How to recover my Free Fire account

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How to recover my Free Fire account? If you lost your data or your account was banned and therefore you cannot play, you will surely be interested to know if there is anything you can do to solve this situation. The truth is that you can and we will tell you what ways you can use to try to solve this problem and thus be able to have your account back.

Today we will tell you how you can recover your account, then how you can unban it, what you can do if your account was suspended, what will happen if you uninstall Free Fire and reinstall it, and if it is possible to recover an account that was already closed. We invite you to read everything related to this topic and many other things.

How to recover my Free Fire account

Let’s start by answering the main question of this article: How to recover my Free Fire account? We will tell you the steps you must follow to be able to have your account back using several different ways. Pay close attention and follow the instructions to the letter, so that you can recover your account quickly and easily.

Of course, what we will explain to you applies to the case in which you have lost your account for reasons other than banning, a situation that we will touch on in the next section. With this in mind, we will proceed to explain:

Use your ID

The first thing you can do is use the name you use to play, the ID. If your account was lost or stolen, you can start by trying this route before any other.

  • To get started, you have to go to the Garena Technical Support.
  • Once there, press the option Accounts and Access.
  • Then click Login Problems > Account Recovery Process.
  • Select Submit a request and then I lost my guest account.
  • You must write an email, which will have as a subject I lost my account and wish to have it back. You have to explain everything in detail; from what happened to what you want, which is obviously to recover your account. You will also need to indicate how you log in to the game and your Player ID. When you’re done, click Submit.
  • A Garena assistant will be able to contact you as soon as they read the message to help you solve the problem.

Via Facebook

  • If you’ve ever used Facebook to log in to your FreeFire account, you can retrieve it this way.
  • Use the mobile device or computer on which you logged in with Facebook and enter this platform.
  • Enter your email with which you created your facebook account or your phone number (if you had it registered).
  • Try logging in with your normal password. If you can’t, then follow the steps that facebook throws at you to try to recover your password.
  • If you manage to log in, then go to Settings > Security & Login.
  • There you will have to locate and select the option Edit> Change password.
  • Enter your current password and the new one that you will place
  • Sign back into Facebook.
  • Once you have your account, you must go to where all your Apps are located. If it’s on the phone, then you’ll find it in Settings or Settings > Apps. There you must locate Free Fire and select it. Next step, click on Clear Cache.
  • When everything is ready, try entering your Free Fire account with your Facebook account. So you can get it back if you lost it. Of course, you can always contact the Facebook Technical Support If the failure continues to occur and you cannot access your account.

Via VK

  • If you use VK to enter Free Fire, then the first thing you should do is click HERE.
  • Enter your phone number or email with which you logged in and then click Next.
  • Confirm that it is not a robot that is trying to recover the account, and then wait for your account to be located.
  • Next, VK will give you a series of instructions that you must follow to the letter to change your password or recover your VK account. If you regain access to your account, you regain access to Free Firee as you will only have to log in with VK.
  • Of course, once you have access to VK again, you must go to where all its Apps are located. If it’s on the phone, then you’ll find it in Settings or Settings > Apps. There you must locate Free Fire and select it. Next step, click on clear cache and then already if you will be able to enter the game with VK.


  • Finally, if you cannot access your Free Fire account via your Google account, then you will have to recover the data from your Gmail account.
  • To do this, go to Google Support and click on Recover or Change Password.
  • Once you recover it, you must enter your account, clear the Free Fire cache and then try to access with Google.

How to unban my Free Fire account

With respect to How to unban my Free Fire account, you will surely be interested to know if there is anything you can do to undo the suspension of your account. Bans are given because of misuse of the games (hack exploits, for example), inappropriate names or offensive behavior (caused by player reports) or improper refund.

Wrong use

If you use a third party program, whether to gain an advantage in the game or not then you expose yourself to the risk of being suspended. Whether this only partially modifies the game, you have to understand that it is totally prohibited. The same happens with the excessive use of exploits, bugs or even promoting scripts or hacks within the platform.

If you were suspended for this reason, there is nothing you can do to get your account back. Your actions have been recorded and, rather than a suspension, it is an account termination. You can no longer get it back.


An account may be temporarily or permanently suspended if it is reported for improper use of language. Whether by words of discrimination, terrorist references, cheating, inappropriate nickname, among other things. In this case, your account may not be able to be recovered; if it is, Free Fire will tell you how.

How to recover my Free Fire account: Improper refund

Finally, there may be the situation that you have bought something but have not paid for it and still received the diamonds. In this case, you have an outstanding debt with Garena and you will not be able to access your account. To get it back, you simply have to pay for the purchase you made, and that’s it! is the only suspension you can reverse.

In the end, you must be careful to follow the Rules of Use of the game. This way you can prevent these situations from happening. Give yourself a suitable name, or use terrorist references or discriminate, do not use third-party programs that modify the game and make sure you pay for the purchases you make on the platforms. You can find the Anti-Cheat and Behavior Policies by clicking HERE.


Another reason that would lead to account suspension is the fact that you share your account, sell it or trade it. Do not share your login information (by VK or Facebook or others).

What happens if I uninstall Free Fire and reinstall it

If you uninstall Free Fire and reinstall it, guess what? Nothing will happen! The game has a feature that allows you to back up accounts so that if they delete the game they can get it back. However, if you want to be more secure, link your Free Fire account with Facebook, Google or VK. You will be able to access your account from another device if you open your account on one of these platforms.

This way you will not lose anything from your account but everything will be in order, just as you left it. Also, if at any time you can’t access your account, it’s as simple as clearing the game cache or renewing your password on Google, VK or Facebook. Also, you will not have to enter any password or user since the connection with the platform is done automatically.

Another very asked question and that is basically the same as what we said before is the following: What do I do if my Free Fire account was suspended or closed? You can’t do anything if you get the suspension message when you try to log in. Only if it is an outstanding debt with Garena can you do something: pay and thus enable your account again.

Of the rest, you will only have to accept that your account has been permanently canceled or do what the server tells you. However, for your part, you will not be able to do anything. You will have to open another account, start from scratch and not make the mistakes that led to the cancellation of your account.

We hope we have helped you answer your question. How to recover my Free Fire account.

Until next time!

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