How to recover photos from a cell phone that does not turn on

How to recover photos from a cell phone that does not turn on? It may have happened to you that your phone has suddenly stopped turning on and now you are worried because you are at risk of losing all those photos that you had stored. As a result, you will surely be interested to know if there is anything you can do to recover them.

Today we will be telling you how you can recover photos from a cell phone that does not turn on, how you can use an App to recover files and how to recover the internal memory of a mobile phone that is turned off. If you are interested in knowing all this, keep reading! We may solve your doubts and help you solve the problem you have.

How to recover photos from a cell phone that does not turn on

Let’s start by answering our main concern: How to recover photos from a cell phone that does not turn on. Whether the phone suddenly turned off and stopped working (because the motherboard must have burned), because it got wet or dropped and won’t turn on anymore, or for whatever reason it stopped turning on, you’ll be interested if you can recover the data that was on it.

We will give you several ways that you can use to try to recover your files. Some may work and some may not, the important thing is that you try them all. After all, those images, files, and data can be important. Here are some ideas of what you could do. Be very attentive!

Check that it is not the screen

It may happen that the device works but the screen is the one that is damaged. That is, the phone does turn on but screen stays completely black either it’s partially black or the touch doesn’t work anymore. If your phone doesn’t need permission to access your files when you connect it to a computer via USB cable, then you can recover your photos in this way:

You just have to connect the cable to your phone and then it to your computer or laptop. There you can transfer all the files you want (from your phone to your other device), without having to complicate your life too much. Copy the files you want to keep and paste them into a folder on your computer or laptop (Download, Pictures, Documents, etc.).

If your phone is one of those that requests access when you connect it to a computer, then things would get complicated there because you won’t be able to access your files no matter how much you want to. Then you will have to try other options. Unless, of course, your screen does allow you to give access.

Use a Software

If your phone just won’t turn on or you couldn’t use the above way, you can try downloading and installing a software or App specialized in recovering files and data. In the next section we will tell you how you can use Tenorshare UltData – Android Data Recovery.

However, you also have other options like Recuva (for Windows), Wondeshare MobileGo (for Android), and Remo Recover (for Windows and Mac). There is also Dumpster Image Video Restore, GT Recovery – Undelete, Restore… Make sure you download one that allows you to recover files from your phone and not an App that simply helps you recover your files from the phone.

The truth is that there are hundreds of software specialized precisely in the recovery of files from phones; however, for most you have to pay. It will be up to you to get a free one that works or pay for your data.

And the backup?

Some applications make backup copies periodically, so you can use this mechanism to access your photos. We are talking about WhatsApp, Google Photos, Google Drive or Telegram. In the case of Google Photos and Google Drive, it is enough to access your account from your computer (computer, laptop or any other device).

If you saved your photos in drive or in google photos, then there you will have the photos until the last time your phone was updated. As for telegram and whatsapp, you can try to use the Telegram Desktop either whatsapp web. There are Apps to spy on WhatsApp, but you must be very careful with them; for example, there is mSpy.

In fact, with WhatsApp you can try the following: remove the SIM or chip with your number from your damaged phone and put it in another phone. Then, on this new phone, download the WhatsApp App and access it with your number. Since you changed the chip, the access code will come to you on this phone. You can access your WhatsApp and restore the last backup you have.

Of course, you can only download files that are in your WhatsApp. We recommend that if your phone is still working, you schedule backups so that you can always recover your files.

Duplicate your cell phone screen

Another option you have is to use a USB cable or HDMI adapter and connect it to an external device, such as a computer or TV. So you can mirror your phone screen and recover your files by copying them and moving them to a file on the device where you are mirroring your phone.

Of course, this is an alternative that works if there is an image to replicate. That is, if you understand the first cases where the screen is the one that does not reflect anything, or only half of the screen works or you cannot access the touch function.

The infallible memory card

Of course, you can also access your memory card. You just have to remove it from your phone and connect it to another cell phone that works. Of course, this only applies to the images that were saved in this memory and not those that are in the internal memory. Already in another phone you can transfer them to your computer or leave them there.

We will explain what to do to access the internal memory later.


Finally, if none of these options or any of the ones that we will explain later on work for you, you will have no choice but to go to a technician. This will evaluate your cell phone to see if it can be fixed and will recover the files if you ask. You may be prompted for another cell phone (if you have a new one) or a USB storage port.

This is how we finished answering your question. How to recover photos from a cell phone that does not turn on. We have talked about other options other than if the cell phone does not turn on, but information never hurts.

Using the App to recover files from a mobile phone

Now let’s talk about Using the App to Recover Files. Earlier we gave you a series of software options to recover your files. In this section we will explain how you can use two apps: Recuva and Tenorshare UltData. The first is well known and generally the one recommended in these cases. Pay a lot of attention!


  • The first thing you do is search for it on Google and install it on your computer. Do it from its own web page or from a source where you have downloaded programs before. The download is totally free.
  • Once you have installed Recuva, connect the USB cable to your phone.
  • Select the file and folder you want to recover, as several options will appear on the screen.
  • click on Following and select the specific photos or documents you want to recover.
  • press Retrieve.

The same procedure is followed with Wondershare MobileGo Android.

Tenorshare UltData

  • Download and install this software from its official website.
  • Next, click on the program and then on Recover lost data. As you will notice, you can also recover WhatsApp data.
  • Using a USB cable, connect your phone to the computer.
  • Turn on USB debugging on your phone. The procedure changes from phone to phone and will be explained to you in the same App.
  • The software will now scan your entire cell phone. When it’s done, you can give the go-ahead to debug your phone.
  • A series of options will appear on the screen. Select the one you want: photos, contacts, videos, messages, audios, documents, audios or call history.
  • Select what you want to have back and click Retrieveoption located at the bottom right of the screen.


Your phone must have a fault at the component level on the screen to be able to use it, because if it is the hardware it is damaged, it will not work for you.

Recover internal memory of mobile turned off

With respect to How to recover internal memory of mobile turned off, you can use all the ways that we mentioned before. In the end, the most you will be accessing is the internal memory, where you probably store almost all the files on your phone.

The recovery Apps access this memory, since the external one is as easy as extracting and placing it in another device.


Finally, you can view a video or several on How to recover photos from a cell phone that does not turn on. There are so many on youtube that you can access and see what you can do. Be sure to read the reviews and see if other people have found it helpful before using it yourself. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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