How to recover my Gmail account

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How to recover my Gmail account for reasons such as: lost password or username changeyou may request to know the account recovery process provided by googleand.

Whatever the reason, users are required to remember their forgotten password, including account name. For this reason, some tools have been designed to help its recovery.

How to recover my Gmail account

Currently there is no doubt about the use of email, being a necessary internet service. Its use is widely used in social networks or in search of new messages.

It is probable recover a gmail accountin a simple way, if you have previously provided some additional identity confirmation data, such as: alternative phone number and email.

The request for these data allows you to register a Gmail account. Therefore, there are options or alternatives you have to get your access to your account and all the google services linked to her.

How to recover my Google account on my cell phone

Generally the android phoneshave at least one associated Google account, required for proper operation.

Due to the rise of these phones, many people demand a Google or Gmail account registered to you mobile phone, being used in some cases solely for this purpose.

To start your recovery process Google account and/or passwordaccess to a computer with internet connectiont, following the next steps:

  • Enter the login address of Google, then dial: need help?
  • choose option » I forgot my password» and proceed to register your Google account, which ends in:
  • in case you forget some previous password, that you wrote or replaced and someone has modified it, you can use it to regain control, otherwise dial: «I do not know»
  • If found at your disposal the mobile phone where you installed the account, you can now reset your password. You just have to enter the box that is indicated to you. phone number.
  • Expect SMSwith instructions to continue the recovery process using a verification code.
  • It must be confirmed that the phone number digits that are displayed, correspond to yours.

Process to recover account » Cell phone»

Before starting this process, it should be verified that you certainly cannot find out the account. If you still have a mobile phone, you can access the associated account at: “Settings- Accounts”.

Likewise by entering the Gmail application. In the latter case, you can also ask a friend or family member who, on a given occasion, you have sent them a e-mail with your account, to indicate your user.

If you do not get the requested information, choose the option: “I forgot my username”

In case you have suffered a theft or loss of the mobile and we want to regain control of our account, we must wait to get another mobile with the same number.

To carry out the aforementioned process, we must first request our company to deactivate the SMS from the previous phone, by that time we must already have the new mobile available.

Finally, we will get a SMS or phone callas requested, with instructions to recover the account.

Recover the password of a Gmail email account

One of the most common causes of password loss is the » forgot», You are not the only person, since this problem is more frequent than you think.

Currently there are methods that make it possible to access your mail, according to the following steps:

  • Login to Google either gmail.
  • Click on link «log in»
  • Complete data such as: email address and then dial: «Following»
  • Locate the following form in which the password is requested. then bookmark the link below which states: «Have you forgotten your password»
  • enter the last password that you have in mind to have used with your Gmail account, proximally, if you have recently modified.
  • In case of do not remember password dial: » Try another way «, this option is not always useful, however, it is an additional process with which Google could verify your identity.
  • If you have a number linked to your account, you can request an SMS. You simply have to register it in the box (verifying that the selected country is correct)
  • Tick » Send»
  • Check your SMS on the cell phone registered to your account.
  • Once you get the message: “G-XXXXXX. Is your Google verification code”
  • In case you do not receive the code number on time, you must dial: “Resend it”, but it is recommended to wait a few minutes before requesting another SMS
  • Locate the following form and enter code
  • dial in «Following»
  • If the system validates the code as correct, then it will show you a form to change your password.
  • Select a new password that is not active on other websites
  • Tick » Following»
  • Clever! Finished process, a new password has been assigned to your Gmail email account.


How to recover my Gmail account: What to do to avoid losing the Gmail account

many times the recovery process It is not comfortable at all since it takes time, without the guarantees of obtaining access recovery. simply

On the other hand, there are other services linked to this tool such as: Google Drive, Google Calendar, Play Store, among others.

On the other hand, it is warned that, once you have regained control of your account, you must comply with some advice in order to maintain a high security of it, in order not to lose it in the future.

  • you must create an account or password that is safe and easy to to remember, this in order to avoid frequent entry, thus resulting in loss of access.
  • It should be added as an important aspect, the method inclusion that make it easier for Gmail to verify your identity, in case of you lose access.
  • You can access from the dashboard «Security» of Google
  • Enter the link
  • Locate “Methods to verify your identity”, then enter a phone number and recovery emailboth must be kept up to date to ensure their successful function.
  • do not supply your information to third parties, since they can access your account and modify your data, without allowing access to your account.
  • In the extreme case if they proceed to change your phone number, personal data and recovery mailyou may lose all access to your account

without knowing the email

This method corresponds to the most traditional to recover a Google account, since it happens when the user forgets the email address.

It is important to note that with this method only retrieves the primary email address, then resets your password.

For this reason, follow these steps to find out the main email linked to your Google account:

  • Get in accountswhich will then direct you to sign in with Google.
  • Tick: “ Forgot your email?
  • Register your recovery number or a recovery email. Now, expect to receive a link from Google to your email or an SMS to your cell phone number to continue to return access to your account
  • Click on » Following», to end process.
  • Walk into: «What’s your name?»register data of your name and surnames, as they appear in that Google account, otherwise it will indicate an error.
  • A form will be displayed it says “Get a verification code. Provides additional information to facilitate the recovery process”
  • Tick » Send «for activation of the reactivation process.
  • Once you receive the SMS from Google with something like: G-XXXXXXcorresponds to the Google verification codewhere the XXXXXX, is the number that you must enter in the next step.
  • Register the 6-digit identity verification code, then press the button «Following»
  • The list of email addresses related to that phone number will be displayed.
  • Write account password data and press “next”
  • Once the process is finished, you can now access your account.

without knowing the password

If you forget your password, follow the steps below to recover it:

  • Get in accounts, which will then direct you to sign in with Google.
  • Register your email address and dial: «Following»
  • choose in » Have you forgotten your password?»
  • Record the last password you remember, otherwise you can dial: “Try another way”, where it offers several alternatives such as: check SMS or phone call.
  • If you have a registered cell phone linked to your Google account, you can receive a call or receive an SMS
  • Check received SMS message Or answer the call, where it will indicate the code to register G-XXXXX, where XXXXX is the number to register.
  • Precede to register the 6-digit security code, then dial; «Next»
  • Once the code is confirmed, modify the password.

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