How to recover my Claro contacts

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How to recover my Claro contacts? The most productive and safe approach to doing this cycle is to synchronize the information with the backup plan as a preventative measure. With this backup option, you will be sure to recover the contacts you had on the phone very quickly, especially if the device is not available at the moment, either due to loss or theft.

Obviously, taking this into account, some conditions must be met, which we will explain to you in the attached lines. Of course will continue to look closely to increase the skills in the use of platform administrations. Note that they are extremely simple, direct and fundamentally convincing.

How to recover my Claro contacts

The most productive and secure approach to recover contacts Of course, is to synchronize the information with the reinforcement schedule as a preventive measure. With this backup option, you will be sure to recover the contacts you had on the phone very quickly, especially if the device is not available at the moment, either due to loss or theft.

This help offered by Claro allows you to save the contacts you have saved on the chip. So when you have another cell, it will apply the accompanying advances:

  • From group, enter the option My administrations.
  • Then at that point you will find Backup Calendar.
  • You need to choose Utilities and then you will choose the backup plan again.
  • At the point where the Synchronize option is displayed.
  • Click OK and the contacts will start recording.

The moment the synchronization is finished, you will receive an SMS, stating that the record in Phonebook Backup is dynamic. Connecting in a similar message, the user and the particular secret phrase, with which you can enter the help site.

As should be obvious, it is incredibly easy to recover your Claro contacts. It should be noted that in case the circumstance is due to theft, whether the telephone administration is paid in advance or postpaid, you must, as soon as time allows, contact 104, to demand the obstruction of the line.

What is and how to use Backup Agenda

Agenda Backup, is a Claro administration, to work with the shielding and recovery of contact data, with a capacity limit of up to 250 contacts that you have in the Claro chip or SIM card.

Its activity is simple, you can make an underlying Backup, carry out synchronizations and claims of the contacts from the telephone or wireless device, through the Claro SIM section and then to the Backup Agenda alternative. It is also possible from the web, in CLARO AGENDA.

This assistance is provided to all Claro cell phone customers, provided that the attached conditions are met:

  1. Have a proper balance depending on what you need to do.
  2. You must have a poster and a stable web association, for reinforcement, synchronization or recovery.
  3. Only contacts saved on the SIM are kept. Not in internal hardware memory.
  4. The clamping package is not workable with this help.
  5. This help is not accessible for iPhone 5 and later forms.
  6. The saved data does not end.

The fees related to the administration of the backup Agenda are as follows:

  • For the initial backup, it’s anything but a one-time cost of $13. Finally, it incorporates the start of support and protection of SIM contacts in the web portal.
  • Synchronization, which costs $6.50, includes updating and saving contacts. It is usually done from the SIM or from the Web Portal.
  • While Restoration costs $13, it reacts to the substitution of the plan that you have in the Web Portal for the SIM. This activity is simply conceivable from the catwalk.

Tips on how to recover contacts for the loss of your clear cell phone

Now, it is important to know that no one escapes from going through this situation with their cellular equipment, either due to negligence, or due to a relaxed mishap and the most unpleasant being survivors of a robbery. Therefore, you must supply the account of the actions to be taken in any of the referenced circumstances, first to obstruct the line, then, at that point, to recover the information of the lost SIM.

Here is a summary of these possible activities:

  • The main concern is to prevent the Claro line, by dialing 123 from a Claro cell phone, or the numbers 6200123 or 0-801-12323, from any landline.
  • Go to the Claro customer service point, which is closer to demand a replacement Chip or SIM, since you have the old cell phone number. If any occurrence of advance payment arises, said card has a cost, while postpaid or contract customers do not pay anything, it is free.
  • The faster I acted, the more remarkable the feasibility of requesting and replacing another gear, should that be the situation.

To retrieve information

It is important to remember the Backup or Back up Assistance of the Agenda, which, as has been pointed out in previous areas, allows us to save the contacts to recover them quickly and efficiently, if the possibility arises. In addition, it is feasible to reach them at any point you need, by entering CLARO’s online interface.

It is critical that we enact this aid early:

  1. Entering the mobile phone menu, then, at that point select the Backup plan option, and press synchronize.
  2. Affirm and wait a little less than five minutes, making sure you have no obstructions during this interaction, in any case you might miss some contacts.
  3. Subsequently, you will receive an instant message, informing you of the completion of the performance and the username and secret phrase.
  4. In case you have not started support, you may have unusual programs or projects for SIM data recovery. Remember that the information is not deleted immediately, but is overwritten and remains there for a period of time.
  5. Possibly the most suggested program is SIM card data recovery software. It is viable with ports of Windows 98 and later.
  6. Once downloaded, place the SIM card inside a card reader, which should interface with the PC through a USB port.

How to remove the message from Claro contacts

Disabling messages from Claro contacts, which for unknown reasons we don’t like or annoy, is not difficult to do:

  • Access the mobile phone menu.
  • Find and select the alternative ideas of CLARO.
  • Then at that point in Claro Utilitas and then in Claro Contact, click OK twice.

You will see two options: Contact Boost and Scheduled Boost

  • Set scheduled boost
  • Lastly, choose Disable
  • In the event that you have the Claro Ideas option on your mobile phone, you must press and you will go to Your Claro ID, and there you will choose the option to disable Options.

How to transfer contacts from backup to cell phone

As soon as the contact list is saved on the SIM card of the device, you must apply a backup of the schedule, as an action to prevent the loss of said data, when under any circumstance you change from a SIM to a USIM, or in a part of the occasions that we already examined.

It is important to support or reinforce the plan by reaching the Customer Service Centers, or from Claro’s online interface.

How to delete Claro chip messages

The administrators’ advertising messages, in general, are exceptionally irritating, due to the recurrence with which they appear, and in case you are not happy with any of the administrators’ or comparable commercial advances, you should delete them.

The most important thing is that when you are writing an email, a message or a tweet and you are abruptly surprised by the minimum sign that it gives you to recognize a Claro advance, these are Pop-ups. To remove them, you need to place the CLEAR CHIP symbol on the apps alternative.

Browse to the bottom of the list and choose CALLBUSY. Also, to complete press or print DISABLE POP-UP. That is, all these messages at this time will not contact us.

Recover of information

Claro has a help called Agenda Backup, which allows you to save your contacts so that you can recover them without a lot of effort. You can also access them at any time by going to the official page.

To use this help, go to the Menu of your PDA, then at that point choose the backup plan option, and then press sync, assert and wait about five minutes, make sure you don’t mess up in the process, so don’t forget any contact.

You will receive an instant message, later, with the notification of the username and secret phrase. It’s that simple. You can use it, clearly, in case you have enacted it before. On the off chance that you don’t, read on.

There is specific programming in the retrieval of SIM information. The information is not deleted immediately, but is overwritten, but it remains there for quite some time. Download SIM card data recovery software program from the web, workable with forms of Windows 98 and above.

While downloading it, you need to put the SIM card into a card reader that interfaces with the PC through a USB port. Most managers offer a copy of the chip, so you’ll keep the old number and move closer to the numbers where you saved money on the phone but not on the SIM.

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