How to Recover Photos from Orkut

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Did you have many photos in your Orkut account that you want to recover? You do not know how to recover photos from orkut? Wait! Stop searching, you’ve come to the right article.

In this article we want to guide you and all those Orkut users who, after deleting this social network, want to recover their photos. How will we help you? Simple, we will explain a little about what Orkut is, how to create an account, we will also explain a little about the Orkut mobile application and the most important thing how to recover photos from orkut. So I invite you not to stop reading this article.

how to recup orkut photos

Before you start, you should know that you can’t download information from other people’s accounts. Google only allows you to download data from your own Orkut account.

Now if we start, saving Orkut images is particularly easy, as you can easily transfer them to a Google+ account. Although this method stopped working after September 30, 2014, it is important to know how to recover photos from orkut.

Shall we start? It can be said that exporting to Google+ is super easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to Google+ and sign in to your account.
  • Now open the Orkut album export page.
  • Click to select each album you want to export, or choose «Select all».
  • click on “Import Selected”. This will transfer your photos to Google+. All these photos will only be visible to you. You will have to change their privacy settings to make them visible to others.

If you want to save the photos to your computer instead, you can use Google Takeout. This service allows you to download all your Orkut account data in a zip file. Downloading your Orkut data using Google Takeout was active until September 2016.

This is how you can download your photos from Orkut:

  • Head over to Google Takeout and sign in if you haven’t already.
  • click on “Choose services” and then select Orkut.
  • Now click on “Create file” and wait until the file is ready. If you want, you can leave the page and receive an email when the file is ready.
  • Once the file is ready, click «Discharge». Google says that there is no limit to the number of times you can download your information from Orkut.

Do you see how simple it is? how to recover photos from orkut?

What is Orkut?

Do you know what Orkut is? As well Orkut is a social network promoted by Google since January 2004 and was active until the end of June 2014.

It was designed by Orkut Büyükkökten who was a Turkish Google employee. Previously Orkut Büyükkökten had designed a very similar system for Affinity Engines called “InCircle” which was aimed at communities of university students.

In June 2014, the company Affinity Engines filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that Orkut was based on the same source code as InCircle. This accusation was based on the fact that some errors present in InCircle were also in Orkut.

Orkut was designed to allow its members to maintain their existing relationships and make new friends, business contacts or more intimate relationships.

In addition, it was possible to establish and maintain communities, where people were grouped according to their tastes and interests, in different categories, among others, such as: activities, meals, businesses, music, religion, schools, sexual preferences, games and some more.

You could also leave notepad like messages that were visible to everyone, as well as testimonials. The friend limit was at 999.

During the time that Orkut was in beta, only those who received an invitation from someone who already belonged to this community could access this community. Over time, it was opened to everyone, and it was only necessary to have a Google email account.

Did you know that most of its Orkut users came from Brazil and India? This social network was very popular in both countries.

Already in 2006 and 2009 in Paraguay, Pakistan and Iran, Orkut’s popularity grew, but the Iranian government decided to block access to the site in that country for security reasons.

How to create an Orkut account

If you wanted to be part of the Orkut community, you had to create an account on this virtual platform. When this social network started, in order to enter you needed a private invitation from a friend who already belonged to the social network.

Once the trial period was over, a user interface was adapted, with which the possibility of integrating the growing number of users by creating an account on the online platform was opened. What was needed to create your account? Orkut? At that time you only needed to have a Google account to access.

Do you want to know the step by step of how to create your account?

  • Enter the Orkut web portal online
  • Then on the main screen look for the option «Create Account «You found it? well, click there
  • To continue with the process of creating your Orkut account, complete the form that appears on the screen with all your personal data. Once you have finished, click on «I agree»
  • What is the next step? Well, the next step is to choose what will be your email and your password, do not forget to re-write the password you chose to be able to confirm it, then click on the button “Create my Google Account”
  • To complete your registration with Google, you will receive a link to the email account you created through which you will validate your registration.

Login to Orkut

Now, since you already have an active Google account, you can access your Orkut account. How can you access? Very easy

  • First enter the Google browser and search for Orkut
  • In order to access your account, you must log in with your email address and password.
  • Once you click the button «Log in» the system automatically sends you to the main page of your user’s profile.

It is important to clarify that to be part of the Orkut Social Network you must be over 18 years old, so if you are not 18 years old the system will not allow you to create your Orkut account. Do not forget!

Features on Orkut

It can be said that many features that we found in Orkut were related to other social networking sites similar to it.

What is the resemblance due to? This is because the main function of social networks is to allow those registered in this network to find new friends through instant messaging or status updates.

Some of the Orkut functions that we can name you are:

  • One of the functions that Orkut had is that when adding a friend you could classify it according to three special properties of this network, these properties were rated between one and three stars.
  • Another feature that is considered specific to Orkut is that when you logged in, your recently logged in friends were listed
  • And finally, it allowed you to change the themes to modify the application interface. Only users from Brazil, Pakistan and India could do it.

Orkut application

When Orkut was active the mobile app could be downloaded for Android, iOS and PC. However, in the case of iOS, the application was not available for download for a long time and once Google decided to withdraw it, the Orkut application disappeared from all application stores.

Downloading this application was very simple and quick to do. Are you interested in knowing what the steps were? The steps to download the app on your phone with Android system were:

  • First you had to enter from your mobile phone in Play Store of Google
  • Then write in the search bar the Orkut application
  • By default it is the first application that appears listed, click on she
  • Now to download it to your phone click on the button install»
  • Y Clever! It’s that easy, it’s already on your phone.

Now in the case of the iPhone that has sIOS system the steps were practically the same but we will still tell you:

  • First you had to enter from your mobile phone in your app store
  • Then write in the search bar the Orkut application
  • Select the corresponding application from the list
  • Now click on the option «free»
  • Y Clever! It’s that easy to start downloading on your phone.

Finally, do you want to know what were the features What does the official Orkut app offer? Very well! I will name some

  • You could add friends and acquaintances to your circle of contacts.
  • Also send both public and private messages.
  • One of the most relevant features was that you could create communities and participate in them.
  • In addition to publishing your photos and videos.

If you liked this article How to Recover Photos from OrkutWe invite you to continue reading us.

See you soon!

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