need to retrieve.
  • Access the archived discussion.
  • Send another message and the visit will be essential for standard Messenger chats.

from PC

It is important that you do the following:

  • Open your standard web program and login to Facebook
  • Enter FacebookMessenger by touching the symbol at the top right of the screen.
  • Select the “See all messages in Messenger” option.
  • Go to the “Settings” option at the top left of the screen and select “Chronological Discussions”.
  • All current conversations, including archived ones, will be displayed. Find and access the information you need to get back on your feet.
  • Finally, send a message to that chat, and you will get the conversation automatically.

How to recover Messenger conversations: Difference between archiving and deleting a message on Facebook

As you have seen, retrieve discussions from Facebook can be tricky, especially if the messages have been permanently deleted from the app. Truth be told, the Facebook Messenger app itself does not allow you to recover deleted messages, only recorded discussions.

Therefore, it is constantly prescribed to chronicle the messages instead of deleting them directly. By chronicling a message on Facebook, you are simply hiding it from the message summary that you find in the app’s inbox. However, you can recover those messages anytime.

On the other hand, should you choose delete the message, it will erase it forever and will not recover it without using external applications or programming. Our suggestion is that you don’t delete messages forever, unless you’re absolutely sure there’s no reason to keep them.

The alternative to documenting discussions allows you to retrieve Facebook discussions at any point you need, quickly and without any hassle.

How to recover Messenger conversations: How messages are archived on Facebook

Chronicle your conversations on Facebook Messenger it is a method to hide them without deleting them, since they will not appear in your inbox until another message appears in these conversations. To carry out this process through the web is a simple trick that we will show you below.

  • Once in the Facebook Messenger app, you select the chat you need to archive and put it aside.
  • Some alternatives will scroll click on the 3 level bars.
  • Now a case will appear with some options, select “Chronicle”, and that’s it!
  • As should be obvious, the conversation has vanished from your inbox, however this does not imply that it has been deleted, as it has just been saved in a kind of covered envelope.

How to protect our Facebook conversations by making a backup?

Make a backup of the data in the conversations of Facebook making reinforcements consistently. This, all together that in the event that you mistakenly delete any message after this, you can reach it. In case you need to reinforce the discussions, you will only have to follow these simple steps:

  • The most important thing is that you log in from the pc.
  • In the upper right corner touch the inverted triangle and from the window that will appear select “Settings”.
  • In the left half of the screen you will choose “Your Facebook data“.
  • All the data that it supports will be shown, there make sure that the box “Messages” is checked.
  • At the time the document is prepared, you will receive the notice in the account of Facebook and in email.
  • Click on download, verify that the download has finished.

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