How to recover my Spotify account

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How to recover my Spotify account? If you need to carry out this procedure, it is important that you carefully read all the recommendations that we will indicate. Keep in mind that now with the technological platform it is easier and simpler to do.

Spotify is a music application that allows you to listen to melodies that will make you happy at all times, you just have to choose the one you prefer and download the APP. This tool is very versatile and will help you find the most used trends today. ¡Continue reading and you will know more about the subject!

How to recover my Spotify account

There are several approaches to losing input to a disk in Spotifywe must perceive what the answers are for each of these circumstances:

In case I forgot my username

How about realizing how easy it can be to recover a Spotify account if we just lost our username?

In the event that you need to access your registry without having your username, what the group of specialists suggests is that you navigate through the email to which the notifications of the referenced registry are sent.

To make it easier for you to distinguish which email is on your record, you can check which credit card installment receipts are sent. In those messages you should see something like this: “Username / ID: XXXXXX”.

On the other hand, if you also don’t go near the email where these messages appear, it’s anything but a little more confusing, but you can similarly resolve it by contacting the general population support group.

This cycle is exceptionally basic and sure you can apply it on both PC and laptop, even the latter is usually easier as the customer will usually sign up for this application in general with the same mail that is synced on the versatile .

On the off chance that he didn’t remember the secret phrase

Assuming it was the registry secret word you neglected, you shouldn’t stress too much, on the basis that we’ll show you the fix in no time:

You can recover the registration of your PC by accessing the main page of Spotify and then tapping “Login”.

Later, a normal login structure will appear on the screen, we just have to take a look at the part below where it says «Couldn’t remember your passphrase?» and press there.

After this we will obtain a basic structure where we must enter our email address to obtain the addresses and adjust the secret phrase to reset the registration.

Assuming you need to do it from your versatile, similarly, you need to launch the app and hit the “Couldn’t remember your passphrase?” button.

We will be progressively approached to enter the registration email address and then we can effortlessly reset the registration with the instructions in the email.

In case you are connected to Facebook

The moment a customer signs up for this app with a Facebook account, these two records are connected by the login. In any case, the idea of ​​Facebook makes it difficult to use it to recover Spotify account information, this implies that in case you lose your registration in this interpersonal organization, it is exceptionally difficult to recover Spotify account.

Recover from PC

In order to recover your Spotify account from your PC, you have to do it from the authority site, as the program does not offer the possibility to do it directly from that point. Relax though, it’s anything but a simple interaction that you can do very quickly.

  • Please go to the authority’s Spotify account recovery page, or on the login page click “Couldn’t remember your passphrase”.
  • On the next page, enter your email or username in the structure. Then, at that point press “Submit”.
  • Check your email for the recovery email from Spotify. Inside the email, you will see the link “Reset secret key”, click on it.
  • Enter your new secret word and confirm below.
  • Affirm that you are not a robot with the check below.
  • Press send.
  • With these means, your secret word will be changed from now on, and you really want to log in to Spotify directly with the new secret phrase.

Recover from Android or iOS

From Android and iOS the procedure is the same as with computers since the account recovery page also works on mobile phones, however, this link is not visible from the official Spotify application. If you want to recover your account from your mobile, follow these steps:

  • Open the page from your mobile browser for Android or iOS.
  • Enter your email or username in the form. Then press “Send”.
    Check your email and follow the “Reset Password” link.
  • Enter your new password, and then confirm it by entering it again.
    Confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Press send.

Can I lose my Spotify account if I spend a long time without using it?

The only possible ways to cancel Spotify services or suspend or terminate our account is due to non-payment by us. It is also possible that the development team detects some fraudulent behavior on the part of the user, this also includes any violation of the terms and conditions of this platform.

Even if the non-payment situation occurs, only the premium service is deactivated and the free one remains in operation. So there is no consequence for losing a bit of your favorite song count.

How to reset my Spotify account password if I don’t have access to my email

In case they no longer have access to the email you use to create your Spotify account, you should contact them. To do this, sign in to Spotify from a browser and search for Helpdesk. Look for an Apply option.

Please note that you can create an account with your phone number, Google or Facebook account. If you used your email and no longer have access, you should send an email to Spotify explaining that you no longer have access to that account and that you need to change it so we can send you a password reset link to the new address.

Must include ID. You can attach a photo of your ID card. Don’t worry, this information will be confirmation that you are you, not an unauthorized stranger trying to access your profile.

It may take me a while to reply. Be sure to specify the new email address you want the link to be sent to. If you don’t want to wait, you can create a new profile.

We recommend that you add more than one account verification method in the future so you can get it back much faster the next time you forget. You can also choose to write the password in a safe and personal place.

What should I do if my Spotify account was stolen?

Our platform and our user records are completely secure, but it can happen that there is a breach in other services and, with the data obtained, someone logs into your Spotify account.

Possible clues:

  • Your password has stopped working
  • That your email address has changed.
  • Added or missing playlists.
  • That there is something strange about Recently Heard.
  • Let the music play without you controlling it.
  • That your subscription has changed.
  • That another Facebook has been linked to your account.
  • That you’ve received emails about logins you don’t recognize.
  • You can rest assured that your payment and security details on file with Spotify will never be compromised.

Can’t access your registration?

Contact us and we will help you secure your registration. In our contact structure, select Login and then Someone hacked into my record.

Still can’t access your registration?

You simply need to follow these means to protect your Registration.

change secret word

  • Open the secret word reset connection in a private or disguised window and choose a strong secret phrase that you haven’t used before.

Reset your secret word

  • Change the secret key of each of the administrations that you have related to your registration, for example, your email address or your Facebook or Apple account.

Tip: Check the security of your Facebook.

Sign out everywhere

  • Login to your registration page, look down and select SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE.

Check third party associations

For your page, go to Apps to check the apps associated with your record. We suggest choosing REMOVE ACCESS for all apps to ensure the security of your registration (you can reconnect them later).

Remember to go to the settings of the Spotify app on your PC to check if you have a Facebook account associated in the Social segment. Assuming this is the case, click DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK to remove it. If it’s your own Facebook, change your secret word before reconnecting.

Sign back in securely

Currently, you can log back into each of your devices and reconnect apps and administrations.

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