How to recover Pokémon Go account

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How to recover Pokémon Go account? The Pokémon Go progressive game since its delivery and up to this point remains one of the most loved rounds of millions of customers around the planet and more are joining every day. However, the facts may confirm that you eventually have problems with your registration.

In this article, we will explain how to recover a Pokémon Go record in case you need it. Coincidentally, before we continue, we must reveal to you that Niantic Labs, the creators of Pokémon Go, are on the hunt for hackers, so in case you don’t plan to use your registry properly, you better not trust it.

How to recover Pokémon Go account

In the event that under any circumstances you have forgotten your name of username or secret word, the main thing you need to do is go to At the time of access, you may find that it is in English or another dialect, if this happens, you simply have to find your furthest limit and “Select a country / region”.

In the event that I did not remember the client

To recover your registration it is important that you have certain data nearby, since it is essential to give extra data to recover your name. Regardless of your email address, you must complete certain fields in the structure that will be presented to you. It should be noted that your username is the name you chose to appear on the Pokémon Trainer Club.

  • For the most part, you should play “Sign in to Pokémon Go“.
  • On the next tab, select “Forgot your username?”
  • The main thing you need to enter is the email you use for your registration; this is a required field to retrieve it.
  • There are three additional fields below, but it’s all but important that you complete them, since you only need one of them. You can choose between “Date of Birth“, “Player ID” or “Screen Name”.

Date of Birth: For you, this should be the most feasible option, especially if you don’t remember the other information you entered. To do this you must choose your date in the schedule. Remember that it is difficult to recover those in which a fake has been installed.

Player ID: This name is used for game occasions. Play Pokémon such as leagues, competitions and others. It usually only contains combinations of numbers, so you probably won’t remember them.

Screen Name: Many players miss this option, as it is not a required field when registering for the Pokémon Trainer Club.

In case you don’t remember the secret phrase

Unlike the different stages, this does not store no information, so in case you’ve been through a difficult situation of not remembering your secret phrase, you just have to do the accompaniment. It all depends on the profile you usually use for this. In the event that you use your Coaches Club account, you must go to the official page.

How to recover Pokémon Go account on another cell phone

pokemon go stores your information in the cloud, so you only have to recover admission to your registry and that’s it, actually, the recovery steps are very simple. However, if the recovery you have to do is due to the way you don’t remember your information and you need to enter this experience called Pokémon Go once again, you have to follow different steps.

Recover your registration with your information

If you have changed from device and remember your login subtleties, recovery will require only a few minutes, just follow these means.

First of all, download the app pokemon gowhen you have it, enter your meeting, either with Google or with the Pokémon Trainer Club.

Also, ready! In fact, you will want to have all your data simply with these means, the recovery will be scheduled, now you just need to keep playing your game.

How to know what my Pokémon Go ID is

It is very easy and simple, you just have to do the following:

  • On the login page of Pokemon Trainer Clubselect Forgot your username?
  • Enter the email address associated with your Pokémon Trainer Club account. This field is required.
  • Enter data in only one of the fields. The least complex additional data you can provide is your date of birth.
  • In case you can effectively give your email address and date of birth, no other data is required.
  • Enter Recover name. Try checking your spam organizer.

A Player ID is primarily used to play the game! Pokemonsuch as groups and competitions. It’s anything but important to get your username back. The first time you create a Pokémon Trainer Club account, you don’t have to provide a username.

The latter is used in Pokemon TCG Online as the name that others can find in the game in case you have decided to share your public profile. It’s anything but important to get your username back.

How to recover a banned Pokémon Go account

It’s anything but the last, in any case we can get our record back. At times a prohibited record in Pokemon Go can be a few hours or three, the model that you have in the video that we made clarifying, how to play from home with a PC. In the video we clarify that if there is a change of zone quickly they can boycott us for a few hours.

Although the justification for our hampered account may be different, we have used a bootstrap to make a profit or speed up a cycle, and it may cost you more time to recover your record.

In the event that it is an important explanation and our registration is banned indefinitely, Niantic will continue to email us to let us know about the ban on pokemon goor possibly, what will be achieved for the time being.

How to switch accounts in Pokémon Go

At the end of the day, to log out of your account Pokemon current you must open the game and when your person is shown on the screen of your Android or iOS you must touch the Poké Ball (Pokémon ball) that is shown in the lower focal piece. from the screen.

This will bring up some symbols, however on ours we need to tap on the molded material symbol near the Options name. This will allow us to access the game settings, however when we look down on this window you will see the Logout option where you need to press and affirm the activity to log out with your current log in. pokemon go.

Whenever you’re signed out of Pokémon Go, signing in with another sign-in, or in any case making another sign-in is really straightforward, as you’ll be taken through the login screen. As we mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, here you will discover two options to sign in: through a Google account or a Google account. Pokemon Trainers Club.

Can I lose my Pokémon Go account due to inactivity?

In case that don’t use this game for some time, it is ideal that you retire, since a basic interaction will not require more than two or three minutes. However, assuming you simply need to rest for a while and come back, you should realize that your history will still be dynamic for Niantic workers.

However, it must be remembered that after a couple of years those records that have no movement are deleted. So, on the off chance that you haven’t logged in for quite some time, when you need to, you may end up astounded that it doesn’t exist.

What are the most frequent problems in Pokémon GO

I can’t relate to Pokemon Go workers

Here and there the computer game pokemon go displays a message that the game worker is hard to associate with, so he won’t appreciate it (we’re having problems with our workers. If it’s not too much of a problem, come back later).

Pokémon Go shows that the pokeball constantly spins

On the off chance that you have played pokemon goyou will have seen Indeed, in the upper left part of the screen, the outline of a Pokeball is shown that rotates or vibrates from time to time.

This Pokeball shows that we are partnering with the workers of Pokémon Go. The problem comes when this ball or symbol does not stop pivoting, that is, it does not disappear from the screen and we cannot play Pokémon Go, this implies that there are problems with the workers.

As in the previous area, the ideal is to check the situation with the worker of pokemon go where you are.

GPS signal could not be found in Pokémon Go

As we have advised you in more than one instructional exercise, Pokémon Go requires the use of gps and the web to find you in the guide. In any case, in numerous events there are problems with this area. In particular, the most well-known issue is the message: GPS sign could not be found in Pokémon Go.

If you have problems with the GPS when playing pokemon go On both Android and iOS devices, it’s great for checking your device’s settings and further developing its GPS signal.

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