How to recover my Facebook account

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Social networks have become an interesting way of communicate and have funin many cases there are some problems, we teach you How to recover my Facebook account.

In this article, you will be able to know some feasible alternatives that can be used to recover any information on Facebook.

How to recover my Facebook account

Facebook is one of the social networks that have been viewed the most for a long time, but it is not so perfect, many have lost their account and in some strange way.

It is important save our information in a place where we can remember and in a safe way, this will allow access, It will be safer and more viable.

Thanks to this platform, users can make calls or video calls, share statuses, post photosvideos, so that many people within our social circle can see it.

Also, you can comment on the publications of other people about an event that has occurred or for entertainment.

On many occasions, there is a large number of people who tend to leave their Facebook account, and as a mistake, they lose their informationwhich allows you to get much better access on the social network.

In order to recover your account, there are several methods that makes it easy for you Facebook. You can use any of them:

  • Reset your password.
  • Help from your friends.

These methods are effective for any situation, carried out from a phone or computer. It is important that, if there is no access to this platform, it is better to obtain more detailed information with the company at the time of recover passwords.

They can be closed, stolen or another problem that Facebook needs to solve for its users.

Steps to follow

We know that this platform it is very entertainingfor the photos, the great users who spend hours using this platform and also to share their lives.

This is done by those platforms that make everything happen in one go. casual and organic way for users to stay in touch with their friends and family.

To recover this type of accounts in which can’t loginn, it is important to comply with the following steps:

  • Go to the account profile what do you want to recover
  • Click on the 3 points below of the cover photo.
  • Select Another problem and click Next:
  • Click on recover this account and follow the indicated steps

How to recover my Facebook account if I don’t have access to the email or cell phone number associated with my account

If when trying to access your personal account Facebook and you haven’t made itit is necessary to follow a more extensive process but it will surely allow you to gain access and continue enjoying this wonderful platform.

most users I have these problems when logging infor the peace of mind of any user.

Facebook gives us a certain tool that allows us to recover your account in a matter of minutes, as long as the recovery information has been configured in the past.

There are different methods that can be very helpful to recover your Facebook account, and they are:

Without the email:

  • Login to Facebook
  • In the options box, enter the phone number and check the option “Search”.
  • Select the option “Send code by SMS” and press “Continue
  • On the mobile, check the SMS sent by Facebook and write down the 6-digit numerical code.
  • Enter the 6 digits on Facebook and give it “Continue”.
  • And voila, recovered the account and you can access it with the new password.

By following these steps you can effectively recover your Facebook account simply by using the phone number linked to it.

Without the phone number:

This case exists for people who cannot get access to retrieve the phone number and register for the account.

For this step it is important to have previously configured the list of friends who can be contacted, in case lose access and recover account From Facebook.

  • address this link From Facebook
  • Write the email address, telephone, username or full name, and then press the “Search
  • Click on the link called “No longer have access?
  • Enter an email address or phone number that you currently have access to and then press “Continue
  • Press the button «Reveal my trusted contacts” and complete the form with the full names of all your trusted friends assigned to the account.
  • Press the button «Reveal my trusted contacts” and complete the form with the full men of all trusted friends assigned to the account.
  • copy special link and send it to all trusted friends.
  • Ask trusted friends to open links and send the code login.
  • Fill in the form with the recovery codes that friends will pass.

These steps have been successfully recovered on the account thanks to trusted friends.

How to reset my Facebook password

This step is very simple when it comes to activating our password and being able to use this digital medium.

  • In order to change the password, you must enter the following link.
  • Then you must place the email or the phone number to which the account was associated.
  • At the moment, a notification will arrive to the email or to the cell phone, where a password will be assigned to be able to use it.
  • Enter the data and you are ready.

In this way, our password can be recovered. It is important to save our data for future starts, be it from our computer or a mobile device.

Many times passwords are lost, accounts are blocked and you must be prepared, since the internet is a fun tool, but it is also where we share our personal things.

Hacked account:

If it happens that you have lost access due to a hacking problem, Facebook has a special section for the type of situations: it is possible to report a compromised account through a form.

The form is enabled for cases in which another person can take control of the account without authorization or has been the victim of a computer virus that can steal information.

Many of these problems occur on a daily basis, so there are quite a few users that are difficult to recover. But here, we bring you these simple steps that can be of great help if this problem exists:

  • Get in facebook hacked
  • Press the button «my account is at risk
  • Enter the email address of the previously created account and “Search
  • Enter the last password you remember and press the “Continue
  • Press the button «protect my account” to access the password change.

Recovering a deleted Facebook account

If you managed to delete or deactivate the Facebook account, it can be recovered from very simple and fast way. The steps can be made super simple, just use email, using al time of first registration and password.

Then a message will appear alerting that the account is not active. It is important to remember that, in order for Facebook to reactivate the account, you should only follow the mail steps which Facebook will use to send the other appropriate steps.

To use this step effectively, you must follow these simple steps:

  • Login to Facebook with email and password.
  • At that moment, a warning message will appear saying trying to log into a deactivated account.
  • Facebook will send you a reactivation email to the email address that you registered at the time of registration.
  • In the mail there will be a link, click on it and follow the instructions. By following the steps in the link, the account of Facebook will be reactivity.

There are other cases that can be of great help in the future and it is like preventing your Facebook account from being lost.

Steps to complete:

  • Go to settings of Facebook in this link
  • Check primary email. In section «Contact” make sure that the address that comes out there is accessible.
  • Add another address and number to verify the account.
  • Change password regularly.
  • Add trusted friends who may be of great help to recover the account.

Many of these tips are very helpful to correct any problem we have with our Facebook account and to be able to enjoy this wonderful page that we have. It allows us to communicate and keep us entertained.

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