How to recover photos

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All Smartphone users have this inconvenience and do not know How to recover photos on your device.

If you have had difficulty recovering an important image in your memories, they will be explained later. the different ways to do it without any problem.

How to recover photos

By having such smart devices, it often happens that we avoid all the brilliant functions that these wonderful phones bring us. Thanks to the incredible updates of operating system we can have a much better experience when using these devices.

Memories are very important, it is practically a way in which we can capture our photos, but surely it has happened that the next day while doing your homework, you have deleted it by mistake.

There are thousands of applications that can help you recover deleted files and photos, as long as you understand the difficulty of the case.

You have to take into account that with all the applications that exist, all the cases are different and it may be impossible to get that photo that you wanted so much out of your gallery.

All phones are different when using it, with different operating systems, these interfaces allow us to make life a little easier.

How to recover deleted photos on Android

The methods for recover photos on android are usually more complicated, but there are different alternatives that can be of great help, depending on the operating system.

For users with google operating systemnormally, in the latest mobiles, the manufacturers have implemented a trash can in the gallery application that save the photos for a few days before being completely erased.

These operating systems are:

  • One UI
  • LG
  • UI
  • EMUI
  • MIUI
  • Android One
  • pixellauncher
  • stock android

Owners of phones with this type of system are used with Google Photos as gallery, an app that has a built-in trash can by default. Before using any application that confuses you when it comes to recovering photos, it is important to take a look at the options that the gallery app.

Depending on the menu there is an option called «Paper bin». If the photos have been deleted recently (within a week or two) it is sure to be safe there.

The possibility may occur that the gallery app does not have a trash can, in which case it is time to use applications. The chances of recovering depend on whether you have root access or not.

If the photos were in the Micro SDyou can test the application Recuva using this link where you can to download

Recover photos without root on Android.

Normally smartphones are not rooted, which is an option to have the phone more freely and be able to access it beyond the interface that exists. Recovery apps can be cached and thumbnailed, known as Thumbnailswhich will be able to recover small photos, not the general file.

But it’s a great option. for those who urgently want retrieve that photo. Some of the applications More popular for this type of user is Disk Digger. The operation is simple, you must give it permission to access the storage and wait for it to analyze all the internal memory of the mobile.

By complying with the appropriate steps, you will be able to see all the photos, yes, a little messy. In this case can appear as 1,000 photos not knowing, so if you’re looking a specific photo, it will take time.

In order to do so, you must browse the entire photo collection. When you find it, you must click on it and select «Retrieve». You will be able to find the thumbnail, not the original photo, it will appear in the gallery and at least you will be able to see it as many times as you want with a size of 640 x 360 pixels.

Recover photos with root on Android.

If things need to be improved, because the application can do a deeper scan and sometimes show the original photos. The result depends on how long they were deleted. If it has been little, perhaps you will be lucky and can be fully recovered without too much damage.

If you don’t have root permission, you should get some risk involved, so do it at your own risk.

  • Open the Diskdigger app and you must give it a superuser permission.
  • It is recommended to leave the option that already comes activated
  • Select the format of the file you are looking for
  • And voila, in the free version you can choose photos or videos.

End the scan will be able to view all photos that have been deleted, so it is very easy to find what you are looking for. It does not mean that they are few, but at least they will be the ones you already had. Remember that when you press «Retrieve»you will have everything ready.

Delete and restore your photos and videos

In the case of Android users, if the option has been activated create backup and sync photos and videos, they will stay for 60 days to be permanently deleted.

In the application of Google Photos we can get this option that helps to recover our images. Follow these steps to get good results:

Open the app of Google Photos on your phone or android tablets

  • At the top, select the option Library – Trash
  • Choose the photos you were looking for and want to restore
  • Give the option of Restore at the bottom.

The photo or video would be in:

  • The Gallery app on your phone
  • Google Photos Library
  • Albums in what was.

In case you don’t see the photo or video you were finding, you should know these reasons:

  • They were moved to the trash for more than 60 days.
  • moved to trash and then emptied.
  • They were deleted from the trash.
  • Removed from the device gallery app, without first creating a backup.


New technologies grow more and more every day, it has allowed us get great apps to make our lives a plittle easier. These applications that serve in our mobile, work with the purpose of obtaining our objective, in this case, recover photos deleted by mistake.

We present the best Android photo recovery apps, and they are:

  • Jihosoft Android phone Recovery
  • Recuva
  • MyJad Android Data Recovery
  • Undeleter for rooted users
  • dr.fone

The idea of ​​these apps is that the areas provide a solution to our problems, as long as we know the difficulty of the matter.

Apps to recover photos on iPhone:

  • Tenorshare UltData
  • Mobie PhoneRescue for iOS
  • EaseUS MobiSaver
  • eawo iOS Data Recovery
  • Brorsoft iRefone

Thanks to the different features offered by a data recovery software file is to be functional and fast. It is important to recover on iOS devices, the better the program can analyze and recover data directly from the computer.

It is very important that these applications work with the idea of ​​being able to analyze and retrieve data directly from the computer. It will automatically recover different files: photos, videos, music, call history, notes, contacts, etc.

How to recover photos on iPhone

It is very simple, since the app “Photos” has a trash can that keeps the complete files for a month. Those photos that were deleted are recent, no need to worry, they are safe. At least, that they have been manually deleted and are very difficult to recover.

On iPhone the processes are much more different than on Android. You just have to openPhotos«, gonna «albums” and navigate to the bottom.

In the section «other albums” you will see the option “Removed”. There you will find each and every one of the files, be it photo or video, that has been deleted in the last 30 days.

Select the ones you want to send back to the gallery and click on “Retrieve”. The photos will be back where they were. If it is not in “Eliminated” thanks to the backup you can try to rescue.

From a backup:

These phones by default are configured to do back up photos from iCloud Library. This free space is very limited and has 5gb of storageTherefore, a plan must be contracted to obtain more memory.

To do so, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the app of “Settings” on the iPhone
  • A menu will appear and you will choose your name above.
  • Select iCloud
  • Check that the section «Photos” is activated and that the option “iCloud Photos”. If so, it means the photos are safe in the cloud.

If you will do it on the computer, go to iCloud.

  • log in with the security system AppleID.
  • Enter the code that is requested and the iPhone will have appeared and select “Trust this browser”.
  • At the moment the icon of “Photos” and where the photo recovery will be synced and can be downloaded in its original size.

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